Knowing how to check the balance on Beeline, you will always be in touch


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Knowing how to check the balance on Beeline, you will always be in touch
Knowing how to check the balance on Beeline, you will always be in touch

One small town was shut down for a couple of hours due to the emergency state of the towers. And the city began to panic. People forgot that until recently there were no mobile phones. Yes, without mobile devices, life seems to stop.

how to check balance on beeline
how to check balance on beeline

Communication turned on. People rushed to see if they had withdrawn money from their account under the guise. And it turned out that not everyone knows how to check the balance. Beeline, Megafon, MTS do it differently.

Money loves a bill

Even the most careful and responsible people can face a situation when they need to call, but there is no money in the account. Lacks. It seems that the account was replenished on time, there were no empty talks. How did this happen?

Temporary isolation can throw you off balance. Knowing how to check the balance on Beeline, it is impossible to get into such a situation. Users can not only find out how much money they currently have in their account and where they spent it by looking at incoming and outgoing calls on the Service Management phone service.

The fastest way to check your account

The fastest method,which Beeline offers - check the balance using a short command.

Users who prefer to pay for services in advance can check their account this way. It is enough to dial a short number-command, which looks like this on the phone screen: 102, then press "call" - a key with a drawn handset, and see on the screen how much money is in the account.

how to check balance on beeline
how to check balance on beeline

It should be borne in mind: owners of phones that support Cyrillic can check the balance of Beeline in this way. The rest of the characters displayed on the screen will be a meaningless collection of letters and numbers.

If there is no Cyrillic alphabet in the phone, then the short number to which you need to send a message will look like this: 102 and “call”.

For those who first use the service and then pay according to the invoice, verification is carried out by another number. You will need to dial:11004 and “call”. Remembering two extra digits is easy, this combination does not interfere with using this service.

Checking your account with short codes is absolutely free. The main thing is not to confuse the order of numbers.

Checking balance via phone

If you enter the services menu on your own phone, then the question of how to check the balance on Beeline will disappear by itself.

The algorithm for checking an account through the services menu is as follows:

  • Open the Beeline section.
  • Turn on "my Beeline".
  • Go to "my balance".
check balancebeeline
check balancebeeline

Click on the "My balance" service, and after a few minutes, the numbers reflecting the amount of money in the account appear on the screen.

Checking the account using a computer

In an age when even babies can use a computer, not knowing how to check the balance on Beeline through a computer is simply a shame.

You can do this by activating the service using the short number 110 and pressing the "call" button. The action is absolutely free.

After sending a digital message, a six-digit password will come within a few minutes, with which you can enter your personal account on Beeline.

On the main page of the site, you enter your own phone number and this password, then a window opens with the inscription "Login".

Just click on this box to find yourself in your own account, from where you can manage the company's services.

It will be possible to view data not only about the balance, but also information about the user, that is, about himself, the tariff plan that is connected, the contract number and its conditions.

Full balance control

If you activate the service called "balance on the screen", you can find out the amount of money in your account at any time without remembering digital combinations. This is very convenient, since even the smartest and most accurate person can mix up three digits in a moment of emotional excitement.

Only first you need to check if the service is supported by this phone model. It is not available to everyone.

In order to connect it, you needdial a combination of characters 110902, and then press the call button. If you receive an inscription that the service is available, after dialing 110901 it will be activated. 1 ruble is withdrawn from the account per day.

check beeline balance
check beeline balance

Additional service

Checking the balance in the Beeline network is possible not only in your own device, but also with your relatives and friends. You can even establish total control over the phones of all your friends, even if they use the services of other operators.

Connecting the service is simple:

  • Dial a combination of numbers 1311.
  • Enter your own phone number.

And the function, with which you can check any phone in ten-digit format, is activated. Just do not forget that the service is paid. Maybe that's why not everyone connects it.

Users of the services of one of the largest Beeline companies can always check the status of their account and be sure that not a single ruble will be lost from it in an unknown direction.

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