What are "Dvach", "Forchan" and other imageboards?

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What are "Dvach", "Forchan" and other imageboards?
What are "Dvach", "Forchan" and other imageboards?

Various imageboards are a very popular topic on the Internet. But modern Internet users (read - schoolchildren) sometimes do not know what it is, since they simply did not catch the times of popularity of such sites. Let's look at this topic in more detail. At one time, the two most popular imageboards were "Dvach" and "Forchan". When analyzing the concept of "imageboard" we will analyze these sites. After all, it was they who at one time gave rise to a huge number of memes. Okay, let's start looking at this in more detail.

What are "Dvach" and "Fochan"?

What is dvach

These two sites, as we have already figured out, belong to one very large category of Internet resources, which is called imageboards. This is one of the varieties of the forum, which has advanced options for attaching pictures. In fact, this term is literally translated as "picture board", which makes it easier to understand.this phenomenon, which is now almost gone into oblivion. Usually imageboards are built according to the same scheme, full of a large number of sections.

These sections contain so-called threads in which people discuss certain topics. The replicas themselves (sometimes with pictures) are posts. A similar system of forums still exists today. The advantage of the imageboard compared to other forums was that all users are anonymous.

Some see this as a flaw that creates havoc in such systems. However, despite the absence of the need to register, on such sites it is often possible to identify, determine that the posts were written by the same person. Let's take a look at the two most famous imageboards at the moment: "Dvach" and "Forchan".

What is "Dvach"

What is dvach and fochan

"Dvach" is our domestic imageboard, which is an analogue of a Japanese site with a similar name. Sites of this kind exist in almost all countries where it is possible to use the Internet. This site has more than forty sections. Only two of them are debatable. Most are general sections and those dedicated to anime.

In addition, there is an online graphic editor on this site. On this resource, each section was with a clearly defined theme, which brought at least a little systemicity to this chaotic forum. These sections are called boards. It should also be noted that all sectionsgiven on this site had a limit on the number of threads. This is one of the few existing restrictions on this resource. Now you know what "Dvach" is. And now let's move on to the English counterpart, which produces a huge variety of Internet memes.

What is Fochan

What does double mean

We figured out domestic imageboards. Now you do not need to ask the question "What is "Dvach", you already know the answer to it. And now we will answer a similar question, only with regards to the English-language resource. Almost all memes (those things that have become incredibly popular on the Internet) appeared precisely thanks to Fochanu In 2007, for a short time, this site turned into the most ordinary forum with registration, which caused a storm of indignation.

It turned out that the reason for this was a hacker attack. In 2009, a post was posted on this site that someone decided to definitely arrange a shootout at the school. Naturally, it was occupied by the police. It turned out to be in vain, because this information was posted just to laugh.


We figured out what "Dvach" is and imageboards in general. Now you have become a little more erudite in this matter. After all, now you don’t need to think, for example, what “Dvach” means. This answer is already clear.

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