How to activate roaming in Crimea?


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How to activate roaming in Crimea?
How to activate roaming in Crimea?

Until now, mobile operators operate on the territory of Crimea differently than throughout Russia. Perhaps this is due to the fear of sanctions, but providers such as Beeline, Megafon and Tele2 do not work throughout the peninsula. It is impossible to buy their SIM cards or use the tariffs and services offered to subscribers located in other regions of the Russian Federation. As soon as the owner of such a card is on the territory of Crimea, intra-network roaming is automatically connected, due to which the cost of communication increases very significantly. But is there any way to save money? How to activate roaming in Crimea at no extra cost? To do this, you can use the services of other operators, including local ones.

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On the territory of Crimea there are own providers - "Volna", "K-telecom" (aka Win Mobile), "Sevmobile" and "Krymtelecom". At the same time, Sevmobile works well only within Sevastopol and its environs. In addition, MTS is also present in the Crimea, albeit with some peculiarities. What to choose?

Roaming "MTS" in Crimea

As already noted, this operator fully operates throughout the peninsula. That's whyyou can not only use the existing connection, but also purchase a local SIM card. When connecting on the spot, the subscriber will have the opportunity to set up certain tariffs, allowing them to travel profitably throughout Russia in the future.

Roaming "MTS" in Crimea is unprofitable to use, since the local SIM card of this operator offers several attractive tariff plans. The connection region of this provider in the Crimea is the Krasnodar Territory and the Republic of Adygea. As elsewhere in the country, there are currently a number of Smart tariffs that offer a certain number of unlimited calls to MTS within the region, Internet traffic packages and SMS.

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MTS tariffs in Crimea

For those who use the phone minimally, the "Smart Mini" tariff plan is suitable, which will cost only 200 rubles. It includes the following package of services: 1 GB of Internet traffic, one thousand minutes for on-net calls, including those outside the region, as well as 200 SMS to local MTS SIM cards. Within the region, calls to SIM cards from other providers will cost one and a half rubles per minute, while outside they will cost 12 minutes.

If you plan to call not only MTS subscribers, then it is better to opt for "Smart" or "Smart Unlimited" packages, which mean cheaper internet calls. The first will cost 350 rubles a month, the second will cost a little more than 12 rubles a day in the first month of connection and 15rubles per day with subsequent use.

Replace roaming in the Crimea will help the local tariff "Guest", which involves free incoming calls and outgoing calls to SIM cards of the same tariff. Any other calls within the region, as well as to MTS subscribers throughout Russia, will cost one and a half rubles per minute. However, the Internet is not included in this package. It is best to additionally activate a service called "SuperBIT Smart", which will cost 10 rubles a day and provide 3 GB of Internet traffic.

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If you use your home SIM card "MTS"

If you decide not to purchase a SIM card with a local rate and use roaming in Crimea, how much will it cost?

If you are connected to one of the "Smart" packages (except for "Mini"), most services are valid throughout Russia. At the same time, in roaming, 15 rubles will be debited from your account daily. Calls within the package will be free, as well as Internet traffic. Over the package, calls will cost 2 rubles per minute to the home region and five rubles within Russia, SMS - 3.80 rubles.

It is also possible to connect the "Everywhere at home" service, which is available on almost all tariffs, including archival ones. The exceptions are the plans "VIP-2014" and "Business without borders". Activation of the service will cost 30 rubles, and use will cost seven rubles a day. Calls within Russia will cost three rubles per minute, and all incoming calls will be free. ExceptIn addition, this service gives the subscriber one hundred SMS for free.

For MegaFon subscribers

As already noted, there is no local Megafon tariff plan on the peninsula. Roaming in the Crimea will cost a lot - each outgoing and incoming minute will cost about ten rubles, as well as a megabyte of the Internet. An SMS message will cost about five rubles. Such roaming is activated automatically when entering the territory of the autonomous republic.

Is there roaming in Crimea

However, this provider has an opportunity to save money. This year, a special MegaFon option is available - "Roaming in Crimea". It includes a subscription fee of 15 rubles per day. At the same time, all incoming calls will be free of charge, outgoing - five rubles per minute, Internet - a megabyte for 5 rubles, SMS - three rubles.

For Beeline subscribers

Speaking about Beeline's roaming in Crimea, it is worth noting that since the summer of 2016 it has not been international. The cost of calls and the Internet will depend on which tariff plan you have selected in your home region. This provider does not have special options and offers operating in Crimea.

So, if your home tariff plan is “All for 300”, then you will not have any benefits at all. Roaming in Crimea will be exactly the same as in all other regions of Russia. It will be available automatically upon arrival, and the cost of incoming and outgoing calls will be about ten rubles. The same is the cost of sending SMS and megabytes of the Internet.

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When using the more expensive "All for 500" tariff, communication will be more profitable. For incoming calls, the first minute will cost three rubles, all subsequent ones will be free. Outgoing calls are charged at three rubles per minute, the same cost for sending SMS and 1 MB of Internet.

Some other Beeline tariff plans can offer completely free incoming calls. At the same time, the “My Country” option popular with this provider is not available in Crimea.

For Tele2 subscribers

From 2016 to the present, you can hear that SIM cards from this operator are available for sale on the peninsula. Does Tele2 have roaming in Crimea?

According to the statements of the official representatives of the company, such a connection was "gray". Until mid-April 2014, options were available in Crimea for trips to all regions of Russia. Currently, a special package of options "Tele2" has appeared. Roaming in Crimea can now be activated for 30 rubles, further use of the option will cost 6 rubles per day. At the same time, incoming calls will be free all the time, and the cost of other services will remain within the limits of the home tariff plan.

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A basic tariff is also available, within which all calls cost five rubles per minute (outgoing and incoming), the same price for a megabyte of Internet. The cost of SMS is 3.5 rubles.

YOTA ​​in Crimea

YOTA ​​use todaywill cost the most in Crimea. The cost of incoming calls and 1 MB of Internet from this provider costs 9 rubles, outgoing - 19 rubles per minute, the same amount - for sending SMS.

Internet Services

As already noted, in some cases it is more profitable not to activate roaming in Crimea, but to purchase a local SIM card. This is especially true for active Internet users.

The best quality 3G and 4G services are available from the local provider WIN mobile. Also, 3G communication throughout the republic is represented by Krymtelecom, within Sevastopol - by Sevmobile. When roaming is connected, all providers start working through the above operators.

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Win mobile

This operator has a special tariff plan designed for vacationers. By connecting "At Sea", you get free incoming calls, while outgoing calls will cost 3 rubles per minute. 100 MB of Internet will cost 10 rubles.

On some tariffs, you can activate the "My Russia" option, the cost of which is 15 rubles one-time plus three rubles a day. At the same time, outgoing calls to any region of the Russian Federation will cost two rubles per minute.

For those who prefer to use only the Internet, the Forsage tariff plan is perfect. It offers 15 GB of Internet traffic for only 400 rubles.


This provider offers a profitable My Crimea plan, valid throughout the peninsula, with the exception of Sevastopol. The cost of services is as follows: 20 kopecks - a minute of outgoing calls withinnetworks, one and a half rubles - a minute of conversation in the region, five rubles - a minute of a call to any other Russian region. The Internet should be connected separately, 10 GB of traffic is provided for 200 rubles.


This provider only works within Sevastopol and offers the My City plan. It involves a subscription fee of 180 rubles, at which the subscriber is provided with 90 minutes of conversation within the region and free on-net calls and SMS. Outgoing to other regions will cost three rubles per minute. It is also better to connect Internet options separately, 10 GB of traffic will cost 300 rubles.

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