How to make money on the phone on the Internet: effective ways and recommendations

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How to make money on the phone on the Internet: effective ways and recommendations
How to make money on the phone on the Internet: effective ways and recommendations

Just a few years ago, it was hard to believe that there would be phones whose performance is not much inferior to a desktop computer or laptop. Today, almost every person owns a smartphone, with which you can not only call relatives and friends, but also access the Internet at any time, listen to music, find out the weather forecast or the current exchange rate. However, few people know that a smartphone can become one of the sources of income. We invite you to learn how to make money through the phone.

how to make money on phone

Earning on applications from the Play Market

If you are the owner of a smartphone running on the Android operating system, you can make a profit as follows:

  • Fulfilling tasks. This is the fastest and easiest way towhich does not require specific skills and knowledge. All that is needed is to perform certain actions, for example, enter captcha, subscribe to communities in various social networks, watch videos on YouTube hosting.
  • Downloading and installing all kinds of applications and games. Most people who know how to make money on the phone, and also do it successfully, prefer this method. It is the most profitable and not very difficult. You will have to download and install applications or games from the Play Market, for which you will be rewarded. In some cases, you may be asked to rate positively and leave a detailed review.
  • Watching ads. The least popular way by which you can earn money through the phone. How does he work? Everything is extremely simple! You receive a link that you need to follow and stay on the site that provides its own platform for advertising banners for some time. As a rule, on such pages there is a counter in the form of a stopwatch, indicating how long it takes to leave the site.

How much can you earn?

After a person learns that there are ways to make money on the phone, the next question immediately arises: "How much can you get from this type of activity?". There is no single answer, since a lot will depend on your activity, the speed of the mobile Internet, and also on how much time per day you are willing to devote to this business.

how to make money on phone

You should also take into account the fact that some services provide the possibility of passive earnings on referral links. If you distribute them, then over time you can get a good income from the activity of people registered at your invitation.

For clarity, we can give statistics that indicate the average level of income from a particular method:

  • view ads - 10 kopecks;
  • download the game - 5 rubles;
  • leave feedback - 2 rubles;
  • evaluate the application - 1 ruble;
  • visiting the site - 25 kopecks;
  • perform an action, for example, enter a captcha - the cost can vary from 10 kopecks to several hundred rubles.

Now you have an idea of ​​how to make money on the phone on the Internet. Such figures, of course, are not impressive, but if you are extremely active and attract more people with the help of a referral link, then the level of income can be quite decent.

How to earn money through the phone without investments, we figured it out. Let's look at the most popular applications that provide us with this opportunity.

how to make money through phone

Whaff Rewards

The most popular app that recently appeared in the Play Market, but has already been downloaded more than ten million times. When working with this program, you should take into account the fact that this is a foreign service that pays exclusively in dollars.After downloading the application, registration will be available to you. In order to log in to the system, you must have a valid account on the social network Facebook.

How to make money on your phone using WR? Everything is simple! Various tasks will be available to you, for the completion of which money is awarded. Unlike most similar applications, there will always be work here, as the list of tasks is regularly updated. After earning the first ten dollars, you can make your first transaction by withdrawing money to an electronic wallet. This application works with many popular payment systems, including PayPal.

WR rewards users for attracting referrals, allowing you to earn income from passive income. There is also a sign-up bonus of 20 cents. In order to pick it up, you must enter the code - EP52055.


Most likely, this is the most popular application among Play Market users living in the post-Soviet space. If you haven't downloaded it to your phone yet, we recommend that you do so immediately. Even a schoolboy can figure out how to make money on a phone using this utility. There are almost always tasks available to complete here, which, as a rule, involve downloading and installing games.

how to make money through phone

With the withdrawal of earned money, too, there are no difficulties. If three rubles or more have accumulated on your account, you can transfer them, for example, toWebMoney or Qiwi. Bring your friends to the service and get 10% of their activity.

When registering, an incentive bonus of 5 rubles is provided. To receive - enter "5x0vw6" in the "Promo code" field.


Pretty attractive app that offers the highest pay for completing tasks. Your income will depend on the level of activity. If you use this software daily, the system will begin to encourage you by adding a bonus to the amount earned, the size of which varies from 3 to 10%. This is a real way to make money on the phone on the Internet, but there are not always enough tasks to provide everyone with a job. In order to receive a stable income, you need to attract new users through your referral link. The system gives you the opportunity to receive 20% of the activity of your referrals.

The first withdrawal can be made when there are ten rubles in the account. There is also a nice signup bonus. By entering the promo code "0r7kj1", you will receive five rubles.


A distinctive feature of this resource is that on its site you can earn money both from an application running on the Android platform and from a computer by going to the site. There are many different tasks for which they pay quite adequate money. More than a million users who have downloaded the application already know how to make money on their phone.

how to make money online via phone

After registration you will bea huge list of tasks is available, among which you can choose the most suitable one, for example, take a simple test or read a letter sent by e-mail. A particularly pleasant moment is the instant withdrawal of earned funds. The average cost of one task is 2 rubles.

Globus Mobile

Very convenient application that will pay you money only for viewing ads. By installing it on your smartphone, you do not have to be constantly in the program in order to have time to “pick up” the available task. Mind your own business, and when you see a “pop-up” ad on the monitor, just wait until the opportunity to close it appears.

In order to earn money from your phone without investments, you need to go through a simple registration by opening the official website of the application. Once the profile is created, download the application itself from the market. This utility is supported by operating systems such as iOS and Windows, so you can even work from a computer or iPhone.

Globus has a flexible bonus system for attracting people through a referral link. The more active users who sign up with your help, the higher the level of passive income will be.


If you are looking for a way to earn money online through your phone, and also do not want to wait until the amount necessary for withdrawal is accumulated, then you should install the AppBonus application. When registering, enter the promo code "SMWUF" and get 3 rubles to your bonus account.

how to make money through phone without investment

The program hasa wide list of all kinds of tasks that are performed quite easily and do not take much time. You can also set up notifications that will come to your phone as soon as a new task appears. The referral system deserves special attention. For each attracted user, you will instantly receive a reward (2 rubles). If the referral becomes an active participant in the project, you will have 20% of his income.

Earned money can be immediately withdrawn to the Qiwi payment system or to a mobile phone account.


A good application that allows you to earn money from your mobile phone. By registering and installing PFI, you will be able to complete tasks. This service provides statistics where you can view all the tasks that were available during your absence and accepted for execution by other users. The referral system provides a reward of 10% of the income of people who signed up using your link.

The minimum amount that can be withdrawn to WebMoney or Qiwi is 15 rubles. The money will be credited to your account five minutes after the application is accepted. To receive a one-time bonus of 5 rubles, enter the promo code "P297D2".


Millions of people daily enter a huge number of captchas to gain access to a particular resource. And they do it absolutely free. If you are looking for an easy way to make money on your phone, RuCaptcha is the perfect option. You will need to go through a simpleregistration, and then go to the Play Market, from which you can download the application itself. Get rewarded for every captcha you solve. Earned money can be withdrawn as soon as the minimum amount is accumulated on the account - 15 rubles.

earn money from phone without investment


A unique service of its kind that offers you to start making money right now with your smartphone. After installing the application, you will need to register. Do not forget to immediately indicate the details of your Internet wallet or mobile phone number, because the first payment will occur in 3 minutes!

In NewApp you will always have access to new tasks that are easy and interesting to complete. There is also an excellent bonus system. Incentives are awarded not only for referral links, but also for regular work on the service. You can get your first 2 rubles by entering the promo code "01LYm".


This is just a small part of the applications that allow you to turn your smartphone into a source of income. However, they are the most reliable and have no problems with payouts.

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