"Megaphone Optima": user reviews and characteristics


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"Megaphone Optima": user reviews and characteristics
"Megaphone Optima": user reviews and characteristics

It is not a novelty that a large number of budget mobile devices have recently appeared. In addition to the fact that they have a lot of functions that modern operating systems provide (mainly Android), they offer them at a very reasonable, affordable price. Due to this, a greater number of buyers with a wide variety of income levels have the opportunity to purchase such models for themselves and their children. One of these mobile phones is Megafon Optima. We will talk about it in this article.

How Megafon Optima benefits developers

So, this model is one of the most budgetary on the market today. Of course, the development company conducts such a pricing policy for a reason. Why is a device that has a lot of advantages (even when compared with direct competitors) offered so cheaply?

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The answer is simple. A buyer who pays for a new Megafon Optima phone receives not only a smartphone at his own disposal. Along with the device, the kit also comes with a starter package for the Megafon operator, an activated Internet access function and, of course, a tariff plan (as stated on the site, this is Internet XS. Are there manythis?

If you take into account that all other mobile phone developers simply sell their product, receiving its added value in the form of profit; and MegaFon, in addition to selling a smartphone, also receives customers who later use its services - that's a lot. In the future, each user pays for communication services, which generates additional income.

That is why Megafon Optima, a smartphone assembled by TCT Mobile and sold by a mobile operator, is so beneficial for its developers. Even though the cost is low.

Model cost

megaphone optima characteristics

Now Megafon Optima can be purchased on the official website of the operator. Its cost is 3400 rubles. At the same time, the “price” line indicates that the model costs only 2,700 rubles, and almost 700 more will be used to pay for communication services. True, according to the terms of the sellers themselves, you can pay for these very “communication services” only at the time of purchase of the device.

Why so cheap? As noted above, for the company, the benefit lies in further payments that come from the client. In addition, the bet is on the fact that such a device (endowed with a large screen) will serve as a platform for creating an additional market for services. So, the user will download games, books and applications to his Megaphone Optima, due to which the operator will earn even more.

Phone accessories

If we talk about the device itself, or rather, about its configuration, it should be noted that it differs little from similarbudget segment models. This is a typical "Chinese" smartphone (not only because it is produced there, but also because such ones are usually sold under brands from the Middle Kingdom), sold at a low price.

Comes with a mobile charger, laptop connection cable, headphones and a starter pack. It is noteworthy that Megafon Optima is blocked from using only the card of its "native" operator. Putting another SIM card there just won't work.

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Device specifications

The phone is pretty cheap, obviously. It is released by the Megafon operator, - every user also understands this. At the same time, many are interested in the characteristics of the device in Megafon Optima; what kind of processor, camera, display, battery are in it. It should be noted that the model is equipped with a 2-core processor with a frequency of 1.3 GHz, a 3-megapixel camera, and a 1300 mAh battery. It is impossible to call this indicators of a flagship model, but for a budget smartphone, like the one Megafon Optima is, the characteristics given above are quite acceptable. With such a device, you can use the "top" games on the Play Market, as well as a lot of useful applications from this store. Actually, this is what the developers of the device are trying to achieve.

Competitors and analogues

If we analyze user reviews, Megafon Optima can be classified as phones like Lenovo and MTS (also, by the way, promoted in the same way - with the operator's starter package installed). specialsimilarity is observed with MTS 972, however, this phone costs an order of magnitude more expensive - about 4700 rubles.

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The parameters of the devices are similar, so the difference lies, rather, in the mobile operator. Phones like Lenovo in the same price segment are better to buy because you are not limited to only one mobile operator, and therefore you can use any SIM card (or even several).

As for the products of MTS and Megafon Optima, you can choose them by analyzing the offers from each of the companies. For example, Megafon offers the Internet XS tariff, and MTS offers the Super Zero Region tariff (as recommended). Depending on why you need this phone - for constant Internet or calls, and you need to proceed when making a choice.

Conclusion about the Megafon Optima smartphone

What can be said about this device? In general, this is a budget solution for those who want a smartphone with all the multimedia capabilities available today. You can also mention real buyers who left their reviews. Megafon Optima, according to their point of view, is a cheap device capable of performing basic tasks (playing music, surfing the Internet and downloading the simplest applications). If we talk about more complex graphics on the latest games, about the constant use of the phone to watch videos in high quality, then the phone starts to behave more slowly, sometimes it bugs and heats up. There is also a lack of battery endurance (according tothose who left reviews, Megafon Optima is able to keep in active use no more than 3-4 hours). Which, at the same time, is also a disadvantage.

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On the other hand, Optima has obvious advantages. In addition to the price, it is also a nice appearance that gives style to the owner of the phone. In addition, the device is available in two color variations: black and white. Due to this, again, there is some minimal, but individualization of the device.

Megafon Optima, due to its qualities, can be a great gift for a child, given that it is not so pitiful to break or lose it. At the same time, the phone has the basic features that characterize modern smartphones. And that means: access to the network, multimedia, a set of applications and much more.

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