Razer Kraken Headphones: review and reviews. Razer - headphones with microphone


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Razer Kraken Headphones: review and reviews. Razer - headphones with microphone
Razer Kraken Headphones: review and reviews. Razer - headphones with microphone

In recent years, the modern market for high-tech peripheral devices has been conquered by the products of the American company Razer. Headphones of this brand are competitive even among the products of the world's leading companies such as Sven, Beats Electronics, etc. Razer, headquartered in California, cooperates with professional musicians and gamers. The goal is to produce peripherals that are close in function and design to engineering excellence.

Kraken Forged

These are very comfortable and easy to adjust gaming headphones. The bowls are made of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy with a matte smooth finish. This makes the Razer Kraken Forged headphones lighter and stronger. It is worth noting that all parts, whether they are leather or aluminum, are assembled by hand.The device comes with two cables, with and without a microphone, as well as a branded hard case. The Razer Kraken Forged headphones are perfect for both music and video games. The speakers are individually tuned and have a diagonal of 40 millimeters. According to the developers, the audio device is capable of transmitting even studio-quality sound. To do this, the speakers are builtneodymium magnets.

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Ear cushion diameter is 50mm. The supported frequency is from 20 to 20.000 Hz. The maximum sensitivity is 100 dB. Input power - 30 mW. The weight of the device is 390 g. The length of the cable is 1.6 m. The microphone operates at frequencies from 50 to 10,000 Hz. Sensitivity varies from 35 to 41 dB. The ratio of noise and signal is 60 dB. The input diagram is omnidirectional.

Kraken E-Panda Hooligan

Eric Hernandez himself made these headphones. As the drummer for Bruno Mars, he has become one of the world's top drummers, having worked with stars such as Rihanna, Sting, Kim Hill, Keri Hilson, Kanye West and more throughout his career. Today, he also has Razer headphones to his credit. Their price is about 6,000 rubles. However, it will be difficult to buy them, as the circulation is limited.Kraken E-Panda Hooligan are not only durable, but also comfortable. The design of the audio device embodies the convenience of listening and the sound quality of music. The playback power is achieved thanks to 40 mm neodymium drivers. Nested magnets guarantee clear sound in all ranges and deep bass. In addition, Razer is a headphone with a versatile folding design.

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The inner ear pad is 50mm in diameter. The device is capable of reproducing sounds up to 20.000 Hz with a sensitivity of about 110 dB. Input power - 50 mW. The weight of the kit is 280 g. The length of the cable is 3.3 m.

Barracuda HP-1

These are realRazer gaming headphones, which are integrated with 8 autonomous drivers at once. Each of them provides positional fidelity. It is in this format that the most rated games of recent years receive releases. Package includes:

  • Razer - headphones with microphone;
  • cable;
  • adapter.

The audio device has a noise canceling function. It is worth noting separately the microphone, which was created specifically for continuous communication during the game. The Barracuda HP-1 headphones have an integrated 5.1 channel surround sound playback mode. This function is indispensable for PC games.

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Separate subwoofers and tweeters for each ear. Sound clarity is determined by the built-in amplifier, which allows you to listen to music at maximum volume without interference.Supported frequency - from 50 to 20.000 Hz. The rated power is 330 mW. The package includes a 3 meter cable. The microphone supports frequencies up to 16.000 Hz and sensitivity up to 60 dB.


This is one of Razer's most successful products. Headphones with a microphone of the Carcharias series today can only be found in the brand's branded stores. The device achieved success thanks to realistic sound and additional noise filtering.The pluses of the headphones include a comfortable shape of the bowls, soft velvet ear cushions and an easily adjustable headband. According to numerous user reviews, the universal design of the headband is not only idealsits down, but also differs in durability. Excellent sound is achieved thanks to the depth and purity of bass and mids. Responsible for playback are 40mm neodymium drivers. The microphone is easily adjustable and has additional noise filters.

razer headphones with microphone

Reproducible frequency range varies from 20 to 20.000 Hz with a sensitivity of 102 dB. As for the power consumption, it is 200 mW. The weight of such a device will be approximately 220 g. The cable is 3 m. The microphone operates at frequencies up to 16.000 Hz, and its sensitivity is 40 dB. Noise reduction level - 50 dB.

Razer Electra

These headphones are designed for phones and players. To connect to a computer or laptop, you will need a special adapter. The Razer Electra headphones are perfect for bass reproduction. This applies to powerful basses as well as heavy rhythms. As a result, the sound comes out balanced and clear. Easily adjustable speakers are ideal for listening to music and video games.In addition, the Razer Electra headphones have amazing sound isolation. The ear cushions are made of artificial leather and fit snugly with the pads to the ears. One of the distinguishing advantages of the model is good ventilation. Ears do not sweat even when worn for a long time. The device also has a flexible headband and comfortable design.

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The speakers come with an aluminum copper-plated voice coil. Thanks to this, the headphones are capable of reproducing a stream up to 16,000 Hz. Ratedsensitivity - 105 dB. The input power is 50 mW. Perhaps the only drawback of the model is a short cable 1.3 m long. The microphone operates within frequencies from 100 to 10,000 Hz. At the same time, noise suppression varies around 58 dB. The entry diagram is omnidirectional. Sensitivity - up to 48 dB.

Adaro Wireless

The Razer AW Wireless Headphones communicate with the playback source using aptX Bluetooth 4.0 technology. This allows you to get rid of extra cables. The connection with the sound source occurs at ultra-low power consumption, so the charge of the device is enough for 20 hours of continuous operation.The speakers have a diagonal of 40 mm and neodymium magnets. They are optimized for any kind of functionality. It is also worth noting the depth and fullness of the sound. The shape of the headphones is comfortable, light, quickly adjustable. Due to the robust design, the device passed all ergonomic tests with ease. According to user reviews, Adaro Wireless is also captivating with its non-standard design.

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Frequency specifications - 20 to 20.000 Hz. Supported sensitivity - up to 94 dB. The input power varies up to 50 mW. Includes playlist and volume control. The weight of the device is 200 g. Charging time varies from 3 to 4 hours. The maximum communication range is 10 m.

Razer Chimaera

One of Razer's most sought after wireless headphones. The device is able to provide communication not only with computers, but also with game consoles.The interaction is carried out at a frequency of 2.4 GHz. One of the advantages is the battery docking station, which also has the possibility of mains power. A full charge of the device is enough for 12 hours of uninterrupted work.Razer Chimaera headphones allow you to achieve full dynamic sound. This effect is possible thanks to the built-in 50 mm neodymium drivers. Due to this, the sound is detailed to a professional level. Extra depth is provided by ear cushions that fit snugly to the ears. It is worth noting the comfortable design of the headband. As for the volume and microphone control buttons, they are located on the headphones themselves.

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The device interacts with the docking station at a distance of up to 10 m. The playback frequency limits are from 20 to 20.000 Hz. In this case, the sensitivity reaches 105 dB. Users note the low charging time, which is only 3 hours. The weight of the audio device is 370 g. The microphone accepts frequencies up to 10,000 Hz and can handle noise up to 55 dB.

Razer Hammerhead

These are the brand's most popular in-ear headphones. The Razer Hammerhead delivers the ultimate in portable sound. Made from aircraft-grade aluminum, the headset is lightweight and durable.

The Razer Hammerhead headphones offer amazing passive noise isolation. The effect is achieved thanks to three special nozzles at once. The earbuds follow the shape of the ears, due to which the noise level of external sources is noticeably reduced. Internal acoustic chambers allowenhance the frequency resonance. Therefore, powerful bass is reproduced without loss of quality.Supported frequency band - up to 20.000 Hz. The input power of the device is 1 mW. The optimal sensitivity is 109 dB. The weight of the in-ear headphones is 12.5g with a cable length of 1.3m.

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