Badanga dating site reviews

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Badanga dating site reviews
Badanga dating site reviews

Dating sites have become popular in recent years along with social networks and various entertainment resources. This is explained simply - a person who is interested in finding his soulmate, instead of looking for random people in social networks, can go to the portal, where only those who already intend to continue their acquaintance are waiting for him. Again, all the advantages of social networks are also present here - there is a catalog of profiles that describe the data of a person that may interest you, there is a set of his (or her) photos, it is possible to contact the user.

Badanga Reviews

Dating for sex

In addition to simple sites where you can find an interesting person to chat with, there is also a category of other resources. The service they provide is called “dating for sex”, and what is its meaning, you understood correctly. Those who register on such portals leave their profiles, realizing that they can be found by a person who wants to spend the night together. The moral component of thisthe question, of course, is different for everyone - one might think that getting to know each other to spend time together with such a goal is normal; the other, on the contrary, considers it wrong. Be that as it may, but dating sites for intimate relationships exist, and, in addition, they are in fairly high demand. We will talk about one of them today. This is Badanga, reviews of which we will publish after we provide general information regarding the portal. reviews

Badanga website - general description

As soon as you enter this resource, you will immediately understand the purpose for which it exists. This is obvious, and the administration does not hide the purpose for which people get acquainted here. Reviews of the website show that members also know about this - and purposefully register here to find someone for a “short love”. At the very least, the pages of the site describe what it is for and what you can get here.

In general, as Badanga website reviews demonstrate, the scheme of the resource is simple. Here are the profiles of those who are looking for acquaintances, and if they find suitable people, they contact them, obviously, for further meetings. In fact, the site works as an intermediary. If you believe the information indicated, again, in the descriptions, then the resource provides services in the largest cities of Russia; moreover, there are profiles of people from other CIS countries.

badanga website reviews

True, before registering your profile here and looking for adventure, do not rush. Read the article wherereviews related to Badanga, to the end, then make a decision.

Register reviews

An alarming moment is the obligation that lies with the user already at the stage of creating an account. This is the need to send an SMS message. Of course, its cost is at least 200 rubles, depending on your operator and country of residence. On what basis the site charges money is unclear, but some reviews related to indicate that they did not see properly rendered services after the message was sent. Maximum - they offered contact details of prostitutes from the city where the client is located. As you might guess, on this all work with the site was completed.

It is difficult to say whether this applies to isolated cases, or whether the administration of the resource really works with such semi-fraudulent methods. We are looking for information further and in parallel we describe the key stages of working with the resource.

Creating a profile

After sending SMS, you formally get the opportunity to become a full member of the site, which further gives the right to fill out a profile with information about yourself. In particular, you should upload a photo, fill out a questionnaire, the “about yourself” section. It takes a little time, but all the specified data will allow other participants to understand who they are dealing with. It somehow individualizes you on Reviews show that it is difficult or even almost impossible to start chatting with someone here if your profile is empty.

http www reviews


The site is designed in such a way that it is quite easy to find the people you are interested in using different criteria. There are special fields that contain data about the city where the person lives, his age. It also indicates gender, interests, some special wishes (whom he or she is looking for, for what purposes). All this refines the search, makes it easier.

As soon as you visit http://www for the first time (reviews confirm), the site automatically suggests which profiles from your city are presented here, and which people may be of interest to you in the first place.

reviews about the site

One warning should also be given regarding this. In the section where participants' reviews about are presented, there is information that some photos do not correspond to the real appearance of the people who left their profiles here. This means that, having met an attractive blonde (judging by the photo), and making an appointment, you may find a completely different girl who will probably like you a lot less. What to do in such situations?

As suggested by the experience of dating on the Internet, which can be found on other sites with reviews, to check how the photo in the profile corresponds to the real appearance of a living person, in the course of communication it is enough to ask for additional materials. It can be both other photos and videos where there is a person of interest to you. In addition, you can achieve virtual communication using Skype or other similarprograms. There really is no difference, how exactly to find out if this is a photograph of her or not. The very fact that another person may be waiting for you can destroy your expectations and make the meeting much less pleasant. So try to find out this point.

In addition, we recommend that you provide only true information about yourself in the questionnaire. This will allow your interlocutors to understand who they are dealing with.

Communication and meeting

Ideally, of course, before spending the nights together, you need to talk with a person, get to know him more. But, obviously, the Badanga dating site works in a slightly different order. Feedback indicates that participants often find profiles of prostitutes (as already mentioned above). For this reason, there is no real communication in such “relationships” - on the site they simply write you the price of spending time together based on hourly billing. To agree or not is a personal matter for everyone.


dating site Badanga reviews

In general, one important thing should be said. It is based on logical reasoning, and it is not difficult for everyone to guess about it. The thing is that if you are a girl and you are looking for guys for intimate relationships, then there will definitely not be any problems with the search (especially on sites like this one). It is obvious. As for the downside - finding a woman for one-time dates and meetings is not so easy. After all, it is obvious that not every girl will create her own profile on such a site, since few are interested in this kind of relationship. Therefore, it turns out thatamong the profiles of those who are ready to sleep a couple of times and find a new guy, most often come across those for whom this is normal. As a rule, these are prostitutes who receive money for such a pastime.

So be careful when registering on such sites. It is not worth counting on the fact that such resources can offer you a huge selection of profiles of girls who want to spend one night together. The reviews left about Badanga confirm this. Many write that it is a waste of time and money to register here and hope that now the crowds of girls will write to you and offer themselves for the night.


Of course, if you're into adventure, an hourly rate might be a good option. As for finding a more serious relationship, you can try social networks or dating sites that do not specialize in sex searches. Perhaps Badanga, the reviews of which we were looking for, is not so effective for these purposes. This is explained by the nature of the resource, its profile. Therefore, it’s better to still look for an alternative if you want something more interesting than just sex for money.

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