Site "Mamba": reviews. "Mamba" - dating site

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Site "Mamba": reviews. "Mamba" - dating site
Site "Mamba": reviews. "Mamba" - dating site

The Internet gave us not only constant access to videos, news, some educational materials and communication. Along with access to the Internet, it became possible to find new people, make acquaintances. In addition to searching for people for some general purposes (like when an employer is looking for a job seeker or a freelancer finds a customer), you can also look for people on the Internet with whom it will be just nice to spend time and even build your own destiny. Yes, as you may have guessed, we are talking about dating sites. Despite the fact that they have become so numerous in recent years, the popularity of many such services only continues to grow. What it is due to and what such a service can give to each of us - read on.

Popularity of dating sites

"Mamba" reviews

The demand for such services is quite simple to explain: the need for people to find a partner for living together and creating a family is natural. And sites like Mamba (we will give reviews about it later in the text) make it possible to do this according to the most simplified procedure - you just need to register, fill out a questionnaire and write to people with whom you would like to communicate closer. Here,in fact, everything that separates you from another acquaintance with an interesting person. Agree, it's so easy!

It is precisely because of this accessibility that dating sites have become so popular. This is not only about the dating site, reviews of which will be given in this article, but about the dating industry as a whole.

Most famous services

"Mamba" dating site reviews

By the way, if we talk about the dating industry in general, we should mention not only "Mamba" (although, of course, this is a key player in the market in our country). There are a number of large projects that, although smaller in terms of audience and popularity, can also help you find your soul mate. These are different resources, many of which are also large services with a huge number of completed profiles of people who are looking for new acquaintances. And, in fact, if you are also interested in chatting with a new, interesting person, all of them can become interesting for you.

But we will not do an extensive review describing several portals at once. Suffice it to mention the most popular resource - Reviews about the site, the registration procedure and other features of this resource will be described below.

Where to start?

So, let's imagine that you would like to meet online. Of course, for this you need to go to the Mamba.acquaintance website. Reviews about him from those who already use his services, we will write a little later.

And to start you must create a questionnaire, which will be your profile - the platform through which otherscommunity members will find you on the resource.

It's quite easy to create an account here. Being on the main page, enter your email address and name, then click "Register". After that, you will receive a confirmation email. In addition, the functionality of the site allows you to create a kind of "announcement" without opening an account, simply by filling in the information and entering your contacts. Thus, at (reviews will confirm this), everything is organized according to the most simplified procedure. You can create a profile and search for new people here in just a minute after visiting the site.

Creating a profile

reviews about the dating site "Mamba"

Of course, such a task as registering your account also requires some effort. In particular, the user must think of what information he should write about himself so that other members of the site find him more attractive. There are even whole techniques on how to write about yourself correctly.

Actually, we will not go into such details, since this is not the main topic of our article. Just try to reveal yourself to others as much as possible. It is not necessary to write about something secret and personal - just describe yourself, your character, your habits; mention your own accomplishments and the like. If you do not know what to write in one or another column of the questionnaire, you can spend a few minutes reading the information from other users. Reviews of the Mamba website indicate that very often participants like to embellish themselves by inverting some facts. Especially thisabout looks.

Doing it or not is up to each individual user. Perhaps, using false information, someone will be able to invite a person on a date who would not want to be there if he knew the truth. And they will succeed.

And, perhaps, by pointing out the lie on "Mamba" initially, you are simply delaying the moment of exposure and breaking off relations with someone you just met. In any case, it all depends on what exactly you have hidden or embellished.

On the site, personal information contains a photo, age about the user, preferences, hobbies, bad habits and income level. Thus, each Mamba participant can generally evaluate the others according to these criteria.

Search targets

"Mamba" ru reviews

Special attention deserves the parameter "who are you looking for". As far as reviews say about Mamba, the site brings together people with different orientations. Accordingly, in order to avoid unpleasant situations during dating, the site has a point by which you can understand who this or that person is looking for - a friend, boyfriend or girlfriend. This should be chosen by everyone who creates a new profile on the resource. The distinction here is extremely simple: the role of a friend, obviously, is suitable for a participant of any gender, who will seem to this or that user an interesting conversationalist and just a good person. As for the items "boyfriend" and "girl", they, as it is easy to understand, imply a search for further maintenance of love or partnership relations.

In addition to the above, there is anothera set of characteristics "the purpose of acquaintance". They include the items "communication", "dating", "friendship", "marriage", "flirting", "travel" and others. As you might guess, with the help of such criteria, you can more accurately find a person who will fully meet your needs. In particular, we are talking about those who are interested in long-term relationships, in simple communication or in one-time meetings. As for the latter, according to reviews of Mamba girls looking for "one-off meetings", they are often representatives of the oldest profession who simply promote their services in this way. It is hard to say whether this is true or not, but perhaps one of the site participants already had experience of such communication, which can explain such a review. In any case, before meeting live, users communicate online - so they can discuss the interests of each in this date and dating in general.

Search for people

It is safe to call a good mechanism that allows you to search for people - "Mamba". The dating site, reviews of which we provide in this article, allows you to select people with whom you would like to start communication, according to special criteria that a person fills out in his profile.

In particular, we are talking about the most basic - gender, who the participant is looking for, age and city of residence; as well as about additional ones, such as the presence of bad habits, the purpose of dating, income, and so on.

mamba girl reviews

Indicating the characteristics that interest you, you will see a list of profiles presented as a photoand username. After you go to the page of a person, you can see additional information about him. And, of course, already in his profile there is a link to a personal message to someone you would like to meet.

"Top" "Mamba"

In addition to the ability to search by specified characteristics, there is also a special "Top List" on "Mamba". Reviews indicate that these are profiles with the most attractive photos of participants, for which a large number of people who are looking for acquaintances vote. If your photo is in the "Top", be sure that more people will write to you than ordinary participants.

reviews about the site "Mamba"

You can get into this list of "most popular" with the help of a high-quality photo. Even the rules state that this is easy to do: just save your picture and wait for it to be reviewed by a moderator. Reviews about the dating site "Mamba", left by the participants, indicate that it is real to do this. The main thing is to get voted for you.

Chat with other users

So, about registration and filling out a profile, as well as the need to upload a beautiful, attractive photo that will help you gain great popularity on the resource, we told. Now let's also mention communication with other participants. Actually, it is the key one - that is why they register on Mamba.

As with all social networks, there are private messages that can be exchanged with members. To do this, however, you must have a registered account.

Writebeing rude, threatening, harassing or spamming anyone is not allowed here - the person you are harassing can file a complaint with the moderators about your actions. Therefore, we recommend writing in a civilized and intelligent way - this is the only way you can interest a person and invite him, for example, on a date. This is especially true of communication coming from men in relation to girls - they certainly will not tolerate rudeness.

Site features

"Mamba" dating reviews

Of course, in addition to searching through profiles and the ability to exchange messages, there are other functional additions to the portal. For example, reviews of the dating site "Mamba" testify to such a function as "Wink", as well as "Communication Assistant".

The first is to somehow get the attention of someone you like if you don't know what to text the person. By “winking” at him, you make it clear that you like him and would like to start chatting with him.

The second is a kind of set of tips on how to greet the user and where to start your communication. As you can see, "Mamba" (a dating site, reviews of which we publish) is designed to help a person take the first step towards someone he would like to meet. Therefore, making new friends and, perhaps, finding a soul mate is not so difficult here.


However, do not be naive and overly trust those with whom you begin communication. According to some reviews of the resource, Mamba is a platform fordeception of some participants. This happens because a scammer is hiding behind a profile with a photo of a beautiful girl, trying to somehow force a person who wants to get to know this “girl” to perform actions in their own interests. According to the reviews of some people who have suffered from dishonesty about Mamba, a variety of methods are used - from hidden advertising and spamming to a request to transfer money "for an operation" and under other pretexts.

So be careful of any similar requests. The presence of photographs does not guarantee that information about a person is true.

Analogues and alternatives

In addition to "Mamba", as already mentioned, there are many other services. All of them work on the same principle - the difference lies only in the interface of the sites and the names of certain functions. Still, for example, some dating portals have certain specifications, such as "Intimate Mamba". User reviews claim that this is a one-night stand project. It is up to you to use their services or not.

Finally, the function of such a dating site can be performed by the same social network Vkontakte. Only the main feature of "Mamba" is that people register here purposefully so that someone writes to them. And "VK" your proposal to meet and get acquainted may be regarded ambiguously.

Is it worth dating online?

In general, of course, dating on the Internet is the subject of many disputes. Someone argues that this is wrong and even immoral; othersfully support the idea of ​​projects like "Mamba" and the like. In fact, this is a conscious choice of everyone.

The main thing is to follow certain security rules so as not to fall into the trap of scammers that are often present on such sites. Good luck with your dating!

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