Haier LE32K5000T LCD TV: reviews, specifications and features


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Haier LE32K5000T LCD TV: reviews, specifications and features
Haier LE32K5000T LCD TV: reviews, specifications and features

Excellent combination of cost and technical characteristics compares favorably with similar entry-level devices Haier LE32K5000T TV. Owner reviews highlight its excellent functionality. On the basis of such a device, you can easily organize a home multimedia entertainment center.

haier le32k5000t tv reviews

TV Niche

The entry-level niche is occupied by HD TV devices. They have modest technical characteristics and a minimum cost. The main disadvantage of such solutions is the low quality of the displayed image. It is to this group of TV solutions that the Haier LE32K5000T TV belongs. Owner reviews prove this once again.

Mid-range devices include TVs with FullHD resolution and similar technical parameters. The key difference in this case is the higher quality of the output image. Another argument is the higher cost of products that belong toto this market segment. In the case of premium solutions, the output image format corresponds to 2K or even 4K. The performance of the TV is significantly improved, but its cost increases.


From the end user side, the Haier LE32K5000T TV is well stocked. Customer reviews in this case only positively characterize the solution in question. The manufacturer included the following in the delivery list:

  • TV with two stands.
  • Power cord for powering a TV device.
  • Remote control and, of course, a set of batteries for it.
  • Quick start guide.
  • Warranty card.

To use the TV this is enough. Well, in all other cases (for example, displaying an image from a satellite tuner or a picture from a PC), you will have to additionally purchase communication wires.

haier le32k5000t tv


From a technical point of view, the Haier LE32K5000T TV has no problem equipping. Reviews highlight an excellent set of tuners, which includes one analog, two digital and one cable. In this case, it is possible to view television channels of both meter and decimeter ranges. You can watch broadcasts in enhanced, digital quality using the built-in tuners of DVB-T and DVB-T2 standards. It should also be noted that there is a CAM slot in which you can install a board for decoding encryptedchannels. It is allowed to watch programs from a cable TV operator. Another important feature of this is the availability of support for the popular Smart-TV option.

Connection Methods

There are no flaws in the LE32K5000T communication list. It supports all possible ways to receive and send information, both wired and wireless.

The design engineers have included the following ports and transmitters in this list:

  • 1 antenna input for connecting an external antenna.
  • 3 wired HDMI ports for connecting with various modern receivers.
  • 2 USB ports for installing flash drives.
  • 1 RJ-45 jack for wired network connection.
  • The component connector is designed to connect to the TV obsolete models of satellite tuners today. There is also a SCART connector for the same purposes.
  • The list of wireless interfaces only includes a Wi-Fi transmitter that can be used to connect to the wireless segment of a computer network.
tv led haier le32k5000t reviews


The Haier LE32K5000T LCD TV is equipped with a fairly good budget-level matrix. Reviews and opinions really emphasize that the image quality in this case is excellent. The matrix of this device is manufactured by TN+Film technology and has a diagonal of 81 cm (32 inches). Its main disadvantage is a reduced viewing angle, which is equal to 160 degrees. The resolution of the displayed image is 1366 X 768.That is, the picture corresponds to HD-quality (720p). The brightness of the matrix in this case is 220 cd / m2, and this value is quite enough for watching various television programs and films. The contrast was 3,000,000:1, and the response time was 6.5 seconds. The latter value indicates that even when viewing the most dynamic scenes, there should be no problems with image quality.

Acoustic subsystem

Sound on this TV is output in stereo. As a result, the number of speakers in this TV solution is 2. The power of each of them is 16 W, and this is quite enough for comfortable viewing of TV programs and more. If there is a need to connect an external sound system, then everything you need is there: a set of 3.5 mm audio ports will solve this problem without any problems.

lcd tv haier le32k5000t reviews and opinions


Today, for 10,000-11,000 rubles, you can buy a LED TV Haier LE32K5000T. Reviews, in turn, indicate that this is a completely reasonable cost for such a TV solution. An extra plus is the bundle, which allows you to immediately start using the television device in question for its intended purpose.

Connection and setup

The procedure for setting up this TV for its intended purpose consists of the following steps:

  1. Retrieving all the contents from the box.
  2. Install the TV device on 2 supports and fix it.
  3. Connect toantenna input corresponding cable.
  4. Install the batteries in the remote control.
  5. Turn on the TV.
  6. Go to the menu and find the option to automatically search for available channels. Activate it.
  7. At the end, save the updated list of found channels.

After that, you can start watching TV shows.


Haier LE32K5000T customer reviews indicate that this TV is excellent value for money. It has all the trappings of a mid-range TV device. The only exception in this case is the resolution of the screen matrix. And this is the only drawback of the considered solution.

But the pluses in this case include:

  • Smart-TV technology supported.
  • Optimal communication set.
  • An impeccable list of integrated tuners and a slot for installing a decoder.
  • Democratic value.
customer reviews of haier le32k5000t


The Haier LE32K5000T TV is just great for watching a variety of TV shows and movies in a small room. Reviews indicate that in such conditions you can get the maximum pleasure from using this device for its intended purpose. Well, a lot of additional options allow you not only to use it for its intended purpose, but also turn it into a full-fledged multimedia center.

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