Smartphone LG G2 mini D618: reviews

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Smartphone LG G2 mini D618: reviews
Smartphone LG G2 mini D618: reviews

Large display diagonal and powerful microprocessor - that's all about LG G2 MINI D618. The strengths and weaknesses of this smaller copy of the Korean manufacturer's flagship smartphone will be discussed in this article.

lg g2 mini d618

Hardware platform, cameras and graphics subsystem

Smartphone LG G2 MINI D618 is built on the basis of the entry-level central processor from Qualcom - МСМ8226. The second name of this chip is Snapdragon 400. This processor consists of four computing cores of the Cortex A7 revision. Each of them is capable of changing the clock frequency in the range from 250 MHz to a maximum of 1200 MHz. If necessary, unused computing resources are automatically turned off. The result is a fairly balanced solution, both in terms of performance and energy efficiency.

Now the next generation of processors has appeared on the market - "Snapdragon 405" based on the architecture code-named "Cortex A53". These are more productive solutions that automatically move the LG G2 MINI D618 to the entry-level budget smartphone segment.

The main camera on the back of the device is based on an 8 megapixel matrix. There is no automatic image stabilization system. But there is autofocus and LED backlight. The quality of the resulting pictures is quite good. The situation with video recording is much better, since videos are recorded in Full HD format with the most popular resolution: 1920 pixels on the long side and 1080 pixels on the short side. But the second camera on the front side of the gadget has a matrix of 1.3 megapixels and can only be used to make calls in the 3G or LTE networks. It can also be used for its intended purpose in specialized programs, for example, Skype.

The heart of the graphics system is the Adreno 305 video adapter. It cannot boast of phenomenal performance, but its computing resources are enough to run most software today. The perfect complement to the GPU is the impressive 4.7-inch display with 960 dots on the long side and 540 dots on the shorter side. Of course, this is not Full HD, but the image quality is acceptable, the color reproduction is impeccable. Complementing this whole picture is an IPS matrix, which makes viewing angles close to 180 degrees.

lg g2 mini d618 reviews


The situation with the memory subsystem of the mid-range smartphone LG G2 MINI D618 is not bad either. Reviews confirm this. The RAM has a capacity of 1 GB. But the integrated memory can be 4 or 8 GB. Thisinformation must be checked with the seller before buying. The first option is much cheaper, but only half of the memory will be allocated for the needs of the user. But in the second case, this value increases by an impressive 4 GB. If desired, you can install an external drive in the TransFlash format with the maximum allowable size of 32 GB.

Case and ergonomics

lg d618 g2 mini black

This smartphone model has two color options at once: white and black. From the standpoint of practical operation, it will be more profitable to purchase LG D618 G2 MINI BLACK. Dirt and fingerprints are almost invisible on the black case.

Another plus is the matte surface of the plastic back cover (unlike LG's flagship G2, which has a glossy finish). The right and left edge of the device without buttons. At the bottom is a Micro-USB connector and two meshes (one of them with a loud speaker, and the second with a conversational microphone). On top is a 3.5 mm jack for switching external acoustics. Next to it is a microphone that suppresses external noise, and an infrared port is displayed. But you can adjust the volume and turn the gadget on or off using the buttons that are hidden on the back cover of the smartphone under the main camera and LED backlight - an original solution, but you need to get used to it.

Battery and autonomy

LG G2 MINI D618 has good autonomy. Owner reviews say that on a single battery charge, this smartphone can last 2, maximum 3 days with a mediocre load.All this is provided by a battery with a capacity of 2440 milliamps / hours. Given the display, the diagonal of which is a solid 4.7 inches, and the positioning of the device by the manufacturer (and it occupies a place between the entry-level and the middle segment), one should not expect more from such a gadget. Also, an indisputable advantage of this smartphone is the battery, which, in case of a malfunction, can be replaced independently without contacting a service center. But when changing the SIM card or memory card, the phone will have to be turned off. It does not have a hot-swap feature.


As a software filling, "Android" is used in LG G2 MINI D618. Reviews of smartphone owners indicate that one of the latest versions is installed - 4.4.2. Also on this device there is a proprietary shell LG - "Optimus". With its help, each owner of such a smart phone can easily customize its interface to suit their own needs. Among other features, you can highlight a special touch button on the front panel. With its help, quick switching between active and passive SIM-card is carried out. Again, a practical solution that you will need to get used to at first, as well as the volume swings and the off button.

smartphone lg g2 mini d618


LG G2 MINI D618 has quite an extensive set of communications. Wireless interfaces include:

  • Fast Wi-Fi with a short range (maximum - 10 meters), which allows you to transfer data at speeds up to 150 megabits per second.
  • "Bluetooth" with a similar coverage radius and a lower information transfer rate. Ideal for when you need to transfer small files from one smartphone to another.
  • The infrared port is mainly used when controlling the TV as a remote control.
  • GPS transmitter allows you to accurately and quickly determine your location in unfamiliar terrain.
  • The smartphone can work with both 2nd and 3rd generation networks. In the latter case, data is transferred at a speed of several megabits per second, and you can even make video calls.

Among the wired data transfer methods, 3.5 mm for acoustics and Micro-USB can be distinguished. The last of them performs two functions at once: it charges the battery and exchanges data with the PC.

lg d618 g2 mini review


According to the owners, the LG G2 MINI D618 is a harmonious and balanced phone. It has no disadvantages and has a number of advantages. Some points (the location of the control buttons and switching the SIM card), as users say, require getting used to. But that's okay.

This is the end of a short review of LG D618 G2 MINI. This is a great device with excellent technical specifications and a modest price. The right choice for those who are looking for a relatively inexpensive smart phone with all the necessary options.

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