Samsung Galaxy Tab 5 tablet: specifications, reviews and photos


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Samsung Galaxy Tab 5 tablet: specifications, reviews and photos
Samsung Galaxy Tab 5 tablet: specifications, reviews and photos

In the world of modern technology, it is very difficult to keep up with the times. Every year, the number of innovations in the field of gadgets is increasing. Today, the international market for smartphones and tablets provides a wide range of choices in different price categories.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 5 features

Typically, Samsung tablets cannot be called budget. Not in this case: in the gadget, price and quality are optimally correlated.

samsung galaxy tab 5 specs

Special characteristics of the device are important for each person: a good camera, high-speed Internet, high-quality mobile communications or games.

If you combine all these qualities - you get a new Samsung Galaxy Tab 5 64 gb. The characteristics of this device will suit any user.

External characteristics

The body of the tablet is glossy black, with a special dirt-resistant coating. There is also a white version - Samsung Galaxy Tab 5 n9000. Each of the colors is beautiful and elegant in its own way.

The tablet is lightweight, weighing only 400g withdimensions 240x147x10 mm. The device is very thin and fits comfortably in the hand.

samsung galaxy tab 5 feature

From the front side there is a touch screen and two panels: top and bottom. The top panel houses the proximity sensor, front camera and speaker.

On the bottom - the main button "Menu" and two additional: "Windows" and "Back". On the right side there is a volume rocker and a lock button. Above - several connectors in a row: mini USB, jacks for microphone, headphones, charger and HDMI.

On the back of the tablet there are special mounts for the case and the main camera. The model number of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 5 and specifications are written on the cover. The tablet fits comfortably in the hand and leaves a pleasant impression after reading.

"Stuffing" Samsung Galaxy Tab 5

The tablet supports all types of video and audio files. There is a function of GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi. In addition, Samsung Galaxy Tab 5 supports micro-SIM cards. This means that the tablet can be used as a mobile phone. Support for two SIM-cards at once turns the gadget into a good replacement for a mobile one. You can simultaneously browse the Internet and talk on the mobile network. This is very useful: all functions are placed in one Samsung Galaxy Tab 5 device. Data reception characteristics from mobile operators speak for themselves: no worse than in conventional smartphones.

samsung galaxy tab 5 with keyboard

Internal memory is 512 MB. The quad-core processor allowswatch high-quality videos and run complex programs. In addition, this device handles the latest games well, such as Asph alt.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 5 software is smart and functional. Of the necessary applications, none was forgotten by the developers. Calculator, calendar, alarm clock, notes, stopwatch, currency converter and other organizers are already installed on the tablet. Thanks to this, there are no difficulties, the constant need to download applications from the Market.

Google Play Service is also installed on the device, which is unusual for a Korean build. Other app stores can be installed if desired.


The tablet boasts two medium cameras. For a budget device, they are quite good.

samsung galaxy tab 5 64 gb specs

The external camera takes pictures with a resolution of 1.9 megapixels. There is an autofocus function. This is very convenient for shooting documents and macro photos. In addition to the standard mode, you can adjust the white balance, as well as photos at night, in snowfall, cloudy and sunny weather. The sport mode is especially useful when shooting moving subjects. In addition to the standard "Camera" application, the tablet has several nice "bonuses" - pre-installed photo editors to improve pictures, as well as a smile and palm recognition mode.

The front camera has a resolution of 1.3 megapixels. This quality will be more than enough for Skype conversations. Selfie photos from the front camera of the tablet are obtainedcrisp and bright.


The tablet is equipped with a screen with a resolution of 10 inches (800x480 pixels). This size is optimal for photos and movies. Color reproduction is one of the highest among Samsung tablets - 16.7 million colors. The tablet screen supports up to 5 simultaneous touches - no worse than new flagship smartphones. The capacitive multi-touch sensor is ideal for gaming and 3D applications. The screen accepts both finger touches and a special stylus.

samsung galaxy tab 5 specifications tablet


Like many devices from Samsung, this gadget can be called energy-intensive. This is one of the positive aspects of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 5. The 7000 mAh battery is just what you need for uninterrupted Internet surfing, conversations and games. Also, the tablet can be used as an e-book, which means the screen is always on. Compared to other devices in this line, the gadget can withstand up to 7-8 hours in the active state. If you set the brightness and other settings to a minimum, leaving only calls and SMS, the device will “stretch” up to 5 days.

The developers provided this option, so there is a special function of maximum savings. This saves the user from manually adjusting the settings.


Successful packaging is one of the positive qualities of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 5 tablet. With a keyboard that works remotely, it is convenient for the user to type texts of any size and complexity. This keyboard is indistinguishable from a regular computer keyboard.This feature makes the Samsung Galaxy tab 5 indispensable for those who need to work with a PC away from the office or home.

Another nice bonus from the company is a case into which the tablet and keyboard are inserted so that the gadget looks like a laptop. This is convenient for correspondence and typing in Word. The cover is made of leather and is available in different colors.

In addition to the keyboard, Samsung provides a stylus - a branded S Pen. It can be used to handwrite data on a tablet and draw in graphics programs.

Headphones from Samsung are a special "plus" of buying a Samsung Galaxy Tab 5. The characteristics of the headphones are the most positive: the sound quality reaches maximum heights. The package also includes a USB cable - micro USB, with which you can connect the gadget to a computer. It is also suitable for charging the device from an ordinary outlet.

There are various accessories that allow you to change the appearance of the gadget - various covers and panels.

samsung galaxy tab 5 n9000


Samsung Galaxy Tab 5 is a fast and functional Korean-made tablet. With the right allocation of device memory, it can be very useful in typing and making mobile phone calls. The screen with a diagonal of 10 inches is a definite plus of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 5. The characteristics of this model allow you to perform a wide variety of actions. The tablet is great for watching movies and photos. Affordable software, the motto "always at hand" is whatevery user will notice in the device. Powerful GPS-navigator and Wi-Fi allow you to stay connected from anywhere in the world. Two cameras of average quality are not the advantage of the gadget, but they are suitable for photos of documents and selfies. This "miracle of technology" has a quad-core processor, which is important for gamers. An additional keyboard, stylus and other accessories make the tablet's shortcomings invisible. For its price, thanks to which this device can be classified as a "budget" device, the Galaxy Tab 5 is quite good. Despite the price and some shortcomings, compared to competitors, this gadget ranks first in the quality / cost ratio.

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