How to make money on YouTube on views? Ways to make money on YouTube

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How to make money on YouTube on views? Ways to make money on YouTube
How to make money on YouTube on views? Ways to make money on YouTube

YouTube service is one of the largest projects from Google. Day after day, it is only gaining momentum along with its popularity, offering advertisers a lot of effective tools to promote their business, and webmasters open up vast opportunities for earning.

how to make money on youtube views

Let's try to figure out how to make money on YouTube for views and is it possible. The question is extremely relevant and requires a detailed explanation along with specific steps described in stages. The only thing worth mentioning right away is that there is no easy money, as soap advertising promises, and before you get at least some income, you need to make a lot of effort.

Today, many people talk about how to make money by watching videos on YouTube, but most of their statements reflect only a bare theory with little experience (own or someone else's), without touching the very essence and without revealing the principles of this earnings.

Some of YouTube's flagships revealing thethe main concepts of popularizing video content are Gangnam Style videos and the no less scandalous viral video of Van Damme advertising a Volvo truck. These two examples most clearly characterize how you can make money on YouTube from views.

The secret of making a profit is not even in who is the main actor or what subject the video was filmed on, but in the correct promotion of the account and competent marketing. It is viral marketing that underlies earnings on the channel, and not half-naked girls and scandalous revelations.

Shooting a thematic video is only a small part of the work that needs to be done to popularize it. We need daily views, at least 1000 per day, otherwise it will simply get lost somewhere in the search depths.

Be sure to keep in mind that the YouTube search engine works on the same principle as Google, so the video hoster weighs and evaluates many factors along with the characteristics of the content before giving it to the user. And again, we run into marketing, that is, the promotion of our video. After all, the profit of the promoted project depends on this.

First of all, let's answer the questions: "How much money does a video hoster pay, what exactly can you earn on, what is traffic monetization and is it possible to make money on YouTube on views?"

Ways to make money

So, how can you make money on a YouTube video hoster? The main point of earning is the placement of advertiser's links on your videos. To start advertisingor, you need to either agree with an intermediary company, or directly become a YouTube partner. In the first case, the intermediary party will itself look for advertisers for you and take an agreed percentage for its services. Naturally, it is much more profitable to choose the second option, that is, work directly with the video hoster, but the partnership includes a number of requirements that your video must meet.

how to make money on youtube for views

First of all, let's look at how to make money on YouTube for views directly, excluding the payment of interest to a third-party intermediary. This is important both for future prospects and for more earnings.

Author's videos

The ideal option would be your authorship of all video content that you host with the host. And it doesn't matter how you got it - filmed on a video camera or through a mobile phone. But this option is not always feasible, so YouTube offers the opportunity to earn money on third-party videos, but the amount of earnings in this case will be much less.

The hoster's main rule on how to make money on YouTube with views is: always focus on the main topic of your account, and all subsequent videos must be linked to a specific category. By doing so, you will clearly show your position to future advertisers and identify yourself in a certain category to further promote your profile.

If your experience allows you to establish yourself as a competent specialist in any field and talk about your knowledge andskills, or even more so - to teach the suffering, then the ability to monetize your profile will increase significantly.


Before you can make money on YouTube with the help of views, you need to decide on the frequency of posting your video. The most successful option is to post materials at least once every three days. It’s not worth rushing and “chasing deadlines”, let the content be better prepared and edited correctly, otherwise, instead of views, you will get chaos in the comments and dislikes.

how to make money on youtube for views

Choose a topic that is close to you, but preferably with such a bias that would be popular and often requested on the network, this will increase your chances of attracting advertisers on the selected specifics.


One of the conditions for how to make money on YouTube for views is the subscriber base. Your account must have at least 1000 followers. In principle, it is not so difficult to collect such an amount. To do this, as mentioned above, you need to clearly articulate and identify all your videos.

If a user is interested in the topics you propose, he will probably subscribe to news from your channel. But when you rush from one topic to another, finding your audience of subscribers will be extremely problematic in such a disparity. Therefore, it is better to be an expert in one or two areas, having established yourself as an intelligent and knowledgeable specialist, and not to pull all the topics a little bit, without really understanding each one.


The next condition for how to make money on YouTube on views is the number of visitors to each page with your video. If you get more than 1000 views of each video, then a certain barrier will be removed from your account, overcoming which, you can submit an affiliate application to YouTube and start earning money directly.

how to make money on youtube with views

After overcoming the threshold for views on a special form from the video hoster, you confirm the rights to your channel and additionally fill in all the necessary points of authorship.

What does YouTube pay for?

Above we looked at how to make money on YouTube for views, now let's figure out how much and for what exactly the video hoster pays the authors of the videos.

As already mentioned, for maximum earnings, your channel should fully disclose a certain topic and category that may be of interest to a potential advertiser and user. This will lead to clicks on links that will be placed in your videos, and, accordingly, to money.

Let's look at how to make money by watching YouTube videos using different methods.

Google Adsense

In the event that you are the author of all the videos presented on your channel, shoot interesting clips, commercials or films, and they are of good quality with expected views of more than 10 thousand, it may make sense to enter into a partnership agreement with the largest advertising agency from "Google" - Adsense.

howyou can earn on youtube from views

The result of this partnership is that Adsense will find advertisers for your content, and not the other way around, as is the case with a simple partnership program. And the more often users click on ads in your video, the more money you will earn.

Other ways of cooperation with the company include either an independent search for advertisers, or the conclusion of an agreement with an intermediary partner of a video hoster.

Someone else's video content

Let's try to figure out if you can make money on YouTube by watching someone else's video. It's no secret that many creators upload third-party content to their accounts in order to increase traffic and views. In principle, if you upload someone else's video on how to train kittens in the Far North, and leave an advertising link to your pet store under the video, then nothing terrible or illegal will happen.

But if you want to use for your own purposes, for example, any piece of music whose rights belong to another author, then it is imperative to place an active link to the original source.

how to make money watching videos on youtube

Before you make money on YouTube on views using someone else's video, it is important to know that this is far from the best option for monetizing your profile, since all material published on your account undergoes a rigorous check by YouTube moderators. When using non-unique content on your account, remember: the risk that your profilewill be blocked, very large.

Such measures are very often applied to spammers, and the process of profile monetization itself is built on the same principle as SEO promotion of regular sites: the higher the uniqueness and relevance of the topic, the more likely it is to be at the peak of search results. YouTube's policy works on the same principle as regular search engines.

Advertising external resources

This method tells how to make money on YouTube on views using an external website and content hosted on a video hoster. For example, you shot a detailed training video about the promotion of Internet projects, and in the content of this content you placed a link to a company involved in this business, or, for example, to the same courses that tell you what and how to do in order to succeed in your business. endeavors.

According to the results, you are paid a percentage from the direct advertiser (company or course owner). This type of income is a bit similar to how Google Adwords works: the more clicks on an ad, the higher the chances that a product or service will be ordered.

But before you post something on your channel, you need to decide whether you will search for advertisers yourself or contact an intermediary company.

How much can you earn with YouTube?

This is probably the most exciting question for all beginners. The policy of the video hoster is built in such a way that many factors affect the earnings of the webmaster: the type of advertisement, the subject being promoted, the number of links, andmany other nuances.

is it possible to make money on youtube on views

The top of the top topics that are always in demand by Google are cars, Forex and construction. Advertisers are willing to pay quite good money for these directions, and in some cases they themselves are looking for more or less promoted channels for possible cooperation.

Therefore, it makes sense to choose a more promoted topic for your YouTube profile, and if it also matches your hobby or life profile, then, as they say, the money will go into your hands.


It is not enough to know how to make money on YouTube on views, you must be able to calculate your profit. Most advertisers pay their webmasters 50% of their realized revenue.

If with 1000 views a day, 10 people clicked on advertising links (worth $ 0.6 cents), then you will receive $ 3 dollars, and the video hoster will rightfully take the rest ($ 3).

So we can see that if you promote your channel and get 30,000 views per month, you can earn $90 dollars. Therefore, in order to make a significant profit, you need to increase the views, and therefore the quality and usefulness of your videos.

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