"Le Eco" smartphone: review and model specifications

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"Le Eco" smartphone: review and model specifications
"Le Eco" smartphone: review and model specifications

For the sake of good sales, the brands of the Celestial Empire are ready to go to almost any tricks: they invite stars of the first magnitude, kill their gadgets on camera, lure Steve Jobs look-alikes to work, etc. The LeEco company (Le Eco) does a little differently: it supplied its models with powerful stuffing, significantly expanded the warranty for all lines, and in addition, it paid for access to licensed films, music and even books.

le eco smartphone

Let's try to figure out why there is so much noise around the brand and its gadgets and whether it is worth buying a brand new Le Eco device (smartphone) at all. The review will be on one of the most popular models from the series - Le2.

Against the background of other similar devices, "Le 2" looks somewhat unusual, because we have a rather rare type of Chinese manufacturer. The Le Eco company itself, the Le 2 smartphone and related accessories play the role of not “catching up”, but “overtaking” competitors, which is really surprising for young (in terms of phone production) manufacturers.

Why LeEco

Megapixels, together with the gigahertz of each individual smartphone, are aging very quickly, and apart from a slightly completed Android, the majority of companies, alas, cannot offer anything. But "Le Eco"(smartphone of the Le 2 series), instead of an obsessive sale with a bare manual and an incomprehensible platform, it created all the conditions for full-fledged work with the device. Why are there numerous services where everything will be done for you, as they say, on a turnkey basis. You look from the side - directly Apple, not otherwise.

le eco smartphone reviews

It is precisely this attitude that distinguishes Le Eco. Smartphone "Le 2" literally crushes competitors in the domestic market, and strangles mercilessly, whether it's an official or a "gray" representative of the Middle Kingdom.


In general, the company is not distinguished by the release of tiny gadgets, and even the budget segment is filled with models with large screens. In principle, there is nothing to be surprised here, because 5.5-inch devices, which is Le Eco (smartphone of the Le 2 series), are experiencing their heyday. In addition, smartphones are slowly starting to crowd out tablets and gadgets with a smaller diagonal for the benefit of comfortable Internet surfing and watching videos at relatively small sizes.

The design of the device can be called ordinary, but maybe it's for the best - the lack of tricky stylistic details and the angular body will become obsolete much later than the newfangled and elegant forms of competitors.

le eco smartphone review

Le Eco itself is a smartphone (photo in the article) that is lightweight and durable, so you can completely do without protection, but if you need one, there is a nice silicone case in the kit.

However, despite the ordinariness of forms, visual novelties are stillavailable when compared to competing models. The device is equipped with an intelligent fingerprint scanner with an original mirror coating. The device works quickly, precisely and without any failures. In addition, on the upper edge you can see an infrared port for remote control of household appliances - a great feature that only Le Eco (smartphone) has in the budget segment. The reviews of the owners regarding the appearance do not differ much: users liked the simplicity and calm features of the gadget, in contrast to other Chinese models that are already slightly annoyed.


Here the trends practically do not change. Gadgets with a price tag below 10 thousand rubles are equipped with screens with mediocre and unremarkable characteristics. Devices up to 20 thousand are already equipped with more high-quality and capable of something serious matrices. “Le Eco” is a smartphone (display description), which can be safely attributed to the second type: a good IPS matrix, a comfortable resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels and a more than acceptable pixel density (403 ppi), where even looking closely, you can see individual points fail.

le eco smartphone photo

In addition, the screen received excellent contrast, good brightness and several color profiles, so meticulous photographers and lovers of saturated colors, for whom a reliable picture is everything, will be satisfied with the visual capabilities of the gadget.


The set of chipsets is another strong point of the Le Eco smartphone. 652nd "Snapdragon" oneight cores was and remains to this day an excellent processor in many respects. The device also has 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal memory, expandable up to 128 GB with memory cards.

le eco smartphone description

Relatively fast Adreno 510-series video chip is responsible for the graphics component, so even serious and "heavy" toys along with the same applications are not a problem.

Work offline

A bright and high-quality display, coupled with a powerful processor, play a key role in the issue of autonomy, so if you actively use the gadget, you will have to send it to charge every evening.

Extremely pleased that the company has equipped the device with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 technology, which simply works wonders. Literally for some half an hour on the charger and the smartphone is back in service, ready to continue working.

Summing up

Smartphone "Le 2" can be called a universal model. The device is equipped with a far from cheap processor, a really high-quality display even by the standards of Chinese gadgets, a good camera and an almost instant charger.

Many will say: "So this is China!". Yes, this is a gadget from the Middle Kingdom, but with much better quality guarantees than many popular European or American brands. Not every Sony or BlackBerry dealer will offer you a two-year warranty with three months (!) of broken screen insurance. The owner of "Le 2" does not even have to go to the service center - the courier will do everything.

The conclusions are quite obvious, so the gadgetstrongly recommended for purchase.

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