How to accept payments on the site: simple ways

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How to accept payments on the site: simple ways
How to accept payments on the site: simple ways

Today, business is so integrated into the online environment that processes that previously could only be done “in-kind” are now carried out over the Internet. For example, payment for goods or services. Instead of withdrawing cash and taking it to the store, we can always pay with a card or an electronic wallet without leaving home. Comfortable, isn't it?

The owner of a resource that offers some services for a fee should know how to accept payments on the site without additional difficulties. In this article, we will consider this issue.

how to accept payments on the site

Difficulties receiving payments

Let's start with a general idea of ​​why it is so difficult to accept payments through the site. Firstly, this is due to a number of technical nuances. The task of the payment acceptance system is to establish a relationship between the server responsible for notifying about the receipt of funds and the resource-side program that will accept such a notification and provide access to closed sections, data, materials andother things.

In turn, getting such a tool as communication with the payment server is not easy, because we are talking about the security of a particular electronic payment system or even a bank. In order for everything to function as it should, proper implementation of the payment system at the technical level is necessary.

Secondly, the security of the payment system also depends on the counterparty that accepts the payment. If we are talking about the fact that the site owner can collect money from his visitors, it is necessary that in return he presents the described content. Otherwise, the payment system can become a tool for fraudsters. Therefore, there are a number of restrictions that are designed to protect the buyer in the first place.

accepting payments on the site

“Fraud” and online scammers

Besides this, if we are talking about how to accept payments on the site, it is important not to forget about the protection of the payment system itself from the so-called false payments, including “fraud”. This term comes from the English language (fraud) and denotes a false action. For example, in order to prevent payment from hacked cards or similar actions imitating a purchase, after which the bank or payment system will have to compensate the transferred money at its own expense, there are various “anti-fraud” mechanisms. Because of them, the procedure for accepting payments on the site becomes more complicated, and the webmaster is required to take more steps to get started.

Balance between comfort and safety

how to accept payments on the site without ip

Togetherat the same time, it is in the interests of any business entity to increase the volume of working capital and the number of customers. Banks and payment systems are no exception. Therefore, companies operating in this area are making various concessions in order to allow more Internet services to accept money from their customers. About what is required for this in each case, we will tell in the article.

Bank cards

Probably the most popular online payment method is the usual bank cards used by all of us, served in Visa and Mastercard systems. They can be used to pay not only for the next meal at your favorite restaurant or the purchase of tickets, but also to pay in online shops without additional difficulties. For this, buyers love them so much.

For site owners, this tool is also a favorite method of calculation. It is quite difficult to set up the acceptance of payments on the site through these systems. The resource on which the store operates must meet a number of criteria. In particular, this is the need to officially open a bank account, obtain permission to receive funds from the site directly to it, open (if necessary) a security deposit in this bank, provide information about the goods and services that you are going to sell, and so on. All this together makes the procedure for connecting the possibility of paying by credit card rather complicated, especially for a small business. And, when working directly with the bank, it should be understood that information about the receipt of money in your account will be available to the tax service. Cooperatewith the bank directly to serve your website, it only makes sense if you work “in a white manner”.

accept payments through the site

At the same time, many are wondering how to accept payments on a site without an IP. The situation may be different, for example, if the webmaster decided to start a small individual business selling one type of product. Of course, in such a situation it is better to work through an intermediary company. We will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of this form of interaction in another section of the article.


According to official data, Yandex.Money is the most popular electronic payment system in Russia. This means that in addition to paying with cards, many of your visitors could theoretically pay in this currency, and the funds would go straight to your wallet.

If you are interested in how to accept payments on the site in Yandex.Money directly, then there is a special page on the official website of the system. It indicates the advantages of accepting money with Yandex and some conditions. In particular, individuals (if they have the status of an individual entrepreneur) or legal entities can connect the service after drawing up a single contract or providing identifying documents. The money that will come from buyers is credited on the next business day. For each transaction, the system collects a commission (from 3 to 5 percent on average, depending on the turnover and tariff). Another advantage of this option is that through “Yandex” you can connect payment using bank cards, and through “Ya.Dengi”,Webmoney, mobile operators and so on. Thus, working with one company, the store owner can get a real payment aggregator, which will allow you to pay in different currencies. Another advantage of accepting payments on the site is that Yandex offers its customers various bonuses: the ability to receive statistics, online banking, send payments directly to a bank account, and so on. And in general, it is quite clear here how to accept payments on the site. Yandex has simple methods, but, as reviews say, they are quite effective. Therefore, you can pay special attention to this service.

how to accept payments on the site in various ways


Quite convenient service for working with online stores is Qiwi. This is a payment system that allows store owners to accept money in several ways: in Qiwi currency, from plastic bank cards, from Megafon, Beeline, MTS mobile accounts, as well as from branded terminals (of which there are more than 100 thousand across the country).

how to accept payments on the site payment acceptance

Connecting to the service is quite simple - you need to be an individual entrepreneur or have the status of a legal entity, provide your website and information about products that must comply with legal requirements. If all these points are settled, the company's managers will acquaint you with the technical solutions that the payment system has. In particular, these are both ready-made store scripts and modules designed to be connected to the project. They will help you about everythingtell and advise. The rate at which you will be served is discussed individually depending on the type of content or products you offer.


Another popular payment system that I would like to mention is “WebMoney”. Legally, it is not such - therefore, in order to accept payments in this “currency”, opening a bank account or having an individual entrepreneur (legal entity) is not required. At the same time, a system participant who wants to know how to accept payments on the site (payment is accepted, of course, in WM title units) must have a so-called merchant passport. It is issued on the basis of a personal certificate, which can be obtained after confirming your data at the WebMoney registrar's office and paying a fee (about 30-50 dollars, depending on the place of residence).

The advantage of working with WM is that the procedure for accepting funds here is really simpler, the minus is that it is impossible to receive money from cards and in other currencies.

Other payment systems

In addition to the methods of payment described (cards, “YAD” and “VM”), there are many other payment systems. For example, PayPal is the world's most popular payment acceptance service. With it, you can receive funds both from cards and in the intra-system currency - depending on the user's preferences. The advantage of the system is the ability to work with foreign contractors.

how to accept payment on the site tips

There is, for example, the PerfectMoney system. Semi-legal projects work with her,for example, financial pyramids and investment HYIP sites designed for several days of work and further closure. In order to accept this currency on the site, you do not even need to verify your identity.

There is the same EgoPay, which also does not require any confirmation or formalities.

The advantage of working with such currencies (payment systems) is that access to their acceptance is really simplified compared to traditional tools. Minus - in a small number of users and high commissions.


Since each online store is designed for a fairly wide audience (for the most part), it is in the interests of the administrator to provide the widest possible list of possible payment methods. That is, in other words, it is better to immediately look for options on how to accept payments on the site in various ways, and not just one. This will create more comfortable service conditions for customers and, as a result, help increase sales. The best way to handle this function is the so-called aggregators. These are services that combine different methods of accepting payments together. Due to their mediation, you will not need to separately register in each of the electronic systems with which you want to cooperate.

Yandex.Money can be an example of an aggregator, where, as mentioned above, it is proposed to work with different payment directions. There is also Robokassa, OnPay, LiqPay, PaysTo and many others. The difference between them is in the tools that these services share with the webmaster, in working conditions and, of course, intariffs. It should be noted that the main advantage of these systems is the convenience and the ability to combine different currencies. The disadvantages include the commission for each transaction, which will be higher than when working directly.

How to choose?

A logical question arises as to which service should then be worked through, if many of them perform similar functions. Or maybe it's best to work directly with a bank or payment system?

Let's put it this way: it all depends on your status and the amount of revenue you plan to receive. If you are a private webmaster who wants to make money illegally by selling some product, it is best to work through intermediaries. If you represent a "white" legal entity, it is best to formalize your relationship directly with the bank or "payment". This is perhaps the best answer to the question “how to accept payments on the site”. Advice can only be given on the choice of a particular service, which provides for smaller payments.

Working with or without IP?

Finally, it is important to remember: if you are looking for how to accept payments on the site, the systems for "acceptance" have the following policy: official companies and individual entrepreneurs pay less than those who choose "gray" methods of work. But, in turn, connecting to the receipt of payments in cases of "gray" methods is simpler. The choice is yours!

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