How to switch from MTS to Vodafone? Instructions, rates, reviews


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How to switch from MTS to Vodafone? Instructions, rates, reviews
How to switch from MTS to Vodafone? Instructions, rates, reviews

In the transition from MTS to Vodafone, you can find both pluses and minuses. Of course, there are even more positive aspects. So far, there are only four Vodafone packages, and they are available throughout Ukraine, except for Donbass. How to switch from MTS to Vodafone? There are two available methods. But for this, you first need to find out everything about what kind of connection it is - Vodafone.

Real and alleged advantages of Vodafone

Vodafone operator, unlike MTS, will be significantly cheaper in roaming. Today it is more profitable to call Ukraine with Vodafone from 26 countries of the world. If on MTS roaming cost, for example, 10 hryvnias per minute, then Vodafone is much more economical. Internet traffic and calls from Ukraine to other countries are not among the advantages of a mobile operator.

how to switch from mts to vodafone

Vodafone is expected to have far fewer problems with 3G internet in the future. This conclusion can be drawn because decommissioned European equipment, which has long been configured for 3G, is more likelyin total will be installed on the territory of Ukraine. It can be assumed that in connection with this, the cost of the Internet in 3G will be lower than on MTS. But we can't say for sure yet.

Why does Vodafone need the Ukrainian market?

This cellular connection of British origin is literally absorbing the Ukrainian MTS. Of course, the advantages of a European operator are obvious - better quality than before, the introduction of advanced technologies. But no matter how it happens that the total cost of Vodafone tariffs will eventually become truly European, which the majority of the population may simply not be able to afford, although now many are thinking about how to switch from MTS to Vodafone. And, of course, it is sad that MTS has become the most "backward" among Ukrainian operators. That is, this connection cannot compete, and it would be logical either to invest a lot of money and time in its development, or to sell it to a more successful company. The latter decision probably seemed more acceptable to the MTS management.

Will MTS tariffs change now?

Yes, MTS tariffs will change, and it is not clear in what direction. However, while the official website of the company claims that everything will be fine not only with the quality of services, but also with prices, which, as they promise, should be lower.

mts vodafone tariffs

Over time, Ukraine will completely "Vodafone" instead of MTS. This is also evidenced by the information located on the official website of MTS. And first of all, Vodafone will be a 3G internet brand.

Ways to switch from MTS to Vodafone

To go toa new Vodafone connection, oddly enough, the easiest way is to buy a new number with a new service package and tariff plan. With this transition from MTS to Vodafone, you can only be content with the RED S tariff, but this is at first glance. It's just that with RED S, switching to other tariff plans is already available by replenishing the account with a large amount and entering a USSD command that requests the transfer.

But in general, to become a Vodafone subscriber, it is not necessary to buy a new number. For those who wish to stay with their usual number for a number of reasons, switching to Vodafone is available through a request. To become the owner of the RED S package, you need to dial 730, to switch to RED M - 750 and to switch to RED L - 790. The cost of the transition will be 60, 90 and 180 hryvnia, respectively. The monthly subscription fee for each of the above tariff plans costs the same.

Return from Vodafone to MTS

How to switch from MTS to Vodafone is understandable. But how to return from Vodaforn to MTS? It will be impossible to return back to any tariff. Even if you have an MTS SIM card. Moreover, the most likely outcome of all is a gradual transition to Vodafone of all MTS users and the replacement of the company itself with the British Vodafone.

When is it necessary to replace MTS with Vodafone, and when not?

Can I switch to Vodafone from MTS if the subscription fee for the current tariff plan is about the same? It even needs to be done. And it’s definitely worth switching to a new connection if you need to make frequentcalls abroad, and you need a good, high-quality Internet. Vodafone has preferential Internet access.

vodafone instead of mts

On the other hand, if the MTS number is without a monthly fee, then you should not rush to replace it. After all, while the proposed tariffs for Vodafone are entirely with a subscription fee. So, numbers without such will be appreciated in the near future. So, is it worth switching from MTS to Vodafone in this case? Definitely not.

Also, you should not change the MTS if the number is intended only for calls within the network, and if the monthly fee is below 30 hryvnia. After all, Vodafone offers tariffs with a monthly fee of only 30 hryvnia and more, which means that you will have to pay more when switching. Thus, when choosing - MTS or Vodafone, tariffs play a very important role.

About Vodafone tariffs in detail

When switching to Vodafone from MTS, you need to study in detail all the tariffs in order to choose the most suitable one for yourself. You also need to know that in addition to RED S, M and L, there is also a RED XS tariff. You need to learn how to understand these packages. It is important to understand how to switch from MTS to Vodafone.

Regardless of which of these 4 tariffs the subscriber chooses, calls within Ukraine to Vodafone numbers will be unlimited free. The Ether package, which opens the Vodafone TV service, is available only for RED L packages.

vodafone operator

Social networks allowed in Ukraine and instant messengers WhatsApp and Viber are unlimited available in all packages except RED XS. ATRED XS social networks and instant messengers are not separated at all from the other Internet, which is given in this case for a month of 1 GB. Other packages will be able to please subscribers with Internet in the amount of 4, 8 and 12 GB, corresponding to the increase in the subscription fee. Internet operator "Vodafone" supports both 3G and 2G. Vodafone will give subscribers 2 GB of Internet as a gift, regardless of the connected tariff, and if the limit is reached, then for each subsequent 500 MB you will have to pay 500 hryvnia.

You can call other Ukrainian operators for free from any tariff, but the number of minutes per month is limited. RED XS is 60 minutes, RED S is 75, RED M is 105 and RED L is 300 minutes. If the limit is exceeded, the cost of 1 minute of conversation with a subscriber of another operator will be 0.25 hryvnia.

There are no free calls abroad on the RED XS tariff, and therefore the cost of such a call will be 3 hryvnia per minute. On other tariffs, calls abroad can be made free of charge - 25, 35 and 75 minutes in ascending order (S, M and L). If free minutes are spent, the cost of 1 minute of conversation on these three tariffs will be UAH 0.50.

is it possible to switch to vodafone from mts

SMS and MMS messages can be sent free of charge with tariffs S, M and L. The limit on the number of messages sent is 25, 70 and 150 messages respectively. And on XS, 50 messages are given per month, if you pay for this service. The cost here is 1.50 hryvnia per day. If you exceed the SMS and MMS limit, you will need to pay extra 0.50hryvnia for each message.

With all this, the new Vodafone connection provides its users with small gifts in the form of free Internet, as a promotion for new RED XS and RED S subscribers. At the same time, they give a certain amount of free Internet not only for the first time, but during for six whole months. Another plus of this connection is the ability to connect an additional package if the monthly one has already been used up. How Vodafone's new connection (at least for now) spoils many of its subscribers.

Reviews from Vodafone subscribers

No operator will ever be able to please everyone without exception. But in general, negative and positive reviews from the citizens of Ukraine converge. Subscribers believe that there has been more advertising - both outdoor, TV and radio, as well as advertising messages from the operator itself. Naturally, this annoys users, but the company is trying its best to make its services more popular among the population.

is it worth switching from mts to vodafone

However, people noted the huge plus of Vodafone - it is a very fast uninterrupted, literally "flying" 3G Internet. But 2G, of course, lags behind in speed. Ukrainians like the improved call-center service and Vodafone offices. Probably the British company trained its employees.

Also, Vodafone users consider it a pleasant surprise to replace an old SIM card with a new one (the same number) in case of damage or loss. Simka is issued quickly and free of charge. The main thing is not to throw away or lose the package in which the numberwas bought. Many believe that in some ways Vodafone is the same as other operators. For example, this concerns the quality of communication during a conversation. As with all cellular companies, in some places the connection is perfect, and in others it is constantly interrupted, and in general the sound quality suffers.

Different opinion

There are subscribers who believe that, unlike MTS, Vodafone tariffs are much more expensive, and therefore do not think of switching to this operator. Among users there are also people who succumbed to persuasion, imposing services they do not need. They consider such an imposition a negative quality of Vodafone's communication.

switching from mts to vodafone

In general, despite the fact that Vodafone is new European technology and quality, the old MTS tariffs still win in some ways. For some, changing the number will only be a waste of money, for example, this is true for pensioners. That's why you need to think about changing your number to Vodafone instead of a better MTS, and not follow fashion trends.

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