Smartphone Lenovo Sisley S90: description, specifications and reviews

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Smartphone Lenovo Sisley S90: description, specifications and reviews
Smartphone Lenovo Sisley S90: description, specifications and reviews

Even the look of the most popular device in the world may need a change. This is exactly what the company showed by creating its new product based on the sixth iPhone. The S90 manufacturer took into account all the subtleties and errors of the prototype.


Lenovo Sisley S90

Appearance Lenovo Sisley S90 pleasantly stands out among the company's models. The reason for this was the cloning of a famous brand. The smartphone copied not only the appearance, but also the thickness and weight. The device, like the iPhone, is quite thin, only 6.9 mm. The weight of the device is similar to the apple flagship, namely 129 grams.

The decision to copy such famous manufacturers may not seem like the best choice, but everything has its pluses. Users will be able to get a device similar in style and lower in price. And the appearance of modern devices rarely shines with originality.

Aluminum was used in the case, which significantly improved the appearance and solidity of the device. The screen protector fails a bit. Instead of Gorilla Glass, the device was equipped only with tempered glass. Naturally, the level of protection is much lower. By the way, the oleophobic coating of the glass turned out to be quiteMarkim.

External details have taken their usual places. The front of the device houses a display, a front camera, a flash, sensors, a speaker and touch buttons. On the right side there is a volume control and a power button, and on the left side there is a SIM card tray. The rear part "meets" the user with the company logo, the main camera, and the flash.

The top end occupies the headphone jack, microphone and antenna plug. Speakers, a USB socket, a microphone and bolts are sheltered below. It is worth noting that the bottom end is copied to the smallest detail.

Although the smartphone is a clone, it is simply impossible to blame the appearance. The device is elegant and memorable. The firm has worked out every detail of the Lenovo Sisley S90.


Lenovo Sisley S90 review

The phone received a 5-inch screen. In this characteristic of Lenovo Sisley S90, the company decided not to imitate the iPhone. Given the resolution of 1280 by 720, the diagonal is quite suitable for the device.

The display uses Super Amoled technology, as in many Samsungs. The use of this novelty made it possible to make the screen more saturated and bright. Unfortunately, the technology implemented in Lenovo Sisley S90 (Grey is one of the color options for the device) has not yet reached the heights of Korean masters. Actually, there are simply no many settings present in the Samsung screens.

The display turned out to be very solid, albeit with slightly noticeable pixels. The owner will fully enjoy the quality and color reproduction of the device.


The manufacturer equipped the Lenovo Sisley S90 with everything necessary for high-quality shooting. The main camera of the device has as much as 13 megapixels and an incredibly high resolution - 4208 by 3120. Photos will not leave anyone indifferent. The pictures come out very detailed, unfortunately, the image lacks brightness. Against the background of all the positive qualities, this disadvantage is simply lost.

Lenovo Sisley S90 gray

Fans of self-portraits will be delighted with the front camera. The front camera has as much as 8 megapixels and is equipped with an LED flash. The set resolution of the front camera is 3264 by 2448. The quality of the pictures is slightly above average, but this is quite enough.

If we consider the Lenovo Sisley S90 camera, its review creates only a positive impression. The manufacturer's efforts are commendable.


Lenovo Sisley S90 LTE has four cores running at 1.2 GHz each and can surprise many users. But a more interesting feature of the "stuffing" is the use of the SnapDragon processor. A Chinese manufacturer rarely decides to change the familiar MTK to a different part. The video accelerator Adreno 306 somewhat blurs the picture, it is definitely weak for such hardware.

High performance will provide the user with not only flawless operation of the interface and applications, but also support for the most advanced games. You don't have to worry about running out of power.

Seriously concerned about the "stuffing", the manufacturer paid attention to the RAM. Instead of the usualgigabyte S90 equipped with 2 GB of memory. This solution allows you to use your smartphone more efficiently.

Several variants of the device were presented, namely Lenovo Sisley S90 32GB and 16GB. Actually, the buyer will face a difficult choice. However, please note that the device does not have a slot for a flash drive.


The installed "Android" is definitely outdated for S90. The system will unpleasantly surprise the user with version 4.4.4. On top of "Android" the manufacturer has installed a proprietary interface Vibe UI. A lot of applications come with the shell. Some will be useful, but there are also absolutely unnecessary programs.

Lenovo Sisley S90 32gb

The shell has undergone significant changes and has become more stable. All the stuttering and sticking experienced by the predecessors has been eliminated.

In case of urgent need, it is possible to carry out updates through FOTA or using custom firmware. Finding the latest version is easy.


Although there are two speakers in the device, one is a snag. The sound is quite tolerable for an Android device. The quality will not cause much enthusiasm, but there will be no negative emotions either.


A very painful place on the phone is the non-removable battery. The manufacturer, who previously installed high-capacity batteries on the S series, equipped the gadget with only 2300 maH. Given that the battery is built-in, this is an incredibly bad decision.

When actively using the charge deviceenough for about 3-4 hours. Pretty low figure even for budget devices. A slip like this is simply unacceptable for mid-range devices.


Lenovo Sisley S90 LTE

The cost of Lenovo Sisley S90 32GB ranges from 13 to 15 thousand. The 16 GB version is only a few thousand cheaper. Before buying, you should accurately determine the amount of memory. The lack of a slot for a flash drive makes the user make a difficult choice.


In addition to the phone, the kit includes a USB cable, a headset, an adapter, and instructions. For greater reliability, the owner can also add a cover to the package.

Positive Feedback

First of all, the Lenovo Sisley S90 has an outstanding design. Reviews speak of many supporters of the firm's decision to emulate Apple's flagship. Naturally, some users do not like the cloned design. However, the appearance will not leave anyone indifferent.

Another advantage of the gadget is the screen of excellent quality. The high resolution of the 5-inch display provides a pleasant user experience.

The camera is also not satisfactory. The picture quality will satisfy even demanding users.

Capable of a lot of "stuffing" - another trump card of the S90. The processor that replaced the MTK looks much more attractive, and 2 GB of RAM is generally the top of expectations.

Reinforced by all the positive qualities of low cost. The price is quite democratic, which makes the device even more attractive.

Negative reviews

Lenovo Sisley S90 reviews

There are minor problems in the device. For example, the battery does not meet the requirements of the Lenovo Sisley S90 at all. Reviews of the owners are full of dissatisfaction with the autonomy of the smartphone. Given the powerful batteries of its predecessors, such a miscalculation by Lenovo in the S90 is very unpleasant.

Confused users and the old version of the system. The owner will be forced to independently update the "Android". Although there are many applications for version 4.4.4, newer programs will not be available.


Even copying the appearance, the manufacturer was able to fully reveal its strengths in the Lenovo Sisley S90. An overview of the device allows you to appreciate the efforts of Chinese craftsmen. Definitely, the S90 smartphone is worthy of the attention of users.

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