Universal network charger: review, specifications, types and reviews. USB wall charger


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Universal network charger: review, specifications, types and reviews. USB wall charger
Universal network charger: review, specifications, types and reviews. USB wall charger

Almost any digital gadget requires periodic replenishment of the consumed energy. When buying a phone, camera or tablet, you do not need to purchase a special device for such purposes, since it is always included in the kit. Nevertheless, in the process of active operation of several units of such equipment, confusion may arise. In addition, taking gadgets with you on a trip along with a servicing headset is quite expensive and inconvenient. The solution to the problem can be a universal network charger that can replenish the energy reserve of various types of digital equipment. Of course, each product has its own range of devices suitable for servicing, but even standard models are quite suitable for most portable devices.

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Key Features

The main operational parameter that you should pay attention to when choosing such devices is the current strength. The standard range varies from 1000 to 3000 mA. So, for small mobile devices, players and certain categories of digital cameras, a network charger is suitable, the current strength of whichis 1000 mA. For tablets, laptops and other types of equipment that use more resources, you should purchase such accessories with a potential of at least 2000 mA. It is important to bear in mind that the charge rate depends on the number of amperes. The rest of the specifications refer to the weight, dimensions and configuration of the connection interface. These parameters are quite diverse, so each user will be able to find the best option on the market for the needs of their portable gadgets.

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USB wall charger

The idea of ​​combining small size and the function of a universal charger has long been mastered by manufacturers of digital equipment. In particular, attempts were made to create multi-plug models that fit several devices. However, the use of such devices did not guarantee complete independence from individual charges. A way out of the situation was found during the widespread use of the USB interface. The connector was also supplied with mobile devices with cameras, and tablets with laptops. This is how a network charger appeared, the USB port of which provided the ability to service all models of equipment with a similar interface. Of course, this provided only the possibility of a correct connection, because the intensity of charging and, in general, the possibility of its implementation already depended on electrical compatibility. For convenience, modern USB chargers are equipped with whole groups of connectors, which allows you to fill several devices with energy at the same time.gadgets.

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Varieties of devices

There are no special classifications, but devices can be conditionally divided according to their purpose. The most widely used network chargers for phones, the features of which include the presence of a micro-USB interface. In this case, the user gets at the disposal of the connector and the connector itself. It is important to consider that the charging time also depends on the connecting cables and adapters. The better the wire, the faster the process of replenishing the power supply.

Also worth noting are chargers for more energy-demanding equipment. This is a segment in which tablets, powerful cameras, some laptop models, etc. are presented. In terms of design, they do not stand out in any way, but the current in this case can reach 3000 mA. However, the network charger for the tablet may be limited to 2000 mA - another thing is that the process will take longer.

Car chargers

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To begin with, it is worth saying that the very principle of an alternative charger arose from the need to free the user from the usual electrical network. This task is most effectively performed by solar-powered chargers and external batteries. Networked devices focus on a different aspect of ergonomics, but these types of automotive models combine the two concepts. The fact is that the charger network canwork from on-board wiring 12V directly in the car. Of course, compared to 220V, this is not much, and the efficiency of the process may be minimal, but as an additional option, this option is suitable for many. Especially when it comes to emergency situations.

Reviews of LG models

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Devices of this brand are praised by many users for the quality of the case, the stability of the main function and an attractive appearance. Some LG models can also be used as a means of synchronizing a mobile device with a PC. The manufacturer's concern for safety is also noted separately. As the users themselves emphasize, the microcontroller independently suspends the power supply if there are signs of overheating. A similar reaction is provided in cases where the mains charger operates with strong voltage fluctuations. As a result, the device extends its service life and minimizes the risks of unpleasant consequences for the power grid.

Reviews of Samsung models

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Samsung products are well known in the mobile technology market. For its smartphones, for example, the manufacturer produces multifunctional and easy-to-use chargers. Almost all models of this line are provided with a micro-USB cable. According to the owners of such accessories, they are distinguished by a high rate of replenishment of battery energy and durability. Of course, the Samsung wall chargersuitable not only for products of this brand, but also applies to portable equipment from other manufacturers. There are many positive reviews from modem owners who also use Korean chargers. In the operation of such devices, care and stability are especially important, which is ensured by products from Samsung developers.

Reviews of Sony models

As one of the market leaders in smartphone manufacturers, the manufacturer Sony also focuses primarily on servicing this kind of devices. In particular, users of Xperia devices note the high efficiency of chargers, which is combined with reliability and safety. Protection against overheating and power surges is a mandatory function of such devices. Many also note the ergonomic advantages that the Japanese charger has. The network adapter has an easy-to-handle case and a long cable - an average of about 80 cm. Users attribute the high cost to the disadvantages of such devices. So, basic models are estimated at 800-1000 rubles.


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Despite the outwardly modest function that chargers perform, every little thing in their design has significant practical significance. Replenishing the energy of a battery today is not complete without special devices, so manufacturers strive to make them as convenient as possible. For this reason, the network charger is sometimes supplemented with auxiliary functions. For example, there are fewwhich of the users of modern gadgets can be surprised by the possibility of communication between a mobile device and a computer through communication systems of chargers. In addition, the means of protection and energy saving are being developed. Many manufacturers strive not only to provide charging devices with optimal voltage and current indicators, but also to make them universal. As a result, the USB interface itself is developing, as evidenced by the spread of its modern configurations, in particular the micro version.

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