"Multipass": deactivate the service. How to disable "Multipass"?


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"Multipass": deactivate the service. How to disable "Multipass"?
"Multipass": deactivate the service. How to disable "Multipass"?

Multipass must be turned off immediately upon returning to Russia, since the operator will charge a monthly fee from the number, regardless of the location of the subscriber.

Roaming in Beeline

Roaming is often unreasonably expensive. For a few minutes of talking abroad, you can pay a fabulous amount, equal to half of what a subscriber pays for a month.

multipass shutdown

But "Beeline" has quite advantageous offers in terms of roaming. For example, the service "Multipass", "Seductive roaming", "Beeline+ Countries", etc. When traveling to the CIS countries, Europe or, possibly, Asia, it makes sense to choose roaming before each trip, which is right at the moment. After all, tariffs are changing, and a reasonable approach will save money.

Multipass is…

This tariff is a service for those who travel abroad often. It has fairly low rates for international calls and for sending SMS messages. But for those who go abroad at least once a year, it is better to turn off Multipass upon arrival home, so as not to overpay.

Depending on the features, this tariff will cost differently. Byprepaid are charged from the subscriber's account 15 rubles per day. If a certain tariff is set for the number, then the cost for the user will be 450 rubles per month. But the Multipass service is connected free of charge.

Price Details

Outgoing call costs 15 rubles per minute. This is regardless of whether it is local, in Russia or international. The incoming call fee will cost the subscriber 5 rubles for the same conversation period. Tariffing here is per minute. The countdown starts from the first second.

Sending an SMS from a number will cost 5 rubles. And MMS and receiving messages - 29 kopecks. The price for using the World Wide Web for 20 Kb will be, as for sending MMS, 29 kopecks.

Disabling the Multipass service should be done by those who travel to North and South America, Africa, as well as to Australia and Oceania.

disable multipass

The service will work where there are mobile operators - partners of Beeline (Russia). These are Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Laos, Moldova, etc. Somewhere they are also called "Beeline", and in some countries they have other names.

Even if a person comes from a place where there is a partner operator, then the Multipass must still be turned off.

Tariff connection

The "Multipass" service is available only to those who have been using it for a long time. No one will be able to connect to this service again. This is because "Multipass" is a tariff that Beeline sent to the archive and replaces it with subscribersto "Most profitable roaming".

And this tariff does not need to be connected. "The most profitable roaming" includes a package of ten free minutes of calls and 40 MB of traffic per day. All minutes and megabytes that will be spent in excess of the allowable rate must be paid separately.

Another advantage of this tariff is that if a Beeline client has not made a single call in a day, has not sent a single SMS and has not accessed the Internet, he will not have to pay anything. In addition, 4G Internet is available to Beeline subscribers when connecting the “Most profitable roaming” tariff. Its coverage covers many European countries and beyond. To learn more about the distribution zone, you need to go to the official website of the Beeline company.

multipass service

How to disable the Multipass service?

Your attention is offered two ways: directly by phone or via the Internet.

To disable Multipass, upon returning from abroad, dial 110590 on your phone and press the call button.

You can also disable this service via the Internet. This is done using the Beeline service management system. To cancel the tariff, you need to go to your personal account on the official website of the operator. And at the end, turn off the "Multipass".

It is worth noting that after this action it will be impossible to restore the service. Therefore, if you like its conditions and billing, then you should think before turning it off.

Roaming in Russia

OnOn the territory of Russia, one of the unpleasant moments is internal roaming. This is such a service when the connection occurs automatically, as soon as a person leaves his region. Why is the moment bad? Because it's expensive.

Most of all, perhaps, this alignment upsets those who live at the junction of different areas, and who have to overpay, being almost a couple of kilometers from home. This state of affairs will not appeal to those who like to travel around Mother Russia. And although everyone promises to cancel roaming within Russia, no one is going to hold back their words so far. Only one thing pleases: the Beeline operator offers profitable roaming, which can help reduce mobile communication costs.

deactivation of the multipass service

Such tariffs from Beeline include:

  • "My country";
  • "Our Country+".

They differ in the cost of calls, SMS messages and the Internet. You will have to pay 25 rubles for connecting the My Country service. The amount is small. And the connection of the Our Country+ service is absolutely free. But in terms of saving on calls, My Country will still be cheaper.

Roaming is available within Russia and with other operators, so people do not need to buy a local SIM card when traveling to another city.

What to choose if you had to turn off the "Multipass"?

Firstly, when going on a trip abroad, you must definitely turn off the mobile Internet in your smartphone. Of course, if he is not needed there, say, for work or forother valid reasons. The fact is that if there are no special options, then the megabytes spent will cost a huge penny. Well, save on communications abroad, in addition to the Multipass service, they will help:

  • "Planet Zero";
  • Seductive Roaming;
  • SuperVisa.

If necessary, to use the benefits of the World Wide Web abroad, such an additional option from Beeline as the "Sea of ​​the Internet" will help. To be fair, other Big Three operators also have these options, and they are sometimes cheaper.

how to disable the multipass service

Geography "Multipass"

Before turning off Multipass, it makes sense to find out - what if this service is useful in a particular country? After all, she is more profitable than many.

And to be objective, it is worth recognizing that the majority of tourists from Russia travel just to Asia, Europe and the CIS countries. And "Multipass" is a fairly balanced service in terms of price. Therefore, you need to think several times before turning off Multipass if there is a high probability of departure to one of the 62 countries in the near future. Their list can be found on the official Beeline website. Over 60 is not that many when it comes to traveling the world. For example, Beeline+ Countries has only 18 states.

However, it makes sense to disable the described tariff by replacing it with "Seductive roaming". If Beeline "Multipass" has a cheaper monthly fee, then this is an insignificant difference -only 5 cents. And incoming calls are more expensive by a whole ruble per minute. Despite the more expensive mobile data transfer, "Seductive Roaming" can win only because of the low cost of incoming calls. After all, few use the Internet abroad.

beeline multipass

Thus, "Multipass" is one of the few roaming services that allows communicative people abroad to continue communication without biting evil prices. The only negative that makes you turn off this good tariff is the constant collection of a monthly fee. And sending it to the archive will make many think not only about changing roaming services, but also, possibly, about changing the operator.

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