"Beeline", tariff "International". International roaming ("Beeline"): tariffs


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"Beeline", tariff "International". International roaming ("Beeline"): tariffs
"Beeline", tariff "International". International roaming ("Beeline"): tariffs

Sometimes international roaming services can be very expensive if you do not immediately take care of connecting a favorable tariff. In doing so, you also need to find out which plan of your operator will really have the best conditions in order to make the right choice.

Today we will talk about mobile services at Beeline. The "International" tariff, which was once the main plan for roaming calls, is no longer valid - the client is offered only three packages, one of which is focused exclusively on mobile Internet.

For more information about what services can be connected to subscribers of this operator at the moment, read the article.

Beeline tariffs

"Beeline" tariff "International"

As you know, tariff plans offered by mobile operators (not necessarily about roaming services) change quite often. Service providers do this in order to attract new customers by promising them favorable terms.

So it is with Beeline. The “International” tariff, about which so many flattering reviews were written at one time, is not offered now. But in the product line,focused on work in international roaming, today you can see completely new tariffs.

If we talk about communication services (calls, SMS), then these are two plans - "My Planet" and "Planet Zero"; As for network access services, in this vein it is advisable to talk about the “Most profitable Internet in roaming” option. Consider them in detail.

Country groups

Before that, let me make a small remark about the list of countries in which we are discussing roaming. The thing is that mobile services abroad are provided by your operator in agreement with other supplier companies. This causes the inflated cost of calls, calls, Internet connection.

International roaming "Beeline" tariffs

Earlier, in the company "Beeline" tariff "International" acted on a slightly different principle of tariffication. Now the cost of service packages depends solely on the country to which the subscriber is sent. Therefore, the company has two lists of countries. The first includes the countries of Europe, the CIS, the USA, Canada, as well as a number of the most popular destinations for tourism and migration - Lithuania, Switzerland, Thailand, Egypt, China, and so on.

The rest include more countries: UAE, Australia, Algeria, Jamaica, African states and so on. Their peculiarity lies in the fact that the cost of the services provided is more expensive.

My Planet

Now with regard to the tariff plans in force at the Beeline company. Tariff "International", as you understand, we leave out of our field of vision,because it has lost its relevance. Let's start with My Planet, a plan that waives subscription fees.

For the so-called popular countries, incoming calls cost 15 rubles per minute, outgoing - 25. Each SMS message will cost 9 rubles. For unpopular destinations, respectively, the prices are: 19 p. inbox, 49 p. outgoing, 9 p. - SMS.

One can say that "My Planet" is the standard tariff for international roaming in Beeline. The cost of services here, as you can see, is marked by the amount of data used by the user, and there is no subscription fee. You can connect the tariff plan either by contacting the operator or by using a simple combination 1100071. To disable, dial 0 instead of the last digit.

tariff "International" "Beeline" Moscow

Planet Zero

Another interesting tariff is Planet Zero. The package is positioned as one in which there is no charge for incoming calls. Thus, the subscriber pays only for the services that he consumes. True, one should not be deceived by the cheapness of communication within the framework of this service - the operator, obviously, covers his costs through some tricks.

Firstly, like the International tariff (Beeline, Moscow), the Planet Zero option (also available for subscribers from the capital) provides for a mandatory subscription fee of 60 rubles per day of using the service. Secondly, the cost, depending on the geographic location of the user, is divided into three categories. The first is the popular countries in which the incoming (after the 20thminutes) become paid and cost 10 rubles per minute; outgoing - 20 rubles, and SMS - 7. The second - the rest of the directions, in which the monthly fee is already 100 rubles per day, incoming after the 20th minute - 15 rubles per minute, outgoing - 45 rubles, and SMS - 9 rubles.

In addition to those listed, there is a third category of countries to which the service does not apply. These include various island nations and some former colonies. The full list is on the official website of the company.

This is Beeline's international roaming. The rates above are as of today. To activate the Planet Zero service, you need to enter the command 110331. When disabled, respectively, the last digit must be replaced with zero.

The most profitable Internet in roaming

"Beeline" standard international roaming tariff

The company also has a tariff for providing Internet services abroad in the Beeline network. The tariff "International 4 G", of course, is not available at the moment, but there is an option that is called: "The most profitable Internet in roaming." You do not need to connect it - the subscriber is served by default.

As part of the service, you, as a Beeline subscriber, are provided with a data package of 40 megabytes. Its cost is 200 rubles per day of use. Moreover, if you spend more, you will have to pay 5 rubles for each megabyte. The given tariff scale is valid only in popular countries. As for the rest of the territories, they will cost 90 rubles per megabyte of InternetBeeline user.

Tariffs for international calls, as you can see, this option does not provide at all.

SMS in international roaming

For those who like to send text messages, the company has an additional service in the form of an SMS package. Each client who has traveled abroad is provided with 100 messages to be sent to Beeline numbers. The cost of the package is 295 rubles, which are deducted one-time.

Beeline tariffs for international calls

How to cut costs?

Beeline gives some advice on how to cut mobile phone costs. Firstly, for example, the site recommends pre-activating a roaming tariff in order to pay for services on special terms. Secondly, you need to make sure that your phone can switch to roaming service. You can do this in the device settings. Thirdly, do not forget about information support - install the My Beeline application to keep track of expenses and see all the options for your number online. Also, do not hesitate to ask the operator your questions by calling +7(495)-974-8888 (free for subscribers).

How to find out the cost of calls at your rate?

tariffs "Beeline" international communication

A frequent problem for travelers (even before the start of the trip) is the difficulty in calculating their own costs. Given that the amounts to be paid are quite large, one should not be mistaken, since the difference can become enormous.

ForFor more convenience for subscribers, Beeline tariffs (for which international communication is the main function), the operator has developed a special online calculator. To determine which package will be more profitable for you, just enter your goals (what services you would like to use during the trip), as well as the country where you are going. As a result, the system will issue prices for services for certain options, which will allow comparison.

Top up account in roaming

Finally, don't forget your account balance. Before you go, we recommend replenishing it so as not to look for ways to deposit funds while abroad. It will be cheaper as different fees and additional charges may apply abroad.

"Beeline" tariff "International" 4 g

If it happens that your balance reaches zero, you can ask your friend to send money to your account. This can be done by the combination 143subscriber number. He will receive a message “This subscriber is asking to replenish his account.”

In addition, you can send money using a credit card and the Beeline website, which has a special form for transferring funds to a phone.

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