Smartphone Philips W8510 Xenium: review, specifications, reviews

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Smartphone Philips W8510 Xenium: review, specifications, reviews
Smartphone Philips W8510 Xenium: review, specifications, reviews

At the time of its release, Philips W8510 Xenium was the flagship device. Thanks to a set of impressive features, it stood out well from the background of its closest competitors. Although a significant role in the Philips W8510 Xenium was played, probably, only by a sufficiently capacious battery. This decision saved the company more than once, and potential buyers made their choice in favor of this device. On the example of the Philips W8510 Xenium smartphone, we can see that sometimes it is enough just to increase the capacity of the source of battery life so that people pay attention to it, forgetting about competitive devices. It is interesting that the companies that have released similar devices have relied on the appearance and dimensions. Therefore, it was Philips W8510 Xenium that took the lead. After all, it is much more practical to have a smartphone that will work longer, and not just please with its forms.

Quick Specs

philips w8510 xenium

Philips Xenium W8510 (the price in the official store is about 8500 Russian rubles) is equipped with an operating system of the familyAndroid. More specifically, this is version 4.2, which users call “Jeli bin”. The screen diagonal is 4.7 inches. Thanks to this solution, the Philips Xenium W8510, whose price ranges from 8 to 9 thousand rubles, turned out not to be bulky, but not ultra-compact either. The golden mean that many users are looking for.

If we talk about the quality of displaying the picture, then it is displayed on the screen in HD mode. It's 720 by 1280 pixels. The Philips Xenium W8510 smartphone has an eight-megapixel main camera.

The processor operates at a clock frequency of 1200 megahertz. The chipset, by the way, has four cores. The amount of built-in flash memory is only four gigabytes. RAM - 1024 MB. In general, as we can see, the characteristics are quite average, but they are quite enough to maintain stable performance and use the device in multitasking mode with virtually no freezes and lags.

From the additional parameters, support for two SIM cards should be noted. They should not be processed according to micro or nano standards. The highlight of the Philips Xenium W8510 phone, the characteristics of which we are currently describing, was the battery, whose capacity is 3300 milliamps per hour. According to the manufacturer, this option provides eighteen hours of continuous conversations in cellular networks of the third generation.

Package set

philips xenium w8510 price

Philips Xenium W8510 phone, charger included as standarda device for it, a cable for synchronization with a personal computer, a laptop or an OTG standard adapter (MicroUSB cable - USB 2.0), a wired stereo headset, and a film to protect the display. The manufacturer's concern for the safety of the screen of the manufactured devices is simply touching, of course. The case for Philips Xenium W8510 is not included in the factory package, you will have to buy it in the store for a fee. However, you'll be under $1,000 since this phone accessory isn't all that expensive.


smartphone philips xenium w8510

Philips Xenium W8510, which has a 4.7-inch screen, has a classic appearance. The smartphone is made in a rectangular shape. Both its upper face and its lower face have small bulges, barely perceptible to the eye. The designers did not dare to bevel the sides, but there is still a slight slope closer to the back panel from above and below. Finding fault with the overall ergonomics of the device is unlikely to succeed. Everything is done poorly and without frills, but according to the mind and according to unwritten rules. By the way, this approach of the company is typical for many devices. The quality standard exists, and designers and engineers stubbornly continue to follow it. Philips Xenium W8510, reviewed at the end of the review, can be described as a smartphone made in accordance with strict standards, but at the same time with a certain taste.

Screen protector

philips xenium w8510 specs

Philips Xenium W8510,whose battery, as already mentioned, is rated at 3300 milliamps per hour, is additionally protected by a glass layer. Rather, the protection was developed exclusively for the display of this device, and not for its entire surface. Interestingly, the manufacturer has not commented on this. That glass is, it is known. But what it is - ordinary or created according to the Gorilla Glass standard, is still unknown. However, tests have shown that even with heavy use, scratches appear rarely and very slowly.

When you first unpack, you can immediately notice the touch grid. However, its detection is possible only when the light falls at a certain angle. Nevertheless, we cannot fix this, which means that we just have to put up with such a miniature flaw.


phone philips xenium w8510

An insert made of metallic materials passes through it. An interesting solution was applied by the developers of the device: this frame immediately captures the counter of the conversational speaker at the top of the smartphone. We can see a similar approach in the design, for example, of such a phone as the iPhone 5. The insert on the front side somehow rises above the case. Why is this done? A similar move is used by many designers in order to protect the screen of the device from physical influences from outside. Imagine that you put the device face down on a horizontal surface. If there is no elevation at the frame, then the smartphone will lie directly on the screen on it. Accordingly, it is possiblescuffs and even scratches. On the side, you can see that the frame is sanded. This solution makes the appearance of the device stylish, while emphasizing the elegance of the body as a whole.

Back part

case for philips xenium w8510

The back side can conditionally be divided into two parts at once. The first of them is a removable type, while the second (lower) is not. The manufacturer made the lid from a fairly durable (which must be mentioned) semi-gloss plastic. If we talk about color, then this is a dark blue shade. Fingerprints are clearly visible on the lid. However, if you handle and monitor your phone regularly, then nothing bad will happen, since prints will rub off from a semi-gloss surface as easy as shelling pears. Again, all the same tests showed that the cover has a load margin. It is difficult to mechanical stress, and it will not be very easy to leave scratches on it. Together, these two parameters can be called a significant advantage, which goes to the “Xenium” piggy bank.

Build Quality

philips xenium w8510 screen

Here everything is already a little worse. If desired, you can identify a real set of minor flaws. Nevertheless, this is no longer our task, but the work of experts, and we will simply tell you what you can, if not be afraid of, then at least expect. It is quite possible that you will be lucky and you will receive a sample of increased quality, since engineers and designers nevertheless took certain steps after the release of the first batch. And all-Let's not hope for luck. If you shake your smartphone, then most likely you will feel a slight backlash. Probably, it is the battery of the device that is shaking inside the device. The smartphone does not cover it tightly enough. This means that after a significant period of use, you will have to contact a service center to replace the battery. Or buy another device. I was pleased that the crunch is not heard during compression.

Dimensions and dimensions

As mentioned earlier, when designing this device, the specialists relied on a compromise. And this decision was made and implemented more successfully than ever. The device reaches a height of 138, a width of 69, and a thickness of 10.4 millimeters. Such indicators make it possible to feel all the benefits of handling a smartphone. In the hand, it lies surprisingly neat and comfortable. If you try to translate this into disadvantages, then it can be noted that the increase in battery volume has affected the thickness and weight of the devices.

Location of elements. Front panel

From the front side, you can find a speech speaker, which is located at the very top. For additional protection, the planners and designers decided to cover it with a mesh made of metallic materials and masked with dark paint. Well, since we are talking about the dynamics, we note a good margin of volume. Almost all medium and low frequencies are perfectly audible, and it will not be difficult to make out the speech of the interlocutor even in a noisy environment from both ends of the wire at once. Of the shortcomings - sharp edges. At times keepthe device right close to the ear is not particularly pleasant, and even a little painful. If you talk a lot on the phone, then we advise you to pay some attention to this moment. Such a shortcoming can bring a whole mountain of inconvenience.

To the right of the speaker, you can find a light level sensor. On the opposite side is the proximity sensor. There is also a front camera eye. We go below, under the frame of the screen. Here are the touch controls that are typical for devices running on the basis of the Android operating system. There is a white backlight, which cannot but please.

Left and right faces

On the left side, the user can find a switch that was added specifically to select between normal and power saving modes. On the opposite side there are buttons designed to change the overall volume level. They are made from metallic materials. To distinguish between these elements is quite simple, you can also feel for it without much difficulty. They are pressed at the standard load level, so there should be no problems with reversal either.

Top and bottom ends

The last one has a speaking microphone. Of the elements, that's all. But on the upper end we have a whole set of tools, if you can call them that. We are talking about the input of the MicroUSB standard, the audio output of 3.5 millimeters, as well as the power control button. By the way, on the reverse side of the phone you can see a camera, the module of which is literally recessed into the plane of the cover. Right herethere is also an LED flash with a high volume sound speaker.

Under cover

If we remove the back panel, we can find the slots. They are designed to integrate an external MicroSD drive, as well as embed two SIM cards.

Reviews. Advantages and disadvantages

What can users who have purchased this smartphone model tell us? As pluses, they usually highlight a fairly high-quality screen matrix, for example. This is usually referred to as its resolution. The processor also showed good performance during the tests, which copes well with multitasking. Reviews note good, you can even say high-quality materials from which the device case is made. Of course, the highlight of the device was a capacious battery, which makes it possible to spend more time on the Internet, for example. The speaker has a good volume margin, and the interlocutor's speech is legible. Well, one cannot fail to mention the presence of two slots for SIM cards.

Of the shortcomings, the reviews highlight the grid on the display. In later models, this minus may be absent due to the timely intervention of engineers. This also includes the backlash inside the device. This is a problem with the same battery, which could not be firmly fixed. Well, the dimensions complete the composition. This is rather a relative disadvantage, because not everyone may see it as an obvious disadvantage. In general, the device turned out to be quite neat, tasteful. The "stuffing" cannot boast of anything special, butstill delivers above average performance.

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