Smartphone Tele2 Mini: reviews, specifications

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Smartphone Tele2 Mini: reviews, specifications
Smartphone Tele2 Mini: reviews, specifications

An ultra-budget class smartphone with a modest cost and good technical specifications for such a class of devices is Tele2 Mini. The reviews of most owners indicate that this is an excellent entry-level device. It is about him that we will discuss further.

tele2 mini reviews

Reason for this device

Most mobile operators do not go in cycles only in the provision of communication and data services and significantly expand the list of services provided, which include the distribution of devices linked to a specific mobile network. The pioneers in this market segment were the Big Three operators: MTS, Megafon and Beeline. The Tele2 operator followed the same path.

Everyone benefits from this approach. The subscriber receives a mobile device at a very modest cost. And the operator, in turn, binds the client to himself and, due to this, also receives profit in the future. Today, the official Tele2 store on the Internet presents a fairly large number of devices, among which there is a budget-level smartphone Tele2 Mini.The forum, in turn, indicates that in this case it is possible, if necessary, to update the software and unbind the gadget to a specific mobile network.

Who is this smartphone aimed at?

At once two important points indicate the positioning of Tele2 Mini. Its price is very low and, as a result, it is a very affordable, budget device. And the second important point is the firmware, which is focused on installing SIM cards only from the operator of the same name. True, this limitation only applies to installation slot No. 1, but it does not fundamentally change the situation. Therefore, the niche of this device is existing and potential Tele2 subscribers who need an inexpensive, but at the same time quite functional device. It is for them that this mobile device was released.

tele2 mini

Complete set. Her strengths and weaknesses

Typical, as for an entry-level smartphone, the equipment of the hero of this review. But there are certain differences between this mobile device and its direct Chinese competitors. First of all, all the documentation that is presented by the warranty card and the quick start guide, in this case in Russian. It should also be noted that finding an official service center for repairing devices of this model is quite simple, and this will greatly simplify the process of solving problems in the event of a gadget breakdown.

In the list of delivery, in addition to a cell phone, there are also wired headphones with an economy class microphone, an interface cord, a charger and1500 mAh rechargeable battery. Definitely in the list above, there is definitely not enough protective film for the front panel and cover. But if you can do without the first accessory at first (use a factory protective film instead), then it will be difficult to do without the second one.

Another important component, without which the full potential of this mobile device will not work, is a memory card. But not only in the configuration of entry-level smartphones this accessory is missing, but in the middle and even premium segments it is not so common to find it now.

Design. Location of controls. Gadget practicality

There are two possible body colors for Tele2 Mini: black and white. The first of these is much more common and is more practical because dirt or small scratches are not so noticeable on it.

The key element of the front panel is the display, which performs not only output functions, but also input. Its diagonal in length is equal to a very modest 4 inches by today's standards. Under the screen, as in any other mobile device of this class, a typical control panel is grouped. Moreover, like most modern smartphones, it includes three standard touch buttons. The first from left to right will be "Back", the second - "Home" and the third - "Menu".

Above the screen, strictly in the middle, there is a speaker, which is used only during calls. To the right of the speaker hole is a small peephole of the front camera, and even further - a holesensors.

On the right side of the gadget there is a button to block it, and on the left side there is a system for controlling the volume of the mobile device. On the one hand, such an arrangement of controls can be called inconvenient. But if we take into account the dimensions of the device, which are 125.4 mm in length, 64.5 mm in width and 10.9 mm in thickness, it becomes obvious that there are no problems in managing a smartphone, even with the help of 5 fingers of one hand. will.

On the bottom of the device there is only a miniature hole for a spoken microphone, and on the opposite side all the wired ports of the mobile device are placed. One of them allows you to connect a wired headset to your smartphone, and this is a 3.5 mm audio jack. And the second - "MicroUSB". On the back cover are the main camera with a backlight system, the operator's logo and loudspeaker holes. Given the very, very compact size of this device, it is not difficult to manage it, and only one free hand is enough for this.

tele2 mini smartphone

CPU. Its characteristics

The CPU model MT6572 from the Taiwanese company MediaTek is at the heart of the Tele2 Mini. The reviews indicate that it was released back in 2013 and, by the standards of the electronic world, is outdated both physically and morally. But still, the computing capabilities of this chip are quite enough to solve the simplest and least demanding tasks.

It is precisely to launch such software that Tele2 Mini is aimed at. CharacteristicsThe CPUs indicate that it includes 2 A7 computing units with support for 32-bit calculations, the frequency of which can vary from 300 MHz to 1.3 GHz. Moreover, the value of the latter is determined immediately by 2 factors. One of them is the level of complexity of the program code of the problem being solved, and the second is the degree of heating of the silicon crystal. The chip itself is produced using technology with tolerances of 28 nm. The computing power of this semiconductor solution is rated at 4.5 GFlops by the manufacturer.

Graphics Accelerator

The Tele2 Mini is equipped with an entry-level graphics accelerator. His model is Mali-400MP1. It includes only one video information processing module, which operates at a fixed frequency of 500 MHz.

Technologically, this semiconductor crystal is produced according to the standards of 28 nm. Its computing resources are quite sufficient to display an image in 800x480 format, and the presence of this component in a smartphone significantly increases its computing capabilities due to the fact that the processing of graphic information falls on its shoulders, and the processor processes only the program code.

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Screen. Its specifications

Smartphone Tele2 Mini is equipped with a very modest touch screen by today's standards, the length of which is only 4 inches. Now, with this characteristic, devices by default belong to the entry-level solutions, but 3-4 years ago, such “smart” phones belonged to the premium segment. Display matrix production technology - TN + Film.

Of course, this technology is now outdated, but it can still be found in entry-level gadgets. Its main disadvantage is the smaller viewing angles and not so bright color reproduction, as in the case of IPS or SuperAMOLED. But for an entry-level mobile device, its capabilities will be quite enough for high-quality image output. The resolution, as noted earlier, in this case is 800x480. The picture on such a screen certainly cannot be called "grainy" in this output format.

RAM. Built-in storage. Their characteristics

Total 512MB DDR3 RAM in Tele2 Mini. The characteristics of this phone indicate that after the operating system is loaded, the user can count on 100-150 MB, and the rest of the RAM will be occupied by system processes. This volume is enough to solve the simplest and most common tasks: social networks, navigating with Google Map, reading books, surfing the web and so on.

Tele2 Mini phone is equipped with 4 GB internal storage. At the same time, about 2.7 GB is initially occupied by pre-installed system software. Well, the remaining 1.3 GB for comfortable work on this gadget will certainly not be enough. As a result, you can not do without an additional memory card. Its maximum size with which this device can work is 32 GB.

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One of the biggest weaknesses are the cameras in the Tele2 Mini. A review of their technical specifications indicate thatyou can’t even expect acceptable photo or video quality from them. The main camera has a sensor element of only 2 megapixels, there is a single backlight based on a single LED.

5 years ago, this specification was relevant, but now the quality of photos with such a sensitive element, even in excellent lighting conditions, will be disgusting.

Even worse in this case is the situation with video, which can be recorded in 640x480 format. The front camera has a similar situation with video recording and its format is similar. The sensor, however, is only 0.3 megapixels, and this is absolutely not enough for a more or less high-quality photo. The only thing this camera is capable of is making video calls. You can't really get more from her.


The capacity of the supplied battery is 1500 mAh in Tele2 Mini. Reviews, in turn, indicate that this device has good autonomy. A small screen, and even with a modest resolution and a very efficient processor - these are not all the factors that indicate the phenomenal autonomy of this device. In the maximum load mode, one battery charge will definitely last for 2 days of battery life. Well, if you minimize its use, then it is quite possible to count on even 5 days of functioning of a mobile device on one charge.

tele2 mini specifications

List of interfaces

Smartphone Tele2 Mini boasts support for such methods of exchanging information with the outside world:

  • Cellular networks of 2G format and3g. Allow not only to make calls, perform various operations with SMS and MMS, but also to transfer data at speeds up to 500 kbps (2G) and up to 42 Mbps (3G).

  • Another important interface for this mobile device is Wi-Fi. With it, you can download data from the global web at speeds up to 150 Mbps.

  • The list of previously given wireless interfaces complements Bluetooth. It allows you to synchronize with similar gadgets or even with a wireless headset.

  • 3, 5 mm audio jack, in turn, allows you to output the audio signal to a wired headset.

  • MicroUSB is great for computer synchronization and battery charging.

System Software

The operating system for mobile devices "Android" version 5.1 is a system software for Tele2 Mini. online resource offers an alternative firmware for this gadget. With its help, you can make this device work successfully not only with a TELE2 SIM card, but also with any other operator. But only well-prepared users are recommended to do this operation.

Reviews and price. Advantages and disadvantages of the device

Very modest cost of Tele2 Mini. The price on the official website of the operator is set at around 2490 rubles. Be that as it may, but with such a cost, all the disadvantages of this device fade. Also, the advantages of this model of a mobile device include:

  • Support for 3G networks.

  • Ability to install a memory card up to 32 GB.

  • High autonomy, which in the maximum load mode can last 2 days.

  • Possibility of official service support on site.

But the disadvantages of this device are:

  • The list of tasks to be solved is limited to the most simple applications.

  • Low RAM.

  • Inefficient processor.

All the shortcomings of this smartphone are compensated by its very modest price and look not so noticeable against its background.

tele2 mini black


An excellent commercial product, as for its niche, is Tele2 Mini. Owner reviews indicate its availability and excellent functionality. Everyone benefits from this device. Subscribers at a democratic cost receive an excellent device of a budget class. And the operator increases its revenues by selling high-quality equipment to its customers.

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