How to make money on cryptocurrency without investments: an overview of ways and effective recommendations

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How to make money on cryptocurrency without investments: an overview of ways and effective recommendations
How to make money on cryptocurrency without investments: an overview of ways and effective recommendations

Surely every Internet user has heard about cryptocurrency at least once, as well as how many people have made a fortune selling it. In order to make a solid profit by mining the coveted digital coins, you need to have funds that will be invested in creating a so-called farm. This pleasure costs a lot of money, since, for example, buying one GTX 1060 TI video card will take 20-25 thousand rubles from your budget. And such video adapters need at least 4-5 pieces.

This begs the logical question: "How to earn cryptocurrency without investment?" Looking ahead, I would like to say that there are several ways to become the owner of a digital currency and at the same time not invest personal money in mining. You can find out about everything by reading the article to the end.

How to earn cryptocurrency on the Internet without investments: ways

how to make money with cryptocurrencies without investment

Most of the promoted resources offer to earn a lot of money in a very short time. But as practice shows, such statements are made only in advertisingpurposes. It will not work to get a huge income from mining, in which you did not invest large amounts, and also did not spend on assembling a “farm”, especially in the first months. However, you can still earn, albeit not exorbitant money. To date, there are several popular and reliable ways to earn cryptocurrency without investments:

  • faucet sites;
  • cloud mining;
  • reinvestment;
  • online games;
  • "tip";
  • bounty companies (ICO);
  • affiliate programs;
  • airdrops.

Cloud mining

When you are engaged in cloud mining, you rent a certain part of the capacities of an industrial “farm”. The principle of this type of earnings is quite simple: you connect to a certain pool, which already has many participants, and collect blockchains together, thereby speeding up the process of cryptocurrency mining. How much power you own directly affects how much you earn.

how to earn cryptocurrency without investment

Despite the fact that absolutely all resources that provide the possibility of cloud mining sell their own power, you can find loopholes and earn some money. Some servers offer a bonus in the form of real currency upon registration, which cannot be withdrawn. However, money can be invested in the acquisition of capacity.

But no matter how hard you try, you won't be able to earn much on bonuses alone. Experienced miners register on several resources at once, where they use many pools. Earned fundsthey reinvest in the purchase of new capacities. This process may seem rather time-consuming, but in practice it is not. The mining process, as well as the withdrawal of earned funds to a bitcoin wallet, is automated. You only need to set the necessary parameters, select a pool and enter the wallet address.

Bitcoin faucets

how to earn cryptocurrency without investments the whole truth

One of the most common ways to earn bitcoin cryptocurrency without investment is to regularly visit the so-called bitcoin faucets. These are sites that exist by placing ads on the main page. To attract more users, the total number of which determines the cost of advertising, site owners use three cryptocurrency distribution systems:

  • Distribution of Satoshi for clicking on advertising links, watching videos or entering captchas.
  • Automatic cloud mining.
  • Free distribution of Satoshi (once per set period of time).

To make your daily income significant, you need to register on several resources at once, which offer the most favorable conditions and are also reliable in terms of payments.

Online games

Games that involve earning digital currency are practically no different from other game projects that offer their users a reward in the form of cryptocurrency for certain achievements, such as reaching a new level. But in order to earn decent money, you will need to actively attract referrals.or spend an enormous amount of time in the virtual world. This method is perfect for those who really love to play or have their own gaming portal where you can place a referral banner, attracting new players who will be the basis of your passive income.


One of the ways to make money on cryptocurrency without investment is to cooperate with various ICOs, the main task of which is to popularize and promote your brand. In order to receive a reward in the form of tokens, you will need to perform certain actions that will be specified in the task created by the same ICO.

how to earn bitcoin cryptocurrency without investment

ICO is a project that sells tokens for fiat money (euro, dollars) or cryptocurrency. The abbreviation stands for Initial Coin Offering. Such projects are constantly looking for sponsors who will contribute to the rapid development of the service by investing real money in it, and in return receiving tokens. But who wants to invest in a "dark horse" about which nothing is known? That is why the ICO is ready to share a certain part of the internal currency (tokens) with active people, giving them up to 2% of the issued coins. The attractiveness of statistics that potential investors pay attention to depends on the number of attracted active users.

Interesting fact

An excellent example of a successful ICO is the Bacor service, which in June of this year was able to earn for a couplehours 397 thousand ETH, or 116 million dollars! At the same time, many people who completed the tasks received up to $1,000 rewards for several reposts.

Surely many will be surprised and ask: since there is a similar way of how to make money on cryptocurrency without investments, why then do millions of people collect expensive "farms"? Everything is explained quite simply. It is impossible to predict how successful cooperation with this or that ICO will be. You can repost for months and complete other types of tasks, and then one day find out that the project is closing, because it could not raise enough money for further existence. In this case, the tokens you earn will turn out to be just useless coins stuck in the Global Web.

Affiliate programs

If you are looking for the most reliable way to make money on cryptocurrency without investments, the affiliate program will help you! Using referral links and attracting new customers to a particular resource, you can achieve a good result in passive earnings of digital currency.

cryptocurrency how to earn without investments reviews

To do this, you need to find a suitable service on the Internet that offers optimal conditions for cooperation. Payments for attracting new users can be one-time or permanent (percentage of the referral's activity). Upon registration, a unique referral link will be available to you, which you can place, for example, on your own Internet resource or on a page on a social network. As soon as someonethen register by clicking on your link, you will have a personal referral, whose activity will be reflected on your balance. To increase the number of referrals, post a link on various forums, thematic sites, etc.


Where to earn cryptocurrency without investments, many Europeans know for sure. The following method is practically not used in the territory of the post-Soviet space, since domestic social networks do not implement it, and only those citizens who speak English can participate in foreign projects. The principle of operation is that users who are members of certain groups with a large number of subscribers can encourage other active participants who, for example, help with good advice. As a rule, the amount of transferred Satoshi does not exceed one dollar. But people who use this method and know how to make money on cryptocurrency without investments claim that with the right approach, you can have a good monthly income.

how to earn cryptocurrencies online without investment


Airdrops work in the same way as ICOs. It is very beneficial for the creators of tokens that the interest of Internet users constantly grows in their resource, because the more hype, the higher the value of the cryptocurrency that is created directly on the site. Developers regularly give away coins, which, in fact, are worth nothing, attracting new visitors to the site, and over time receive a significant increase in the value of tokens.

Cryptocurrency distribution principlecan be completely different, it all depends on the imagination of the organizers. Let's look at some options on how to get your airdrop:

  • coins are awarded for registering a new profile;
  • tokens are credited to you after registering a referral;
  • coins are distributed to all users who are holders of another cryptocurrency and have a profile on the airdrop site;
  • tokens are credited to the account of all those who already have the cryptocurrency created by this airdrop in their wallet;
  • coins are awarded for completing a task.

We would not advise wasting your time on an airdrop, since the whole truth of how to earn cryptocurrency without investments in this way is still unknown. Many users complain that there are often problems with the withdrawal of funds. The organizers deliberately complicate the process by requiring additional actions (for example, replenish the profile balance).


where to earn cryptocurrency without investment

This option cannot be considered an absolutely independent way of earning free cryptocurrency. However, in order to achieve significant results in mining, you will have to engage in reinvestment. If you heard somewhere that even a beginner who has absolutely no idea about cryptocurrency is able to earn 1 bitcoin per day without attracting large investments and a huge number of referrals, you should know that they are trying to deceive you.

In order to reach a decent level of monthly income, you need:

  • Long and painstakingwork on several resources at once.
  • Properly distribute the funds received, reinvesting them in new capacities, creating conditions under which money will make money.
  • Constantly monitor the bitcoin rate, and also know how to make money on the cryptocurrency exchange without investments (playing on the exchange rate difference).
  • Learn to create your own earning strategy, be able to analyze the cryptocurrency market and make investments that will generate income in the future.

Knowing how to earn cryptocurrency on the Internet without investments, as well as knowing how to properly manage the funds received, you can reach a fairly high level. Experienced miners, having started their journey from scratch, today have an income of 80 thousand rubles and more.

How to earn cryptocurrency without investments: reviews

After studying the reviews of people involved in free mining, we can conclude the following: there is no way to quickly and efficiently earn money. No matter how you want, in any case, you will have to devote a lot of time to studying all the subtleties, principles and possible risks. But the result is worth it.

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