Kiwi wallet identification: what is it, why is it needed and how to get through it

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Kiwi wallet identification: what is it, why is it needed and how to get through it
Kiwi wallet identification: what is it, why is it needed and how to get through it

Today we will be interested in the identification of "Qiwi Wallet". What it is? Why is she needed? And how to spend it? We will have to answer all this later. In fact, everything is simpler than it seems. It will be especially easy for those who have ever worked with electronic payment systems. After all, they often provide for different types of accounts. All of them have a variety of options. For example, there are anonymous wallets and identified ones. The former tend to be more limited.

qiwi wallet identification

What is this?

What is Qiwi wallet identification? This is the profile update process. It confirms the data about the user and reveals new opportunities for the user.

Without identification, you will not be able to use all the services of Qiwi Wallet. As already mentioned, people will face a number of restrictions. For example, by withdrawing funds at a time.


Identification of "Qiwi wallet" is different. Namely:

  • anonymous;
  • standard;
  • maximum.

In the first case, there is no verification. This is the most limited profile. Standard identification provides for a simplified procedure for confirming data by transferring some information about yourself. Full wallet activation is performed only when contacting special services with a number of documents.

how to withdraw money from qiwi wallet in cash


Verification of "Qiwi Wallet" allows you to open access to certain features of the system. This is extremely important for people who earn online and withdraw money through Qiwi.

Which options are open in which case? You can focus on the following indicators:

  1. Anonymous. Cash withdrawal limit - 5 thousand rubles per day and 20 thousand per month, limit on the residual balance - 15,000, on payments - 40 thousand rubles.
  2. Standard. Withdrawal of funds up to 60,000 rubles, payment limit - 200 thousand rubles.
  3. Maximum. Allows you to withdraw 600,000 rubles to your wallet, withdraw up to 200,000 rubles a day (including a month).

Activation Methods

Now it is worth answering how the Qiwi wallet is identified. The answer directly depends on which profile the user is requesting.

Anonymous wallets do not encounter this operation. It is enough to register in the system and start working with it. Initially, all users have anonymous profiles.

A standard account can be obtained by working with the Qiwi wallet website or with a mobile application. You can contact the call center. ButYou can get the most advanced profile only if you go to a special Qiwi Wallet identification point.

Step by step about standard activation

So, now let's look at detailed instructions that will help bring the idea to life. Verification is not the most difficult process. Let's start by getting a standard profile.

how is qiwi wallet identification

Identification of "Qiwi wallet" will occur after the following steps:

  1. Open Qiwi wallet website.
  2. Go through authorization in your profile.
  3. Open "Account Settings".
  4. Press the "Identification" button.
  5. Select "Standard".
  6. Enter the data requested by the system.
  7. Save changes.

Done! After a while, the user will receive a message stating that he has confirmed his wallet. Now you can work with its extended version.

What do you need to activate?

Verification requires, as we have already said, that a citizen has certain documents. You can't do without them.

Typically, a standard profile requires:

  • User full name;
  • passport details;
  • date of birth;
  • TIN.

All this information must be indicated on the wallet verification page. After checking them, the profile status will change.

Max profile

Identification of "Qiwi wallet" to the status "Maximum" is performedonly in Qiwi branches. The addresses of the respective centers can be found on the official website of the company.

Usually, the user needs to take their passport with them, then come to the center, apply for verification and wait a bit. As soon as the request is processed, the wallet status will change to "Maximum".

Foreign citizens must additionally present a residence permit in the Russian Federation or a temporary residence permit, as well as a migration card. There are no other options for the development of events.

qiwi wallet verification

Withdrawal Methods

How to withdraw money from Qiwi Wallet in cash? Can it even be done?

Yes. Each user has the right to withdraw cash in different ways. Limits depend on the type of profile used. We've talked about them before.

So, to withdraw money from Qiwi, you can:

  • use systems like Contact;
  • use private "exchangers";
  • transfer money to a bank card;
  • send funds to a bank account.

Actually, it's not that hard. Especially if you know how to act in this or that case.

More about withdrawals

How to withdraw money from Qiwi Wallet in cash? Consider all of the previously listed techniques in more detail.

If the user wants to make a transfer via Contact or Unistream, he needs to enter the wallet and fill out the appropriate form there in the "Withdraw funds" section. Thereafterit is enough to go to the specified bank or to the selected financial institution with a passport and receive money there.

Working with private exchange systems is not popular. They usually charge a high commission. Actions are based on the withdrawal either to other payment systems or to a bank card.

The most interesting way to withdraw and use money from a Qiwi wallet is to order a Qiwi Visa Plastic card. To do this, you need to enter the "Personal Account" on the site, then select "Kiwi Visa Plastic" and fill out an application. Next, the method of delivery of the card is indicated. To cash out, it is proposed to use any ATM.

As soon as the user passes the identification of "Qiwi Wallet", he will be able to withdraw money to a bank card. The corresponding section is in the profile settings. You can link a card to an electronic wallet and successfully withdraw money to it. Cash withdrawal is made at ATMs.

qiwi wallet users


We got acquainted with Qiwi wallet verification. In addition, now it is clear what opportunities a particular profile on the site provides.

Users of Qiwi wallets often complain that it is not so easy to work with this payment system. Some difficulties with identification may arise from foreigners. Residents of the Russian Federation have no problems with it.

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