Smartphone Philips Xenium W6610: reviews. Overview and specifications Philips Xenium W6610

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Smartphone Philips Xenium W6610: reviews. Overview and specifications Philips Xenium W6610
Smartphone Philips Xenium W6610: reviews. Overview and specifications Philips Xenium W6610

Among the most notable trends in the smartphone industry are an increase in the number of processor cores and memory capacity, an increase in the level of display technology and chipsets responsible for the video subsystem. In short, brands are trying to find their customers by giving their devices the highest possible level of performance.

Philips Xenium W6610 reviews

At the same time, as experts say, many companies pay insufficient attention to such an aspect as the autonomy of devices, believing that gadget owners will always have the opportunity to recharge the battery. Philips is noted by many experts as a brand that considers this state of affairs to be wrong. Therefore, the Dutch are paying increased attention to such an area of ​​work as increasing the battery life of devices.

Very many smartphones released by this brand, according to experts, can be considered samples, where the optimal combination of performance and battery life is implemented. Among these gadgets is the Philips Xenium W6610 phone. The characteristics of the device, experts believe, make this solution oneone of the most competitive on the market, if we take into account the ratio of price, functionality and speed in comparison with analogues.

Philips Xenium W6610 review

"Iron", which the device is equipped with, fully corresponds to the "global" trend: it is a processor with four cores, a 5-inch high-tech display, a powerful video subsystem. At the same time, the phone also has a battery with a capacity exceeding 5,000 mAh. Moreover, despite the fact that the body of the phone, due to the large dimensions of the battery, is somewhat larger than that of competing models, visually the gadget does not seem massive at all. How do experts evaluate the quality of a smartphone? What do users say who left reviews after testing the capabilities of the Philips Xenium W6610?

What's included?

In the factory box, the owner of the phone will find the device itself, a battery, a USB cable, a power adapter, very simple headphones, a protective film for the display, and a user manual. Additional accessories, such as, for example, a case (as noted by users who left reviews after studying the Philips Xenium W6610) can always be bought at any communication store. "Factory" headphones, which many experts and users call too simple and not very high quality (although quite functional), can also be easily "upgraded".


An original design solution was applied to the front side of the case in the form of an unusual looking (against the background of other gadgets)line Xenium) smooth, black edging in the area of ​​the voice speaker. This element, in turn, contrasts somewhat with the rear panel, which is made of a material that does not have such a pronounced surface smoothness. And it looks, according to many experts, very impressive. Used in the design of the phone and metal elements (in particular, this is a plate that covers the connectors). The corners of the phone are elegantly rounded. The design features of the case allow the owners of the device to use a variety of additional accessories. Good for Philips Xenium W6610 book case.

Philips Xenium W6610 Navy

We have already said above that the smartphone has impressive dimensions (here are the numbers: 145, 4 x 74, 1 x 11, 4 mm), however, as experts admit, the device sits so comfortably in the hand that the size case, far exceeding the performance of most similar models, does not seem excessive at all. There are, of course, opinions in the expert community that contrast with this point of view. In particular, many note that the phone is not quite suitable in terms of design for ladies, especially at a young age (when refinement and miniature in all details of the image, including mobile devices, are held in high esteem). However, their opponents believe that the problem is easily solved by equipping the gadget with additional accessories. For example, if you buy a stylish case for Philips Xenium W6610, as well as complement the device with a more sophisticated headset compared to the one that comes in the standard package- any modern lady will be happy with such a combination.

Some believe that the gadget does not seem so massive due to the simplicity of the design. There are no extra lines or buttons. Many experts and users consider the selection of the color range of the case to be successful - its parts are made of plastic and metal components in dark and blue shades (in the manufacturer's catalogs, a smartphone with this range is referred to as Philips Xenium W6610 Navy). There are, of course, names on the market that sound a little different. For example, like this: Philips Xenium W6610 Navy Blue, that is, it directly states that we are talking about blue elements.

Experts note the high build quality of the case. There are no gaps or gaps. It's convenient that the phone is, in fact, monolithic: removable elements can be considered, except for some plugs for the connectors, as well as the back plate. A large number of users who left, having studied the Philips Xenium W6610 smartphone, reviews, admit that they largely chose the gadget for the excellent quality of the case materials.

The screen of the device is covered with a protective layer of oleophobic glass, almost impervious to fingerprints. The sensitivity of the display is noted by experts as good. Just above the screen is a voice speaker. To the left of it is an additional camera, to the right are sensors standard for smartphones of this type (motion and light). Next to it is a small indicator light that signals missed SMS and calls, as well as a low battery (in this case, it lights up red). Below the screen are the standard "Menu" buttons,"Return" and "Home". There is a backlight, which, according to experts, perfectly matches the style of the device and the color scheme in which the Philips Xenium W6610 "Navy" smartphone is made.

At the bottom end of the case there is a hole for a microphone, as well as a microUSB slot, closed with a small plug. Above is the audio jack. Having removed the back plate, the user will see various slots: for a SIM card, as well as for flash memory (microSD format).

On the left side of the case is a button that controls the sound level. On the right is the power button for the device. Just above it is a button that activates the low power consumption mode. Experts note that each of the keys is located on the body of the gadget very thoughtfully, many praise Philips engineers for the work done (to equip the device with a comfortable control system). Behind the body is the main camera, equipped with a flash, as well as a speaker. Next to it is a small tubercle built into the body. It allows you to keep the speaker open when the smartphone is placed face up on a hard surface.

Philips Xenium W6610 Navy Blue

Users who decided to leave, having studied the Philips Xenium W6610, reviews of their purchase, in general, agree with the opinion of experts about the stylish design of the device, the convenience of the location of the controls and the high quality of the body assembly. In the device, according to experts and owners who have studied its appearance, all components are selected in a balanced way - both in terms ofdesign as well as functionality.


Smartphone display diagonal - 5 inches. The actual size of the screen is 62 by 110 mm. Experts call these parameters typical for gadgets of this class. For many users, the 5-inch display seemed large at all. The screen is surrounded on all sides by elegant frames. The display surface is coated with anti-reflective material, which ensures comfortable viewing from any angle.

The screen resolution is relatively low (540 by 960 pixels), but the color depth (220 dpi) gives the image a minimal graininess, almost imperceptible visually. Some experts, as well as users, have found that the smartphone display responds well to touch when wearing gloves.

The display is equipped with a high-tech IPS-matrix. The picture is visible, as experts say, from almost any viewing angle very well (and the anti-reflective coating contributes to this in many respects - we have already mentioned this above). The screen supports the "multi-touch" function (up to five touches). The sensitivity of the "touchscreen" is characterized by experts as excellent (including the "gloved" mode). Users who left feedback on the fact of using the Philips Xenium W6610, in general, agree with the opinion of experts about the quality of the display.


The smartphone is equipped with a non-removable battery of very large (for devices of its class) capacity - 5.3 thousand mAh. According to the official documentation from the manufacturer, the battery life of the phone in standby mode canreach 1.6 thousand hours, with active use and conversations - about 33.

Tests conducted by experts have shown that the battery lasts for about 40 hours with an average intensity of using a smartphone. This may include, for example, about 120 minutes of calls, as well as about 7-8 hours of Internet use. If you use your smartphone only for continuous listening to music, the battery will last for about 65 hours. If you play only videos at maximum display brightness settings and high sound volume, the device will be able to work autonomously for about 10 hours.

Philips Xenium W6610 price

Some experts testing the smartphone in video playback mode managed to reach the figure of 14 hours. When running modern 3D games, the battery lasts approximately 240 minutes. The battery does not charge very quickly, but not too long either - 3-4 hours from the outlet, about 10 - via the USB cable. The battery is recognized by most experts as the most competitive part of the phone.

Very many users who left, after studying the phone Philips Xenium W6610, reviews, managed to achieve higher indicators of battery power than those we have given above. Many, in particular, were able to play videos for more than 70 hours straight. Others managed to use the Internet for the same 7-8 hours over 3-4 days. Those owners of the gadget who made a lot of voice calls note that with an average intensity of use of the device, the battery resources are enough for three to fourday. For many smartphone users, the battery charging speed, by the way, seems to be quite optimal.

According to experts, the actual battery life of the device depends, firstly, on the level of battery calibration, and secondly, on the number of simultaneously running applications. For users, these parameters can vary greatly.

Some experts find it not entirely convenient that the phone's battery cannot be replaced. But, according to their opponents, the typical battery life of this type is 3-4 years. It is highly likely that during this time the owner of the phone will have time to update his "mobile" arsenal more than once.


Smartphone Philips Xenium W6610 can work in 2G and 3G networks. Interestingly, both SIM-cards can simultaneously work in 3G mode (very many smartphones do not provide such an opportunity). There is a Bluetooth module in the 4th version. Wi-Fi is supported (including in router or modem mode). There is a GPS function.

The quality of the satellite navigation module caused conflicting assessments in the user and expert environment. A lot of specialists and owners of the gadget failed, in particular, to "catch a satellite" without an Internet connection. However, according to some experts, this state of affairs is far from typical for this gadget. Many devices of other brands cannot work with GPS in the same way, simply due to the fact that it is technologically possible to place a navigation module that can fully replace a separate device,in a smartphone is very difficult. If this is done, the dimensions of the gadget will change. In addition, energy efficiency will be greatly reduced. Therefore, experts believe that the fact that the Xenium W6610 GPS-module can fully work only in combination with the Internet does not in any way indicate the technological backwardness of the gadget from its competitors. This is rather the norm for devices of this class.

Memory resources

The phone is equipped with a 1 GB RAM module, actually about 650 are available. The built-in flash memory is 4 GB, the user can use about 2.7. Most of the experts who decided to compile a review after researching the capabilities of the Philips Xenium W6610 believe that the memory resources provided by the manufacturer in the device are generally sufficient to solve basic user tasks.


The main camera has a resolution of 8 megapixels, the secondary one - 2. The first one is also equipped with a single-section LED flash. The smartphone can record videos in FullHD format, the speed is 15 frames / sec. when using the main camera, 18 - when using the additional one. The video file is recorded in 3GP format, the audio codec bitrate is 128 Kbps, the sound is single-channel, 48 kHz. Experts note the high quality of photos taken by the main camera, acceptable - when using an additional one. The pictures, according to experts, are sufficiently clear and saturated in terms of color.

Some experts refer to the disadvantages of the camera the fact that the recording speed of video framesrelatively low. This remark, in general, is true: many similar solutions from other brands can record videos at 30 frames / sec. However, as Philips Xenium W6610 "lawyers" say, the camera characteristics of a smartphone of this type are not the most important parameter in terms of the device's competitiveness.


The smartphone is equipped with the MT6582 chipset, the most popular, according to experts, among budget-class models. The device is powered by a 1.3GHz quad-core Cortex A7 processor in 28nm technology.

Case for Philips Xenium W6610

The graphics subsystem of the phone is controlled by a 400 MP2 chip (400 MHz). Expert tests have shown that these components provide the device with a high level of performance. No problems running applications and most modern games.


The smartphone is equipped with Android OS version 4.2.2. The firmware installed on the Philips Xenium W6610 is not equipped with a proprietary software shell from the brand. However, this fact is not at all seen as a minus for experts and users who left reviews after studying their Philips Xenium W6610 smartphone. There are opinions that this is even good: it is possible to adjust the phone's options to the individual characteristics of the device.

Smartphone Philips Xenium W6610 reviews

Among useful pre-installed applications is a media player, as well as an interface for playing radio broadcasts. Another example of useful software,pre-installed in a smartphone, you can call a program for optimizing the mode of energy consumption. In it, you can, in particular, set the exact time to turn off the screen and change its brightness. Using the same program, the user can adjust the operation of various wireless modules.

Any additional types of software the owner of the device can download on the Internet. Moreover, not only in the standard Google Play store for Android devices, but also in the Xenium Club corporate catalog from Philips.

Expert CVs

Specialists who tested the Philips Xenium W6610 smartphone believe that at a fairly affordable price (about 9 thousand rubles), the device has a quite comfortable level of functionality and performance. Of course, the main competitive advantage of the phone is called a powerful battery. At the same time, as experts note, it is installed in such a way that the smartphone does not look bulky at all. This effect is achieved thanks to a very successful color scheme implemented in the Philips Xenium W6610 Navy.

Among other unambiguous advantages of the device, highlighted by experts, is a solid, well-assembled case, as well as support for simultaneous operation of two SIM-cards in 3G mode. The disadvantages noted by some experts are the relatively low video recording speed, the low resolution of the screen matrix. Although, as many experts believe, who decided to make a review of the Philips Xenium W6610 after research, the characteristics of the smartphone's display are in no way inferior to those used by competing solutions. Actually,further we will talk about them.

Competing models

Among the most obvious competitive solutions, experts name some Fly phones: IQ4403, IQ4501, HOHPhone W33, and Lenovo P780. All of them have similar characteristics to the device from Philips, necessarily - a capacious (from 4 thousand mAh) battery. The named competitors Philips Xenium W6610 have the same price as the Dutch device - 8-9 thousand rubles. Specific figures depend on dealers. Some experts also call the Russian smartphone Highscreen Boost 2 a relative competitor of the phone. It costs a little more (usually the price starts at 10 thousand rubles). The mode of "direct competition" Highscreen Boost 2 with a Philips phone is activated when an additional battery with a capacity of 6 thousand mAh is connected. (main battery life is half as long).

The Philips Xenium W6610 mobile phone, according to experts, stands out from other models, first of all, by a balanced selection of technologies, which ensures functionality, performance and long battery life.

What users are saying

Smartphone users, like many experts, praise the device mainly for its capacious battery, stylish design, good camera image quality, functionality and performance. A positive response among the owners of the gadget finds the stability of the wireless communication modules, the simultaneous operation of two SIM-cards in 3G mode. Many users are impressed by the ability to flexibly configure power consumption - both with the help ofa special button on the body, and through pre-installed software solutions. The owners of the gadget praise the brand manufacturer for the original color scheme of the Philips Xenium W6610 case - Navy Blue, that is.

The owners of the device praise the smartphone for the high build quality of the case, note the resistance of materials to scratching. The screen, as noted by users (as well as experts - we mentioned this above), is resistant to fingerprints. A lot of gadget owners note the stability of the device. The Philips Xenium W6610 phone does not freeze during use, applications start and close correctly. There is no problem with multiple programs running at the same time. Like many experts, smartphone users note the high performance of the device when running games.

Of course, many owners of the Philips Xenium W6610 were pleasantly surprised by the price of the device, combined with the functionality and performance of the gadget. According to users, phone accessories can also be considered not very expensive. For example, there is no problem to find a good and stylish case for Philips Xenium W6610 at an attractive price.

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