How to find out the rest of the traffic on Beeline? How to check the balance of traffic in Beeline


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How to find out the rest of the traffic on Beeline? How to check the balance of traffic in Beeline
How to find out the rest of the traffic on Beeline? How to check the balance of traffic in Beeline

In the process of working with mobile gadgets, subscribers have the following question: “How can I find out the rest of the traffic on Beeline?” It is impossible to find out this information by a simple query. As a result, it is necessary to find non-standard ways to solve this issue, which will be further described. The easiest way is to call the operator or, if you have a smartphone, use specialized software. The remaining methods are more theoretical, since in practice they often fail to apply.

How to find out the rest of the traffic on Beeline?

Choose a tariff plan

First, choose a tariff plan. The main factors to consider at this stage are personal needs. That is, for example, if you do not plan to make regular and long calls to neighboring countries, then you should pay attention to their billing as a last resort. The situation is similar with the Internet, SMS, MMS and regular calls in the home region and beyond. That is, we set the level of priorities, starting from them, we make our choice. Do not forget also about the phone or smartphone. If you plan to viewsites, then the gadget must support data transfer.

Beeline remaining traffic


When you turn it on for the first time, your mobile device is registered in the operator's database. This starts the search for the necessary settings. As soon as the necessary inserts are found, they are sent to the device. The subscriber must then accept the settings and save them. There are cases when the phone is new or not certified for use in our country. In this case, the necessary inserts may not be in the database of the mobile operator. Then we use the standard parameters, which we order by number 0611 from the operator of the Beeline service center. You can check the rest of the traffic only after activating the data transfer service. Therefore, we order settings and permission to connect to the Internet during the same call.

Why disable?

Do not forget that most tariff plans have a subscription fee for additional services. Including internet connection. This means that a certain amount will be charged from your mobile account daily. If you do not plan to use this service for the foreseeable future, it is best to disable it.

Find out the rest of Beeline Highway traffic

Disable options

There are various ways to deactivate an Internet connection: the company's website, visiting the nearest specialized store or calling 0611 (here you can also find out the rest of Beeline's Internet traffic for the currentmoment). The last option is the simplest, and it is recommended to pay attention to it. Moreover, it works on various types of devices and in all, without exception, regions.

What is a "highway"?

Let's find out one important point before finding out the rest of Beeline traffic in various ways. "Highway": what kind of service is this? The answer to this question is extremely simple. You get a limited amount of traffic for a month at maximum speed at a fixed price. For example, today the tariff "Highway 3Gb" is popular. Within its framework, you get 3GB (this is clear from its name) of data for a month for only 390 rubles. In this case, the data exchange rate will be maximum. In all the ways listed below, you can find out the rest of the Beeline traffic. "Highway" in this regard is not some special service. So we take any of the following methods and use it. It is convenient to use this service to view websites and pages on social networks. But downloading large files (for example, movies or applications) with its help is not entirely profitable - it will be expensive.

Calling the operator

The easiest way to find out the rest of the traffic on Beeline is to call the service center operator at the free number 0611. It also does not require any special knowledge or skills, as well as additional technical devices or actions. Just dial the number and press the call button. Further, following the instructions of the autoinformer, we connect with the operator and find out the information we are interested in. Another advantage of this method is the maximumaccuracy. You will know exactly the amount of traffic used. In other cases, except for the "personal account", a slight error may occur, which is due to rounding of calculations.

Using the device

You don't even need to call the Beeline hotline. The rest of the traffic can be found using the device itself. Each mobile phone has a counter for the amount of data received and transmitted. It is enough to reset it before connecting. Then we go in and look at the counter readings after visiting the page on the global web. Next, run the calculator and subtract the resulting value from the total traffic volume. Difficult but applicable. The only negative is the need to constantly reset the counter before connecting to the Internet.

The rest of Internet traffic Beeline

Personal account

Another way to find out the rest of the traffic on Beeline is to use the Personal Account service. To do this, you need a desktop computer connected to the Internet. Before the first entry from a phone or smartphone, you need to register in this system. We use our number as a login. We set the password at our discretion and be sure to remember it. Further, after entering the Internet, we go into this customer service system and on a special tab we find out the information we are interested in. The disadvantages of this method are the presence of a computer and an independent connection to the global web. That is, it is not always possible to check the number of used megabytes in this way, which is not

Beelinecheck the rest of the traffic

very convenient. But if you need to find out the amount of remaining traffic every evening at home, then this method can be used. It is also, like a call to the operator, free of charge and has the same accuracy. Valid throughout our country.

Special Software

If you use a smartphone, you can install a special program (for example, "Traffic Monitor"). Next, we launch and monitor the statistics of data exchange. This method is applicable not only for the Beeline operator. The rest of the traffic can be found in any network. The disadvantage of this solution is that it can only be used on a smartphone and you need to install additional software (after all, an additional load on the hardware resources of your device). Also, at the first start, it is recommended to specify all the necessary parameters. For example, you have a Highway 3Gb tariff. So, you need to make a warning message when using 2.95 GB, and at 3 GB, data exchange should stop. Another plus of this solution is that you have before your eyes a complete picture of the statistics of used traffic per day. Very convenient and visual. You see what you pay for.

The rest of the Beeline Highway traffic


This article describes various ways to find out the rest of the traffic on Beeline. The easiest way to do this is to call the operator at 0611. This method works on various devices and is absolutely free. Its disadvantage is the need to make an additional call. OwnersSmartphones with a Beeline SIM card can also check the rest of the traffic by installing additional programs. All other methods can be used only as a last resort, when the main two cannot be applied.

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