How to change the battery on iPhone 5?

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How to change the battery on iPhone 5?
How to change the battery on iPhone 5?

New devices usually have long battery life. But after a while, namely after 1-2 years, your phone stops holding a charge as well as after purchase.

iphone 5 battery

This is not unusual and you are not the first person to have this problem. Your iPhone 5 starts to run out of power faster, and you have to recharge it more and more often. This happens for a very obvious reason: each battery has its own specific use reserve. Therefore, with each recharge, the battery consumption time on the iPhone 5 decreases. In Apple devices, the battery is considered non-removable and cannot be replaced. The manufacturer offers in such cases to purchase another smartphone.

What to do?

But why run to buy a new phone? Your iPhone can serve you for a very long time. You just need to replace the iPhone 5 battery. The whole process will take only 15-30 minutes, and after studying the detailed instructions, even the most ignorant person in technology can perform it. Below is a step-by-step procedure that you need to perform.

iphone 5 battery replacement

How to change the battery on iPhone 5?

To install another batteryprepare:

  • Usual screwdriver.
  • Pentalobe screwdriver.
  • Sucker.
  • Opening tool (preferably plastic).
  • And, of course, your new battery.

First step: preparation

First you need to remove the front panel. Be sure to turn off your iPhone before proceeding with disassembly. Once you've done that, remove the pair of 3.6mm five-lobe screws located next to the Lightning connector. Ready? Proceed to the 2nd step of the instruction on how to replace the battery on iPhone 5.

Second step: panel removal

Now align the suction cup with the display above the home button. Press it down and smooth it out so that it's all pressed against the screen. Make sure the suction cup is firmly attached to the front panel. Next, replacing the battery on an iPhone 5 requires doing the following.

how to change battery on iphone 5

Take the smartphone in your left hand, and pull the suction cup towards you with your right hand. This should be done not sharply, but not too softly to separate the lower corner of the front panel from the rest of the case. Be careful and calculate your strength. Don't forget that the front part is very brittle and not cheap.

When you detach the corner of the panel, take the pre-prepared opening tool and insert it into the gap between the main body and the front panel. After that, gently press lightly with this tool on the body to move it down. At the same time, you must remember about the suction cup and notstop pulling it up. This will open the smartphone to access the battery on the iPhone 5.

Third step

Don't put down your plastic opener. Now he will help you to disconnect the latches between the panel and the case. They are located inside the phone, and you need to place your device in the opening that appears, and then smoothly move the tool along the edges of the seam.

how to change battery on iphone 5

This is a rather painstaking work, you should act carefully, slowly. In turn, open first one latch, and then the other. Operate the tool from right to left. Be careful! Do not cause damage to the panel itself, as well as parts located close to the working field.

And now, you have almost opened the front of the skin. But just do not remove it sharply, it is still attached to the body with several cables that are directed to the top of the smartphone. In the meantime, the bottom of the iPhone 5 is already detached, and you can carefully slide the casing off. Try to set it at a 90 degree angle to the device. When doing this, be careful not to damage the connecting cables.

Fourth step: completely detach the panel

Locate the 3 screws that secure the cable bracket on the front of the case to the main area of ​​the smartphone. It should be noted that they have different sizes. So, there are two screws of 1.2 mm, as well as one of 1.6 mm. Unscrew them carefully. Remove the bezel bracket (support) from the system board.

And only now can you completely detach the front panel.Set it aside. Remove a couple more 1.8mm and 1.6mm screws that secure the battery bracket on the iPhone 5 to the main bezel. When you assemble the device, make sure that the parts are in their place, this is important. Remove the battery bracket.

Then use your opening tool again to pry up the battery module cover a little. You should do this with exaggerated caution, because the slightest wrong move can cause chips to break.

Final stage

Place the end of the opening tool in the gap between the wall of the battery compartment on the iPhone 5 and the battery itself. Loosen the adhesive bond with smooth movements. Remove the battery, then insert and secure the new one in the same way. Do all of the above steps in reverse order, assembling the device. This concludes our story on how to change the battery on an iPhone 5.

As you can see, this is quite easy to do and does not require any special skills.

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