Which operator does the 930th code serve? In what regions can it be found?


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Which operator does the 930th code serve? In what regions can it be found?
Which operator does the 930th code serve? In what regions can it be found?

This short article will answer which operator staked out the 930th mobile code. A specific binding of a certain group of telephone numbers to a certain geographical region will also be given. Of course, such information is not often needed in practice, but there are times when you simply cannot do without it.

which operator is 930

Mobile operator that uses the 930th code in its network

First, let's decide which operator uses the 930th dialing code. To date, the subscriber base with such a code is tied to only one cellular operator. More specifically, this is Megafon. Geographically, this telephone code is tied to the European part of the Russian Federation.

How to dial these numbers correctly?

After finding out which operator reserved the 930th telephone number code, let's figure out how to dial such phone numbers. Let's start with the calls that are made fromterritory of the Russian Federation. In this case, at the beginning we dial +7, that is, the digital code of the Russian Federation according to modern international dialing rules. Then comes the code. In our case, this is the previously specified combination of numbers - 930. Then comes the seven-digit number of the called subscriber. When dialing a phone number of this series from Belarus and Kazakhstan, the dialing algorithm will only slightly change. In essence, in this case, you only need to first dial “8” instead of “+” and wait for the beep to appear, which will be continuous. Further, the subscriber's number is dialed in the same way as in the case of making a call from the territory of the Russian Federation. In all other cases, it is recommended to use the combination "00" instead of the usual "+" symbol. This allows you to make a call from anywhere in the world to a subscriber in the Russian Federation. The rest of the dialing order, as in the case of making a call from Belarus or Kazakhstan, remains unchanged.

930 which operator and region

Regional binding

Now let's look at the code 930 in more detail. What operator and region can be hidden behind such a phone number? The answer is already obvious - this is Megafon. But the regional binding of this code indicates that such numbers can only be found in the European part of the territory of the Russian Federation. More specifically, these are the Central, North-Western and Caucasian branches of this operator. Although in the latter case, such a link from the standpoint of geography looks very controversial. These areas are rather central. But we will leave this question to the marketers of this mobile operator, and considerdetailed regional distribution of numbers of this code.

930 which mobile operator

North-West and its subscriber base

First of all, it should be noted that the beginning of the number in the form of "+7-930" will be omitted. Only the range of digits of subscriber numbers will be indicated. Using them, it will not be difficult to determine the last 7 digits in a phone number. Well, in order to get the full subscriber number, you must first add the combination indicated earlier - “+ 7-930” (and this nuance is taken into account not only for the northwestern branch of Megafon, but also for all other cases - the central and Caucasian). Let's start with the Ivanovo region, the subscriber base of which includes the numbers 0050000 - 0059999, 3300000 - 3699999. In turn, in the Yaroslavl region with this code you can find such numbers - 0760000 - 0769999, 1000000 - 1379999. Next comes the Kostroma region, for which 0910000 - 0919999, 3200000-3219999, 3700000-3999999 are provided. Also included in this list is the Tver region, which is represented by the numbers 0960000 - 0969999, 1500000 - 1999999. This list also includes the Smolensk region. In this case, the following numbers are used: 3000000 - 3069999. In all cases, do not forget to add the prefix before the indicated numbers "+7" and the operator code - "930". What mobile operator is used in this case? Megaphone.

code 930 operator

Center and its numbers with prefix 930

As noted earlier, also in the central region you can find mobile numbers with the code 930. The mobile operatorin this case remains the same. That is, this is Megafon, which, along with MTS and Beeline, is part of the so-called Big Three. In this case, the following numbers are reserved for the Vladimir region: 0300000-0319999, 0330000 - 0339999, 2250000 - 2255999, 7400000 - 7409999, 8300000 - 8399999. A fairly solid number of numbers from this operator is tied precisely to this telephone code. So the code "930" is not so rare here. Another region where you can find such numbers is the Kaluga region, which in this case is represented by the following list: 0340000 - 0349999, 7500000 - 7509999, 8400000 - 8499999. In this case, the number of potential subscribers in comparison with the previous case will be less - numbers less. But taking into account the fact that the population of this region is smaller than in the previous case, the telephone code “930” itself, again, will not be so rare. Also, such numbers can be found in the Kursk region. In this case, it is presented 0370000 - 0379999, 7600000 - 7699999, 8500000 - 8599999. For the Novgorod region, such numbers were reserved with such a prefix - 0560000 - 0569999, 0700000 - 0719999, 28399999, 719999, 81999, 81999, 81999 - 81999 - 81999 - 81999, 81999 - 819999, 81999 - 819999, 81999, 81999 - 819999, 81999 - 819999 - 819999, 81999 - 819999 - 819999, 81999 - 819999, 81999 - 819999. list and the Oryol region, represented by the following list: 0630000 - 0639999, 7700000 - 7799999, 8600000 - 8699999. For the Ryazan region, such a number base is allocated 0690000 - 0699999, 7800000 - 7899999, 8700000 - 7899999, 8700000 is another central region of the Russian Federation with such a code of the Russian Federation -9. Tula, for which 0740000 - 0749999, 7900000 - 7999999, 8900000 -8999999. In the Bryansk region, you can also find numbers with this code. In this case, 7200000 - 7399999, 8200000 - 8299999 are used.


In this part, the code "930" is also not so rare. The operator remains exactly the same as before, this is Megafon. The numbers 0140000 - 0149999 are reserved for the Lipetsk region, and 0110000 - 0119999, 4000000 - 4199999 for the Voronezh region. This list also includes the Belgorod region, represented by the number base 0860000-0909999, and the Tambov region, for which the numbers 4700590 -470059 are reserved.

930 mobile operator


This article describes in detail not only which operator the 930th area code uses, but also considers in which area it can be found. Such information is not needed every day, but sometimes it can really help out a lot.

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