How to connect the Internet to MTS? Action algorithm


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How to connect the Internet to MTS? Action algorithm
How to connect the Internet to MTS? Action algorithm

To the one who invented mobile communications, created telephone companies and mobile phones, you need to put up a monument! And not one, but under each tower. How could you live before, not knowing every minute about the state of he alth of your parents, about when the child dined, and how your chosen one loves you?

The largest number of subscribers prefer to use the services of MTS.

how to connect internet on mts
how to connect internet on mts

This is one of the most reliable mobile operators, which has set up its towers in the CIS and helps to feel your native shoulder, even when you are at a great distance from your loved ones. You can also communicate in writing, via e-mail, if you know how to connect the Internet to MTS. With the help of cellular communication, you can call relatives in Ukraine and Belarus, and they will also answer through MTS.

Pitfalls that can be encountered when connecting

Before you connect the Internet to MTS, you need to decide on the tariffs and pay attention to the "pitfalls" and cunningly veiled phrases in the contract drawn up by experienced lawyers of the company. For example: "traffic is unlimited, but limited." What does this proposal say? Namely, how to use the servicelimited.

Or what is the phrase: "when using the package of services, the actual speed may differ from the declared one." When signing documents, be sure to payattention to this clause. Otherwise, there will be no one to file a claim, the speed reduction corresponds to the terms of the concluded agreement.

How to decide on the MTS package

connect unlimited internet on mts
connect unlimited internet on mts

Before you connect the Internet to MTS and purchase a package, it is best to call the company and talk to the operator. If the settlement is large, communication work in different parts of the city may be uneven. Only the operator will tell you exactly where the connection is better and where it is worse.

Be sure to clarify what the daily quota is. Before connecting the Internet to MTS, you need to understand that it is not the number of packages that is limited, but the speed of their delivery.

For Moscow, MTS offers a BIT package. Monthly payment - 149 rubles, quota - 50 megabytes. For those who live in other regions of Russia, there is a Super-BIT package. Its traffic quota is 100 megabytes. This service costs 299 rubles monthly.

What will happen if the quota specified in the contract is used up? Nobody disconnects the Internet, and you can continue to download packages in full. But at the end of the month such an invoice will be issued that it would be better if the service was interrupted. Software developers do not warn their users that they have exceeded their limit. Maybe programmers should consider settingwarning system? In some cases, the count of consumed packets is forgotten.

connect internet tariffs mts
connect internet tariffs mts

Do all phone models support internet connection?

Before connecting the Internet to MTS, you need to find out if the phone has a function that supports VAP and GPRS. These options are then configured in the machine's menus. You can find out if this function is available by reading the instructions for your mobile phone.

Sometimes it happens that a phone is expensive, convenient, with many different options, but this function is not provided in it. It's a shame, but I have to buy another model.

Internet connection

  • You should go to the phone menu and when the inscription "settings" appears on the screen, go from it to the "Internet" option.
  • Enter the profile name there: MTS WAP.
  • Download the start page by typing in small Latin letters, like a regular Internet address,
  • After that, you will be able to see the channel with GPRS data and again the address of the above site or another one:

Next, an access point is created with the given parameters and the IP protocol address:; port: 9201 or 8080. Then you will need to enter the username or login and the password with which you enter the MTS website.

Depending on the phone model, the menu items that need to be connected to activate the service and the number of settings may vary.

In the event that you want to connect MTS Internet tariffs from the phone to whichbuilt-in Android operating system, operations are performed in the following order:

  • pressing the Menu button;
  • select the item labeled "Setting";
  • go to the option called "Wireless";
  • check the box "Mobile Internet";
  • activation goes to Mobile networks.
connect internet tariffs mts [1]
connect internet tariffs mts [1]

Then, the MTS-Internet profile is selected in the networks or created for a new APN connection point with the following parameters:

  • name - MTS Internet;
  • APN –

Username and password are entered last.

Please note that all Internet addresses are typed in Latin script.

Now you can connect the package of services that is selected. All phone functions are activated and it is ready to receive internet packages.

Connecting MTS unlimited Internet on your phone

After you have decided which package to purchase and signed the contract, you need to activate the service.

How to connect unlimited Internet to MTS? To do this, go to the company's website, find the Internet Assistant program on the phone, dial a nine-digit command and press the call key.

connect internet tariffs mts
connect internet tariffs mts

It looks like this: 111995.

The same service can be activated by dialing the three-digit number 995 and contacting the operator.

You can use unlimited Internet, including it as needed for 1 day. This tariffthe option costs 149 rubles.

Unlimited Internet can be activated for a day or a month, depending on the user's desire.

The combination with which the service is connected looks like this: 1112139. After pressing the "call" key, it connects.

What is the advantage of unlimited internet?

Unlimited Internet has an advantage over the BIT service: its speed is not limited until the amount of downloaded information exceeds 1 megabyte. For those who use the BIT tariff package, the speed is reduced after 5 megabytes per hour.

During the day, when using the Internet with a limited rate, in case of enumeration of packets, the speed is reduced to only 16 kilobytes per hour.

If you exceed the limit, disconnect the service or change the tariff plan, after reviewing the terms of the contract, the GPRS connection will have to be re-established, following the same algorithm of actions.

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