Play Market: "Check your connection and try again." What to do if the Play Market does not work?

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Play Market: "Check your connection and try again." What to do if the Play Market does not work?
Play Market: "Check your connection and try again." What to do if the Play Market does not work?

It's no secret that in order to perform certain tasks on the tablet (whatever it is), you need special content. These can be applications, games or documents, music files, books or pictures. All this is downloaded by users to their mobile devices.

Android Content

In fact, each gadget is just a shell capable of performing a certain set of functions. What makes it unique and so familiar to each of us is the media content. And we ourselves choose what kind of games, programs, documents, and so on, based on our own taste.

The choice of each of us is wide enough. According to official information, about 50,000 applications are downloaded daily to one of the largest content directories for Android - Google Play, or the Play Market (for a tablet or phone - it does not matter). This allows us to assert that a huge number of people are constantly working to diversify your gadget, make working with it more convenient and productive.

1 content platform

Play Market check your connection and try again

There is a lot of content for tablets and phones, so a natural question arises - how to understand it, systematize and filter it? And here the solution can be called special platforms-catalogues of applications, games, music and other things.

Each such platform is a large directory with a clear structure and descriptions of all files. In the event that the user needs to find, say, a program that can act as a notepad, he simply drives keywords into the search field for such a directory, after which he gets clear results.

Your attention deserves the Play Market. For Android, it is the largest directory of add-ons. It contains millions of files, each with descriptions, screenshots, and reviews. This is very convenient, since such data makes it easier to find the necessary material. The user just needs to look at the ratings that were given by other owners of mobile devices. For this reason, this resource is the most popular.

What is the Play Market?

In general, the Play Market is a standard for Android OS system for searching and downloading content. It is presented in several forms at once: as an application, using it directly from your tablet, you can search for and install programs; and also as an Internet resource, which can be accessed from a browser. True, one should not overestimate the capabilities of the Play Market: Windows, like iOS, applications hosted on it are notsupports.

The structure of this directory is extremely simple. On the left of the screen, the user sees the categories of products, among which he can select the desired program, music, film, book. Going into the categories, you can see subcategories, which are broken down depending on the interests of the user. In each of them, the Play Market program shows the most popular, interesting and high-quality products. Next to each you will see a rating (the number of stars is the ratings given by other users), as well as reviews. This is convenient: you do not need to make unnecessary transitions to understand what kind of program it is.

Play Market for tablet

In addition, users have access to summary statistics of application downloads, which can tell about the popularity of this content, its prevalence.

How to install the Play Market?

On most devices that run on the Android system, the Play Market application is installed by default. This means that as soon as you turn on your new tablet or phone, you will see the icon of this program in the menu or on the desktop. This greatly simplifies the work, because, using the Play Market for a tablet, the user can download other applications that he needs to work. Doing this, as noted above, is quite convenient and easy.

More complicated is the situation when PM is not installed by default. Then manufacturers, as a rule, offer their own, less popular products that work on the same principle. These are directories from where everyonecan download the necessary materials. If you bought just such a device - do not worry. You can easily download this application. There is nothing special about how to install the Play Market - just download the installer file for this add-on (in.apk format). This can be done, for example, from the official website of Google Android, as well as from any other Internet resource. The main thing is to be careful and download the latest version of the application software, since it will be displayed on your device most correctly. The installation itself is not complicated - it is the usual procedure for launching an.apk file.

How to use the Play Market?

how to install play store

So, what to do after you have installed the Play Market for Android? First, decide what exactly you would like to install on your device. We are talking about what content you want to download from the Market - it can be games, applications, and so on. Once you have decided, try to find the desired file.

This can be done, as already noted, in several ways. The first and easiest is to use the search bar, which will display the app most relevant to what you are looking for. The second is the search for a program that occupies one of the "top" positions in any category on the Play Market. Paid content or free you are looking for - it does not matter. Any file can be found in both ways.

Mistakes on the Play Market

Despite the fact that this application isdeveloped by Google, the world's largest technology company, even it can generate some errors. For example, one of the most common is a message that can be seen offline in the Play Market interface: “Check your connection and try again.”

If there really is no active network connection, this message is normal. Removing it is easy - just connect to the signal and see how the Play Market will work again.

play store not working

Another thing is when such an error occurs even with an active connection. Then it's really a problem. And as user reviews show, quite a lot of people see the message from the Play Market “Check your connection and try again”, which indicates the prevalence of the problem. And it is quite serious, because it does not allow you to connect to the "Market" and download media content from there directly to your tablet.

We will write about how to deal with this in the next paragraph. Since there can be several reasons for such a problem, we provide several solutions at once. You will most likely need to try more than one of them before the problem is fixed.

Play Market: Please check your connection and try again

So, let's start with the simplest options for why this application does not start. The solutions are, of course, also elementary. The first is the wrong date. Yes, if the date and time on your gadget are not correct, an application error may occur with the Play Market.The fix is ​​very easy - adjust the time settings and restart your smartphone or tablet.

The second option is the wrong hosts file. It can be found in the system/hosts directory. It specifies the address to which the device directs the user. If there are entries other than the standard one (, they must be deleted.

The third version is some other errors, for example, the Freedom program or something else blocking the connection of the program with the server. When using the first to hack other games, by the way, do not forget about the possible further negative consequences for your system. One of them is the inability to log into PM. Troubleshooting such problems is quite simple - reset the settings and, having received a “clean” device, you will be able to work in the Google Play Market again.

If this application was not installed on your gadget from the very beginning - perhaps the problem is that its version is outdated. As already mentioned, try downloading the latest release.

Nothing helps. Play Market not working

In addition to the above, there are other ways to solve the problem of not being able to connect to the PM Application Catalog. For example, it could be your internet connection. In this case, you need to check if you have a 3G connection, or WiFi (depending on what you are using).

Play Market for Android

If this is the problem, analyze and find out what caused the outage. For example, your access point settings have been reset and youyou just need to set them up again. Another example is that your WiFi router has stopped connecting to a fixed network, which is why you cannot access the Internet from your tablet either. As a result, you see a message from the Play Market: "Check your connection and try again."

Next steps

Once you have followed the procedures above, your problem should ideally be resolved. You just need to click the "Retry" button in the center of the screen, after which the program will try to connect to the server. If the connection has really appeared and everything is functioning perfectly, you will see the opened catalog of programs on its main page. Then you can proceed to the direct download of the necessary applications (or other content). You know how to do this - select sections on the left, there is a special search bar at the top. Everything is arranged intuitively simply and concisely!

Pay attention! In addition to thematic categories (we mentioned them above), there are also other divisions of programs on the Play Market. In particular, we are talking about the sections "Popular", "Recommended", "Gaining popularity" and so on. By learning how to search for suitable materials in such sections, you can easily weed out all unnecessary. Plus, of course, user reviews and ratings will help you a lot.

Play Market for other platforms

free Play Market for computer

Such a handy tool as the PM catalog is so practical that many people are looking for an analogue for their platform. But this is not necessary, because"Market" is exclusively a solution for Android. Therefore, there is no Market under Windows Play. From an ordinary personal computer running this operating system, you can only go to the catalog as an Internet resource and view the description, screenshots and reviews of any program, book, film. You will not be able to view them, test them and, of course, install them on your device.

Analogues of Play Market

However, there are other catalogs that work on other platforms. In particular, the Appstore runs on iOS, which is very similar to the Play Market, but works with iPhone and iPad devices. At the same time, installing the Play Market on them, of course, is impossible. These platforms are parallel, but completely different. However, some applications can be found on both.

In addition to the Appstore, we should also mention the platform from which Windows Phone devices (Nokia and Microsoft products) work - this is the Windows Phone Market. Although less popular, it also has hundreds of thousands of apps from different categories.

Even less popular, but also quite full, are catalogs such as the Samsung Store, Amazon and Blackberry. On them, the user can also download the media content he needs, both paid and free.

Other resources

The fact that a paid or free Play Market for a computer does not exist, you understand. But there are many other, less popular and well-known resources. These are, for example, some kind of torrent portals, news sites and simple forums dedicated toAndroid themed. On them, of course, you can also easily find the necessary application; it may also include a description and reviews from other users. But should such resources be trusted?

It's really up to you to decide. Some sites (for example, the largest Android communities on the Runet) really have enough authority to trust them and safely download applications and other content that has already been verified by the moderators of such sites. However, there are also small communities with only tens or hundreds of people. It's probably not worth downloading materials from there. It is possible that the content posted there has some kind of malicious code that can damage your device.

Knowing how to install the Play Market, you can be sure that all materials from it will meet certain criteria. This guarantees the fact that all content there goes through strict moderation, through which it is impossible to "push" applications with viruses, for example. This is reassuring and actually gives confidence in the authenticity and safety of the downloaded content. You will not worry if you will not see a lot of advertising banners on your device after a couple of days of use; whether some additional software will be installed on your gadget and whether you will catch another virus that steals data from cards. Everything that is posted on the Play Market is already selected material. Doubting its safety, as already noted, does not make sense.


After reading this article, you will understand why sometimesit happens that the Play Market does not work. If this happened to you, you should not think that the matter is in the resource itself. No, the error is in the settings of your device and, frankly, it can be fixed without much difficulty.

If you do not even have PM installed as a standard application, we recommend that you fix it and download the apk file of this resource. If you are an Android user, then you simply have to look for content there. Convenient navigation, constant updates, a rating and reputation system, as well as checking all materials - this is what will guarantee you convenient work with the catalog.

Finally, if this is not enough for you, you can try your luck in Samsung or Amazon markets. True, given the absolute leadership of PM in this industry, it is hardly worth counting on a wider range of applications.

Play Market is missing

Also, with the Play Market, you can conveniently make online purchases. Now Google has introduced a special service that allows you to easily transfer money from your Wallet account to the account of the content seller. It is both convenient and safe due to a secure connection to servers and a well-thought-out interface. Unlike other platforms (except the Appstore), on the Play Market you can really make purchases in a couple of clicks, acquiring the rights to use exclusive, multifunctional programs, read full versions of books, complete additional levels in games, and much more. This, in turn, positively stimulates both developers from this area and the users themselves, whoare getting better content that empowers their devices.

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