Redmond RMC-PM190 multicooker: model review, reviews


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Redmond RMC-PM190 multicooker: model review, reviews
Redmond RMC-PM190 multicooker: model review, reviews

The multicooker is a device that makes housework easier, saves time on cooking, and it can also prepare breakfast for the owners without their control. A technique of this kind is suitable for those who do not like to get up in the morning too early.

The article will focus on the Redmond RMC-PM190 model. Some people think that this device is too expensive, and for a lower cost there are excellent options with more diverse functionality. The approximate price is 9500 rubles. Those who dared to purchase this technique did not regret their choice at all. The article discusses the pros, cons, reviews and some characteristics of the multicooker.

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The Redmond RMC-PM190 model is a multicooker combined with a pressure cooker. This explains the number of programs available. Its power is 900 watts. Heating occurs thanks to a tubular electric heater. The bowl has a volume of 5 liters. She representsceramic container. Automatic modes - 23. The delayed start timer operates in the range of up to 24 hours. The device weighs a little more than 7.5 kg.


The Redmond RMC-PM190 multicooker has many modes. Three programs deal with stewing fish, meat and vegetables. There are just as many options for soups. There are three cooking modes. You can cook food for a couple; there is an option for cooking legumes, as well as pilaf. Three cooking modes are built in. You can cook bread, yogurt, milk porridge, pasta, pastries and popcorn. The last mode differs in that the display does not show the time remaining until the end of the programmed process.

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In order to properly cook popcorn in the Redmond RMC-PM190 multicooker, you need to remove the grains from the package and pour them into the bowl. It should be noted that it is recommended to cook no more than 200 grams at a time. The valve remains open, the lid should be closed and locked. Then you need to turn on the appropriate mode and hold the "Start" button. After the signal is played, the cooking process will begin. The time is not shown on the display. Open the lid only after the final signal. It is important to note that by this time the popcorn should no longer burst.

Start timer

The Redmond RMC-PM190 multicooker (reviews about it are quite positive) has a delay start. Range: from 1 minute to a full day. The change step is 60 seconds. This function is not available in modes such as frying, pasta, yogurt.

It should be noted that in some programs, especially when the appliance works as a pressure cooker, the countdown will start only after the desired temperature and pressure level has been reached.

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Auto warm function

Auto-heating will be useful if you need to warm up baby food, perform the deep-frying process. Proofing dough is also carried out using this function. Thanks to this mode, it is possible to maintain the temperature of the dish from 60 ° C to 80 ° C for 12 hours. The countdown is direct and per minute. If you do not want this function to be active, then it can be turned off by holding the "Heating" button.

Benefits of multicooker

The Redmond RMC-PM190 pressure cooker is a device with an abundance of interesting features that can be useful to every housewife. This diversity applies to both pluses and minuses, since not everyone likes a large number of different programs. Many of them are almost never used, and the manufacturer increases the cost of the device for the presence of additional functions.

It should be noted that the multicooker has the functions of heating, delayed start, popcorn cooking. The latter is in demand, since not all models from different manufacturers have it. The set comes with a book with recipes (200 dishes). Warranty for the Redmond RMC-PM190 multicooker is 2 years. Auto heating can be turned off before cooking. The box also contains a special container that you need touse in deep frying. There is an additional o-ring.

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Negative characteristics of the multicooker

Having highlighted all the positive aspects, we must not forget about the shortcomings. Unfortunately, they also exist, and a lot is written about them in reviews. So, the owners believe that the price is too high, we can say 100% that, although the device is of high quality, the ratio of these two characteristics is still incorrect. The condensate has to be removed manually, there is no container for its collection. Reviews also indicate that it is inconvenient to take the bowl due to the lack of handles. Considering that it is impossible to get it with your hands, since it is hot, it is difficult to do this with special potholders. Pressure and temperature cannot be adjusted, there is no such function here. You will have to cook yogurt in your own jars, you can buy them. The Redmond RMC-PM190 multicooker-pressure cooker, reviews of which are further, do not have them in the basic configuration.


Buyers do not observe failures in the operation of the modes and the multicooker itself as a whole. The price category does not suit everyone, but the majority of consumers do not pay attention to this.

Cooked food is quite tasty and he althy. With this side, which, in fact, is the main one, the multicooker copes with one hundred percent.

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