Acer W510: reviews, specifications, review


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Acer W510: reviews, specifications, review
Acer W510: reviews, specifications, review

The variety of tablet computers on the electronics market today is amazing. The buyer is offered cheap and expensive devices made in a plastic or metal case, operating on the basis of the Android, iOS or Windows operating system. Agree, it is quite difficult to understand all this assortment, especially if a person does not have enough information about what advantages and disadvantages this or that model hides.

In this article, we will introduce you to another interesting device that we believe deserves your attention. We are talking about the tablet Acer W510. Today we will talk about how it works, what characteristics it has, what users write about it in reviews, and whether it is worth buying it for personal use at all. In the article we will try to characterize the device in terms of configuration, design, technical capabilities and price.


To make it clear to the user how the manufacturer positions its device, we will begin this article with a description of its concept. So, which tablet computer are we characterizing now? At what price level is it located in the hierarchy of Acer models, and who is its potential buyer?

We note right away that we are talking about a middle-class device thatdebuted back in 2012. Despite this, the tablet continues to be sold on the market at a price of $500 per copy. Agree, for such a relatively old device, such a price bar looks strange. However, believe me, the technical capabilities of the gadget are fully consistent with this.

Acer W510

The tablet is based on a powerful chip from Intel modification Atom Z2760, which means the presence of ample opportunities (large amount of RAM, high clock speed and "nimble" work in general) for the average user. In addition, the device has an exclusive design, an original and stylish body, functional additions such as a camera module and others. Plenty of memory, optimized software, and good build quality all add up to the big picture and make the Acer W510 look as good as possible.


We would like to start a more detailed description with a presentation of the device kit and a description of the auxiliary modules that come with the tablet. First of all, we are talking about the docking station. The developers of the device announced the release of the device exclusively with this accessory, which turns a simple tablet into a full-fledged laptop. As you can guess, the docking station that comes with the device for sale is an original design designed for the Acer W510. You should not worry about its compatibility (both at the program level and in terms of design and usability). According to their dimensions, colors, materials,which the docking station is made, it fully corresponds to the concept of the tablet. That is why working with it using the Acer W510 is a pleasure.

acer iconia w510

The functionality of the docking station is very wide: it can become a convenient stand for your tablet if you turn it at the opposite angle. It also integrates a USB port and a connector for connecting an external battery.


The device has a very stylish appearance, which speaks of the manufacturability of the device, its wide functionality. Critics point out that the developers did not use the common style used in all tablet models (the famous "rectangle" used by both Chinese noname developers and leading brands for some of their cheap devices). The company that launched the Acer W510 tablet spared no resources in creating its own design and integrating it into the overall ecosystem of its devices. In particular, this can be evidenced by a pseudo-metal case (made of plastic), consisting of two parts - external and internal. The first includes a gray outline, while the second is a dark frame around the display and the "stuffing" of the tablet itself.

Acer W510 review

In their reviews, users emphasize that the device really looks interesting and to some extent even original (despite all the variety of tablet PCs of different shapes and sizes). However, this image also has its drawbacks. For example, one ofthem is the soiledness of the gadget. It is enough to apply just one careless scratch - and your Acer Iconia W510 tablet will lose its ideal appearance. To prevent this from happening, you need to be extremely careful in operation.


On the tablet, as already noted, the Intel Atom Z2760 chipset is installed. It supports the Windows operating system (x86), which we will talk about in more detail a little later. The speed of the processor itself is noted positively. Users claim that they did not notice any problems with the response of their tablet. There is nothing surprising in this, since in general the system here is much more balanced and optimized than the shell that comes with some Android devices. Due to this, visually the operation of the device looks much "faster".

Acer W510 not charging

An important role is also played by the Intel GMA 3650 accelerator. It is designed to work with "heavy" graphics, so there will be no problems with playing even the top games on this device.


When it comes to the operation of mobile devices, it is very important to note how much RAM (or device RAM) has. With this characteristic, you will understand how the tablet computer will react to opening several programs at the same time. Since the specifications that describe our Acer Iconia W510 indicate the presence of 2 GB of RAM, you can be sure that even running several applications will not disturb it at all.performance.


No matter how technologically advanced a mobile device is, the issue of its autonomous operation and the level of energy consumption remains the most relevant. Indeed, in essence, this indicator determines how long the device can function without additional charging. And in the case of the Acer Iconia W510, the situation regarding its autonomy can be called very positive. The battery of the device has a capacity of 3540 mAh, which makes it possible to work continuously in reading mode for up to 10 hours on a single charge. This means that in the maximum load mode for the entire system, the tablet will last up to 5 hours. This is enough to enjoy your device on the road or somewhere far from a power outlet. At the same time, do not forget about the docking station mentioned above.

With its help, the operating time of your Acer Iconia W510 doubles! After all, another battery is mounted inside this accessory, which has a similar capacity. So in general, we can say that in any mode of operation our tablet will be enough for a full-time working day.

Operating system

In order to characterize the operation of Windows 8, originally presented on this device, it is necessary that the reader has experience of interacting with this modification of the system. First of all, we should note the "Desktop" mode, which we have seen on other mobile versions of Windows-based devices. It looks like this: the user is presented with a screen with a "tile" in Microsoft-style, symbolizing the designations of various programs and applications. In some way, this is the same "Desktop" of Android devices, stylized differently. If desired, the user can leave it and go to the menu, where all applications and add-ons will be available.

Acer W510 specs

The logic of the Windows system on the Acer Iconia W510 is fully preserved. To understand what is meant, you need to work with the device yourself. Some users believe that such an organization of the system is very efficient and convenient, while others, on the contrary, criticize Windows and consider it uncomfortable to work with.

And, of course, let's not forget about the obvious advantages of this system, such as a package of office applications, for example. For some users, they are the determining factor in choosing a system for their tablet.


Looking at the display of the device, the bright and saturated colors of the IPS matrix immediately become noticeable. They cannot be confused with anything and, according to users, it is this richness that makes working with the tablet very convenient and understandable in any lighting conditions. Another point showing the quality of the Acer W510 screen (reviews confirm this) is the excellent visibility of the image on the monitor even if the device is tilted. And in general, viewing angles can be a universal measure of screen quality, so in this case we could give this model a "5" rating at the very beginning of the test.

Another confirmation of this is the high resolution and accuracypixels. Despite the fact that the screen diagonal is only 10.1 inches, the device has a resolution of 1366 by 768 pixels. This means a high dot density and, as a result, excellent image quality.


From the point of view of communication abilities, the Acer W510 (which we are reviewing) is ambiguous. There are classic data transmission modules (Wi-Fi and Bluetooth), as well as a contactless payment and NFC battery charging module. At the same time, the tablet does not provide a slot for a SIM card (hence, there is no support for 3G/LTE connection); and there is also no GPS sensor to locate the tablet. Probably, the developers abandoned these additions due to positioning the device not as a portable portable gadget, but rather as a personal computer or laptop for work tasks.


Another interesting point that we would like to reveal in this article concerns how hot the body of the device becomes during its operation. After all, as you know, the more powerful the gadget, the higher the risk that it will get very hot and at the same time create additional discomfort for the user. How is the Acer W510 dealing with this problem?

Acer Iconia W510 reviews

Specifications indicate that the tablet is equipped with a passive cooling system, which means an increased risk of heating it during operation. In addition, the X86 processor is installed here, which also makes it more prone to rising temperatures. However, worry about itreally not worth it.

Commenting on the Acer Iconia W510, user reviews show that even at maximum load, the device heats up no more than a regular laptop during normal operation. This means you won't get burned on its back every time you play 3D games or watch HD movies.

Laptop/Tablet Modes

I would like to devote a few more words to the possibility of switching the modes of using the gadget. There are two of them, as you already understood by the name: a tablet with a touch screen and a full-fledged laptop with a touchpad. The first is characterized by autonomous operation and recognition of user commands through the touch screen, while the second is the operation of the device using the docking station and, accordingly, user input through the touchpad located at the base of the accessory.


What information do users leave who bought the model described in this article? How satisfied are they with their purchase? This is best found in the reviews of the tablet. Many of them date back to 2012, however, despite this, they remain relevant for us and our article.

So, in general, buyers note the operation of the device very positively. For many of them, the tablet seemed like the perfect solution, as it perfectly combines the portability of a tablet with the functionality of a laptop. In addition, the excellent build quality, design and features of Windows 8 only enhance the experience.

Acer W510 reviews

Negativemany of the buyers appreciate Acer's pricing. Obviously, the developer determines the cost of devices not based on the real technical capabilities of the model, but based on some marketing considerations. Some customers complain about the high cost of the tablet.

There are also some remarks regarding stability. Probably, users are faced with defective device instances. The Acer W510 they bought does not charge, does not catch the Wi-Fi network, or "does not see" the docking station. In this case, the best solution is to contact the store and exchange the device for a working one.


What about the W510 in general? This is a good tablet that combines the positive qualities of a portable device and a laptop. It can be an excellent choice for business people who know what they need. Therefore, we would recommend such a gadget to you if it seems suitable for your purpose.

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