Is there an analogue of GoPro? Looking for a budget action camera


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Is there an analogue of GoPro? Looking for a budget action camera
Is there an analogue of GoPro? Looking for a budget action camera

The GoPro camera has really changed the way we think about filming our extreme experiences. When someone plays sports, is about to do some crazy stunt or set another record, he will undoubtedly take this camera with him, wanting to capture everything he sees with his own eyes in the best quality.

However, given the degree of fame and promotion of the GoPro brand, such a camera costs a lot. On Amazon, the cheapest version can be purchased for $120. Obviously, not everyone can afford to pay so much for such a thing that will not find its use every day.

That's why many people are looking for a GoPro analogue - a gadget that could cost less but still provide the same shooting quality as the original.

In the framework of this article, we will try to look for such cameras. More about this - further in the text. If we can actually find such a solution, it would be great to make extreme shooting more accessible.

analog GoPro

What should be the analogue?

To begin with, let's decide what we would like to get when we are looking for an analogue of GoPro. First, it is the quality of the shooting. It is obvious to buy a device that will shoot as cheapDVR, no one wants. It is necessary that the camera, which we will call analog, shoots no worse than the original GoPro. This means that it must have a high-tech "stuffing", in particular a good matrix.

Secondly, GoPro camera analogues should allow it to be used in the most extreme conditions. This already points to another quality of such a camera: protection against moisture and dust, shock and scratches. This should be ensured by a reliable case. The criterion of its quality is very important, since an action camera (analogous to GoPro) will undoubtedly be used in situations where other means of filming simply cannot stand it.

GoPro camera analogues

Third, the designers of the device we hope to replace the GoPro need to provide a means to securely mount it. Obviously, the GoPro analogue must be attached to the helmet, belt or arm of the athlete. How this is done affects the safety of the gadget.

Ready-to-use solutions

There are several devices that claim to be a worthy substitute for the main and most famous camera for extreme shooting. However, the most outstanding are only two models.

Chinese analogue of GoPro

This is the Chinese analogue of the GoPro SJ5000+ (manufacturer - SJ Cam), as well as Xiaomi Yi. The first is not much cheaper than the original camera, about $95. The second one will cost $65. According to the reviews, outwardly the devices differ little in their assembly. True, there are differences in the quality of work. Read more about this below.

the best analogue of GoPro


To reveal the characteristics of the models in more detail, we will outline their advantages and disadvantages. So, the advantages of both devices is their price. As you can see, it is lower than the original model, due to which you can save money by buying such a GoPro analogue.

The quality of videos shot with such cameras, according to user reviews, is quite high. This allows you to create great material for each athlete without worrying about how the clip will turn out.

In general, in their design, both devices are similar to the original. That is, paying a lower cost, we get a lot of reliable mounts, a box for shooting under water, various accessories for improved shooting. Thus, everything points to a real correspondence to the real GoPro.


The disadvantages of both models are the lower quality of photos (due to less technological matrices). To make them better than the original GoPro, the optics are much higher there.

action camera analog GoPro

Also, judging by the reviews of the same SJ5000 +, there are some technical flaws that make working with the camera less convenient. For example, an insufficiently long fastening thread, due to which it is necessary to additionally fix the device with some kind of adhesive tape, or a defective waterproof box that allows moisture to pass through. Such shortcomings are minor flaws, but they seriously spoil the picture of the device as a whole.

Good reviews go about Xiaomi Yi. Knowing the reputationcompanies in the smartphone market, it can be assumed that they will also succeed in the field of action cameras. True, this version of the product (Yi) is a novelty today, there are not many reviews about it and, of course, there are still some functions, such as an application for synchronization with smartphones and other things. This means that buyers will have to wait a little longer to say that this is the best analogue of GoPro.


If you're interested in shooting extreme videos but can't afford or don't want to buy an original GoPro and the ones listed don't suit you, maybe it makes sense to consider a used camera? The price for such models will be lower, but if you try, you can certainly find a model in excellent condition. Perhaps this is the way out for those who truly appreciate high-quality shooting. Plus, again, when it comes to things like videotaping extreme jumps, races, or something like that, you must agree that there should be no compromises here.


gopro camera

As for GoPro analogs, as you might expect, they also have some drawbacks. And in general, you need to understand that, having bought the Chinese version, you can only “outwit” yourself here, products from the Celestial Empire have long been famous for not very good optics.

Although, on the other hand, maybe things will change a lot in the near future. Remember, smartphones from China were also talked about as shoddy products that make no sense to spend money on. Today, as we see, some companies, such as Xiaomi or Huawei,make a real revolution in this industry. So anything can be!

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