Several ways to unlock iPhone 4 if you forgot your password

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Several ways to unlock iPhone 4 if you forgot your password
Several ways to unlock iPhone 4 if you forgot your password

Like a regular phone, the iPhone can also be locked. But what if you have secured yourself, but the pin code is lost? What to do and how to unlock iPhone 4 if you forgot your password?

When a problem occurs

how to unlock password iphone 4

Most often you need to unlock an iPhone that was imported from abroad, such as the US or Europe, and supports one of the local operators. There are several options to make it available to your SIM card. There are both non-standard methods, such as the use of specially designed programs, and completely legal ones. For example, contacting customer service. Consider everything in order.

Guide to action

how to unlock iphone 4 if you forgot password

You need to know the GSM operator in order to figure out how to unlock the phone. The iPhone 4 has a security hole. It allows you to easily access iPhone content. For example, your device is linked to T-Mobile (USA). Initially, you need to insert an original AT&T SIM card into your phone. Then di altechnical support number 611. Drop the call immediately. After turning on Airplane Mode (airplane mode), replace the SIM card with your own. Be sure to check if WI-FI is turned off. Then you need to cancel Airplane Mode, and the phone will search for a network. EDGE is automatically activated, this will be indicated by the appearance of the letter "E" in the upper left corner of the screen. After 20-30 seconds, the phone must be turned off. You will make sure that this option of how to unlock an iPhone 4 if you forgot your password is the most acceptable and simple. After switching on, the phone will again require activation. When one bar signal appears, you need to select a cellular connection, remove the SIM card from the device. Again, the activation request will appear on the screen. After that, the SIM must be inserted into the phone. Now it's unlocked.

How to bypass password

how to unlock iphone screen

When you turn on the device, the message “Unlock” appears on the screen and the requirement “Enter password”. It can be either simple (consist of 4 digits) or complex. In this case, a free line appears on the iPhone display. If you enter the password incorrectly 10 times, the information stored in the device may be affected. First of all, don't panic. Loopholes can be found in any system. For example, in electronic devices that work with the iOS 6.1 operating system, a bug has been found that makes it easy to deal with the problem. And you do not need to have programming skills. You can do without a lost PIN code. It is enough to select "Emergency Call" on the screen after turning on the iPhone. Then press the power buttonmust be held until "Turn Off" appears. Now select "Cancel", after that you need to dial the emergency number, hang up the call and block the device again. You can turn it on using the Home button. This method, how to unlock an iPhone 4 if you forgot your password, is also suitable for version 5.1 electronic devices. Finally, when the lock screen reappears, you need to hold the power button for 3 seconds, then click on "Emergency Call". Thanks to this error, you can bypass iPhone security, send SMS messages, add photos, view voice mail.

Special programs

how to unlock iphone 4

The problem of how to unlock the iPhone 4 screen is solved in another way. Hacker programs are specially created that allow you to hack a phone with almost any modem. A Chinese developer offers a SAM program. It is based on the iPhone ICCID vulnerability. When starting this method, it should be borne in mind that after such an operation, the iPhone will be able to work with only one SIM card. You can do the following. Restore device to factory settings and reinstall operating system via iTunes.

Service to help you

Not only hacker programs help if you are puzzled over how to unlock the password, iPhone 4 is quite amenable to "opening" in the hands of professionals who work in specialized service centers for repairing electronic devices. And unlocking will take quitea little time (about a quarter of an hour). True, professional repairs cost money, but you will be provided with a guarantee and safety of the operations performed. Experts offer a completely legal way to make the phone available to any mobile operator. To do this, you need to order the service "Official unlock" (unlock). This procedure is carried out through Apple. Therefore, if you had a warranty for an iPhone, it is preserved. At the same time, it becomes possible to use WI-FI, play games, update the device firmware to the latest version.

With all the simplicity and accessibility of ways to unlock iPhone 4 if you forgot your password, you need to keep in mind that not only forgetful owners of mobile electronic devices, but also scammers can use them. Therefore, you need to be careful when buying a new phone.

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