"ASUS": country of manufacture. Mobile phones, smartphones, ASUS motherboards

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"ASUS": country of manufacture. Mobile phones, smartphones, ASUS motherboards
"ASUS": country of manufacture. Mobile phones, smartphones, ASUS motherboards

There are many companies on the world market that produce gadgets, computer equipment and home appliances. Among them there are those that began their history in the 30-40s of the last century. These are already whole concerns, which, in addition to production, have many subsidiaries. But there are firms that appeared at the end of the last century, and now they have become leaders in their field. One of these was the Asus company, whose manufacturing country is Taiwan.


Of course, the company does not have such a huge history as its counterparts: HP, Aser, Sony and Lenovo. However, she was able to go a long way to present herself in the global market with a quality and reliable product.

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The company first became known in 1989. Then Asus (Taiwan) was founded by four enthusiasts who ran away from another famous company Aser. Naturally, they already had experience working with electronics, and therefore it was decided to organize their own mini-concern in a small apartment.


Asus, whose country of origin is Taiwan, received thisthe name comes from the animal. It turned out that it was based on "Pegasus", which symbolized not only success and rebirth, but also translated from Greek as "stormy current".

As you know: "As you call a boat, so it will float." The same thing happened with pegASUS. If the first few months they only advised other companies on the development of motherboards. After some time, they realized that they could create a “mother” on their own. Moreover, the most surprising thing was that they successfully released it in the very first year of its foundation. This allowed them to open the door to the global market and officially become a company in 1990.


Already four years later, Johnny Shih, who is currently the president of the company, came to the post of executive director. It was he who pushed the company to the world leadership in the manufacture of motherboards. Over time, Johnny Shih managed to not only keep the company afloat, but also help it capture other segments of the global electronics market.


In 1997, the first laptops of the Asus model appeared. A little later, it was decided to release communicators under its own name. That was also quite a significant step in the development of the company. Although it is worth noting that the ASUS mobile phone, although it was first released in 2003, still became known only in the last couple of years.

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Further, the company underwent a reorganization. As a result, the concern turned into three separate groups. First, ASUSTeK Computer worked on motherboards,laptops, smartphones, monitors and other accessories. But Pegatron Technology, under its own name, began to give the world ready-made computers, as well as cases for them and devices.

Unihan Technology is the third group that has worked on the contract manufacturing of PC components. Has become a working platform for cooperation with distributors, resellers, integrators and original equipment manufacturers.


Asus, whose manufacturing country is Taiwan, originally specialized in the manufacture of motherboards. Now it is the largest manufacturer in this segment. Its share in the world market is more than 40%. Statistics show that at the moment, almost every third PC is equipped with an Asus motherboard.

For four years now, the company has been the most expensive brand in Taiwan, in addition, the best manufacturer of motherboards. For all the time in this segment, a huge number of innovations have been implemented that have not been registered anywhere before.

So the revolutionary 16-phase power supply was born. Thanks to her, it was possible to significantly reduce energy consumption. The result is a "mother" that not only consumes less energy, but also generates some heat. Both the first and second indicators do not affect the excellent performance in any way.

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A special EPU function was created, which is the controller of the parameters of the main components of the PC: video card, RAM, chipset, hard drive, cooler and processor. But Express Gate is working on the fact thatliterally 5 seconds after turning on the PC, the user already has access to the network.


Also, the Asus company, whose manufacturing country is Taiwan, eventually began to work on laptops. Moreover, many of them have become not just a quality product, some have become a leader in a certain segment. We are talking about gaming laptops, which, although they cost sky-high money, are still the most powerful and reliable machines.

The company has released more than 20 series of these devices. Among them are the ZENBOOK UX, which are the thinnest and most attractive laptops. This series is quite expensive and is perfect for business people. But ASUS X is responsible for multimedia, especially suitable for cinephiles and music lovers.

But ASUS N has become a very multifunctional series. There are budget models with an attractive design, there are also devices for businessmen, as well as quite powerful laptops. ASUS G is a line that marked the beginning of the gaming "boom". Thanks to the models of this series, every fan of computer games will be able to plunge into the virtual world with pleasure.

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Well, among other things, over the past few years, the company has been able to introduce very powerful and high-quality smartphones. Asus (manufacturer - Taiwan) has developed a whole series of very successful and good devices called ZenFone.

There are several branches in this line: camera phones, large displays, powerful processors and simply beautiful models.

The ASUS phone is not just a great gadget, it, above all, continues the tradition of quality from the company. Each model is assembled from strong materials, there are more budget models, which, although assembled from plastic, are still quite durable. There are also very cool metal cases, which, among other things, are real technical giants of the market.

The company also boasts that last summer it released the first smartphone powered by the most powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor. This honor was awarded to the excellent modified ZenFone 3 Deluxe model. In addition, the gadget is practically the most powerful smartphone on the world market. And all thanks to 6 GB of RAM and as much as 256 GB of internal memory.

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Of course, ASUS cannot be called the undisputed leader in everything. It produces the best models of motherboards, but their smartphones are too expensive, so they are less popular than similar Chinese models. The company's laptops are also beyond praise, but there are companies that specialize in the manufacture of these devices. Naturally, Asus cannot compete with them. But it is worth remembering that many of the experienced concerns have been on the market for over 40-50 years, but the Taiwanese company has been operating for almost 28 years and has achieved very cool results during this time.

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