TV broke - what to do? How to call a telemaster at home


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TV broke - what to do? How to call a telemaster at home
TV broke - what to do? How to call a telemaster at home

In the modern world, a person has become more and more accustomed to various kinds of conveniences. For example, you just need to press one button on the remote control, after which you can enjoy watching various movies or TV shows. However, it also happens that the TV fails or defects are observed in its operation: the image disappears, the sound cracks, and so on. Such problems are considered quite common, so they are easy to deal with. Read more about what to do if the TV breaks down.

What to look out for?

Like any other electronic equipment, TVs can fail over time. At the same time, it does not matter at all whether you have an ultra-modern model with the ability to access the Internet or the old Soviet "Aist". Even the most well-known brands can experience malfunctions.

The master repairs the TV board

Eminent manufacturers givewarranty on their products, which on average lasts from two to three years. In this regard, TV repair is divided into two types:

  • post-warranty;
  • warranty.

Everything is more or less clear with the warranty - you just need to take the device to the store where you bought it, after which it will be sent to a service center for repair at the expense of the manufacturer. But on post-warranty service it is worth dwelling in more detail. Where can I get my TV repaired if it's out of warranty? Which service center is best to contact for help? Or maybe it would be cheaper to buy a new unit? If there is no signal on the TV - what to do? Let's figure it out.

Common faults

If your TV is broken, then do not rush to run to the service center or call the master at home. Try to figure out the problem yourself first.

The master repairs the TV

There is a whole list of typical breakdowns that are typical for absolutely all models of this device. Here are just the most common ones:

  • The TV stopped turning on - problems with the scanner or inverter power supply.
  • There is sound on the TV, but there is no image - problems with the matrix, lamp or inverter.
  • Channels do not switch - a malfunction in the control unit, processor or in the TV remote itself.
  • Flashing screen - failure of the cooling system or backlight.
  • Stripes on the screen - problems with the transformer,video processor, matrix, video amplifier or scanner.
  • No sound - the sound card is broken or there is no contact with the connection cable to it.
  • Interference on the screen - damaged antenna, cable, or simply no signal on the TV.
  • What to do if one of the flowers is missing? Troubleshoot problems with the color module, chips, contacts, board or video amplifier.
  • The TV does not see devices to connect - problems with the Wi-Fi module or with the port.

Today, most models are repaired in blocks, that is, the entire non-working unit is replaced with a new one. For example, if you have certain problems with one of the microprocessors on the sound card, then the master will not resolder the processor, but will replace the entire board.

Matrix failure

If your TV has sound, but there is no image, then the whole thing is in the matrix, which is not capable of displaying information normally. As a rule, this happens after mechanical damage caused by improper transportation of the TV. It is necessary to open the cover of the device and inspect the surface of the matrix for damage. Even a small crack can lead to image loss. In this case, solving such an issue with the help of repairs at a service center may not be cost-effective, so you should think about replacing the entire TV.

Damage or displacement of the matrix cable

If your TV does not display an image, but no damage was found on the matrix, the device may not receivenecessary signals from the processor to operate. A special loop is responsible for data transfer and connection of the matrix with the formation unit or control board. It is quite delicate and thin, so even a slight shaking during transport or a careless blow can cause it to detach. In this case, you will have to completely disassemble the TV, and then check the integrity and connection of the cable. In case of displacement, it will be enough just to reconnect it to the board. If the cable was damaged, it will have to be replaced with a new one. You can buy it at any specialized store for a small price.

TV pay

Inverter failure

Sometimes the TV does not display a picture because the screen backlight cannot perform its function properly. The task of highlighting is to convert information from the matrix into a picture. A large number of LED lamps are responsible for this process, as well as a power inverter for them.

The failure of even one element leads to the fact that the backlight does not start or simply turns off after a few seconds of operation. Accordingly, the matrix sends a signal, but we do not see the images. In this case, a professional can replace or even repair the TV backlight. Such work is considered quite difficult, so only real specialists can handle it.

Which TVs should I repair?

Black and white TVs have long gone out of fashion, so most masters will not take themrepair. You can’t find new parts on them, before and the service life has expired. In the event of a breakdown, it would be best to purchase a new device or try to repair it yourself. Modern TVs that are already out of warranty can be worth trying to repair, but this procedure can be very expensive due to the high cost of parts.

The master unscrews the cover of the TV

If you do not have sufficient knowledge and skills in TV repair, then the best solution is to seek help from a specialist. This can be done in two well-known ways - call a TV technician at home or take the device to a service center.

Shop Repair

Perhaps in every city there is a service center or a workshop that repairs household appliances and various electronics. This procedure can be very expensive, but effective. If you do not have sufficient knowledge about the device and the principles of electronics, then you should definitely contact the service center. Which workshop to choose if your TV is broken? Where to repair the TV in the shortest possible time? Read about this and more in the following sections.

Select workshop

If your TV is broken, the first thing you need to do is find a list of all TV shops in the city. This can be done through advertisements in newspapers or on the Internet. Those companies that have been providing repair services for a long time have a complete description of their range of activities. However, one should pay attentionattention not only to how long the company has been on the market, but also what types of services it provides. It's also a good idea to read the reviews. Do not expect only laudatory words addressed to this or that organization. Some of them, in an attempt to advertise their services, write monotonous flattering comments about themselves.

Girl with a soldering iron

Some of the appliance or electronics repair shops specialize only in certain brands of TVs (LG, Samsung, etc.). It would be best to contact just such a company, since the repair of a certain brand will be much better, because the masters have a narrow specialization, repairing a certain brand of TV. These workshops almost always have a large number of spare parts in stock, which significantly reduces the repair time, because you do not have to wait for the right part to arrive.

Price and guarantees

Companies that repair TVs almost always provide a written guarantee for the use of the device. However, before contacting such a service center, it is recommended to call and clarify all the details - about the repair period, the guarantee for the operation of household appliances after repair and the cost of services.

It is worth noting that not a single self-respecting workshop will tell you in advance the terms and cost of repairs. To begin with, you will be asked to bring a TV for diagnostics, the cost of which is paid locally. Only after that the device is inspected by the master and all problems are identified, as well as the cost of future repairs.Keep in mind that the price of new parts can be quite high, so sometimes it will be cheaper to just replace the TV with a new one. As a rule, contacting other workshops does not reduce the cost of repairs, so you risk simply spending about another 500 rubles on diagnostics.

Calling a TV technician at home

Some companies or private specialists provide for the possibility of calling the master to the house for diagnostics and repair work. This service will come in handy if your unit is bulky and inconvenient for transportation.

Call the telemaster to the house

What you need to know?

Calling a TV technician to your home can be quite expensive, as you will have to pay extra for convenience. Before arriving, it is recommended to collect as much information about your device as possible in order to facilitate the work of a professional. If the master cares about his reputation, then he will be interested in quality repairs, so he will ask the owner some questions. It is recommended to know the following:

  • what problems did you have;
  • number of years of operation;
  • TV type (plasma, LCD, kinescope);
  • model and brand of device.

After collecting this information, the specialist will be able to start diagnosing and searching for a breakdown. Feel free to cancel services if repairs prove prohibitively expensive. The fact that you called the master at home does not mean that you have already agreed to the provision of services.

Warranty Repair

Did your TV break under warranty? What to doto the owner so that the repair is absolutely free? First, if your device is still out of warranty, then in no case try to repair it yourself. As a rule, there is a special seal on the lids. If its integrity is violated, then no one will carry out repairs under warranty. Who knows what you've been up to trying to fix the TV yourself?

The master solders the board

It is also worth remembering that warranty repairs are not carried out after mechanical damage. That is, if you purchased a new plasma yesterday, and today it has fallen and stopped working, then you will have to repair it at your own expense.

Unscrupulous experts can deceive the consumer, accusing him of breaking the TV. Most common excuses:

  • small scratches on body;
  • power surges (lack of transformer);
  • improper operation.

Remember that you can seek help from the nearest Rospotrebnadzor body for an independent examination. As a rule, even the slightest hint of possible problems with the law will cool the ardor of such "home-made" ones and they will take up the repair. However, for this you will need to present not only the warranty card, but also the box from the device, so do not throw it away under any circumstances.

Also, do not forget that you can return the same TV under warranty several times. Specialists will install a new seal after repair, however, the warranty period in this case, tounfortunately not renewed.

Helpful tips

A few last tips for people whose TV is broken:

  • Do not turn on the appliance immediately after repair, especially in cold weather. Let it sit indoors for a few hours to warm up.
  • If you have no sound on your TV, then most likely the sound card is broken. Such a part is relatively inexpensive, so it is best to repair it yourself.
  • If you are interested in which TV cable is better, it is recommended to give preference to the Russian brand RG-6. The 1mm thick central copper core guarantees a long service life.
  • If you do not have an image on your TV, then most likely the problem is in the matrix. It can cost a fortune to repair, so it will be easier to buy a new TV.

That, perhaps, is all. Contact only trusted service centers and do not forget that any breakdown can be fixed on your own if you properly understand it.

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