How to disable the subscription 5051 on "Megaphone". How to disable any subscription. How to save money on Megafon


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How to disable the subscription 5051 on "Megaphone". How to disable any subscription. How to save money on Megafon
How to disable the subscription 5051 on "Megaphone". How to disable any subscription. How to save money on Megafon

Many subscribers of the telecommunications operator "MegaFon" complain that they are subscribed without their knowledge and desire to various mailing lists. But there are situations when subscribers simply get bored with incoming messages. It is clear that in all these cases it is important for them to know how to disable the 5051 subscription on Megafon.

Types of mailouts

Operators offer various services to their subscribers. If a few years ago people were happy that they could call or send an SMS message, now there are much more opportunities. For example, a 5051 subscription to MegaFon allows you to learn economic news, events in the world and Russia, receive information about exchange rates, weather. This is not a complete list of possibilities. Megafon allows you to select the necessary subscriptions in various categories:

- most important;

- news;

- sports;

- entertainment;

- communication;

- for adults and others.

how to unsubscribe5051 on a megaphone

Also, subscribers can stop their attention on the "Save" category, which offers combined mailings. For example, the "Best" package assumes that you will be sent news from Russia, weather information, information from the Megafon operator, a horoscope and the best jokes. By selecting the "Business" category, you will receive information about the news in Russia, about the economy and business, about the exchange rate and a horoscope. With subscriptions, you can even improve your knowledge of a foreign language by choosing the English Lessons package.

Mailing cost

Many subscribers would agree to receive SMS with interesting information, if certain amounts were not charged for this. So, all sent packets with information are a separate paid service from the operator. It is because of this that most subscribers are interested in how to remove the 5051 subscription, because all information comes from this number.

disable 5051 subscription on megaphone

So, the cost of mailings ranges from 1 to 50 rubles per day, depending on the options chosen. But for most packages, the operator set a price in the range of 2-5 rubles. Of course, the cost is small, but if a person monitors the balance of funds on the phone, then debiting 60-300 rubles a month will be noticeable to him.

But Megafon also offers free mailings - this is a calendar of holidays and news from the telecom operator.

How to subscribe to receive information

If you are not afraid of the cost of mailings, then you can order any of the ones you like. For just a few rublesyou will be aware of the news, you will know your horoscope and the weather in the city. It's easy to do. You can go to the Mobile Subscriptions Internet portal at and choose the option that suits you. After that, you just have to place an order by clicking the "login" button. In a special field, you will need to enter your phone number and the code in the picture.

After that, you will receive an SMS message with a code. It will be necessary to enter it in a special field. After all the manipulations, the subscription will be issued. Depending on its terms, you will receive informational messages once or several times a day. If you get tired of it, then at any time you can unsubscribe from the number 5051.

unsubscribe from number 5051

But that's not the only way. You can subscribe to the newsletter by simply sending an SMS message to 5051. But for this you need to know the code of the data package you have chosen. It can be found on the above MegaFon website.

Another way to subscribe is to send a USSD command to 505ХХ, where XX is its identification number. You can find it on the same website of the Megafon operator.

How do I unsubscribe from mailing lists?

how to delete subscription 5051

After some time, subscription to number 5051 is no longer needed. "How to disable this newsletter on Megafon?" - such a question becomes the main one for subscribers. For convenience, the operator has provided several options for refusing to receive periodic information on the phone. Yes, thiscan do:

- on the site in the "Mobile Subscriptions" section;

- by sending a message to number 5051 with a command to refuse;

- by creating a USSD command.

However, in the last two options, you need to know your mailing code.

You can also go to a special Sim-menu and select the MegaFonPro item there. In the proposed list, find "Megafon-subscriptions". You will be able to see all the mailings connected to your number from the selected section. In the same place, you will be offered the opportunity to disable each of them separately or all together.

Also, the subscriber can simply contact any operator's office, where qualified employees will help solve any of the problems that have arisen and tell what the funds were debited for.

Using the Web Portal

In order to unsubscribe your Megafon phone number from incoming SMS messages, you need to go to your personal account on the website However, only authorized users can access it. If you have not previously used your personal account, then you will need to go through a simple registration procedure. Only after that on your page you will be able to see a list of all mailing lists to which you are subscribed. Near each of them there will be an "Unsubscribe" button.

subscription 5051 disable

You can get into your personal account and disable the 5051 subscription on Megafon as follows. In a special form, you must enter your phone number, then in the field that appears, you need to dial the code that will come in the message.

Disconnect via SMS

In order to unsubscribe via messages, you need to know the codes of all packages you subscribe to. If you know this information, then you will not have any problems with how to disable the 5051 subscription on Megafon. To do this, it will only be necessary to send an SMS message to the number from which the newsletter comes, with the following test: "Stop XX", where XX is the unique number of the subscription package. But even if you make a mistake, send a different word and enter the correct id, the broadcast will be stopped. The following commands are suitable as a substitute for the word "Stop": No, No, Unsubscribe, Otp, Stop. The main thing is to correctly indicate your subscription number.

If you do not know the unique identifier of the information package that comes to you, then before figuring out how to disable the 5051 subscription on Megafon, you need to find out this code. You can only unsubscribe from one email per message.

Unsubscribe using USSD commands

5051 subscription how to disable on a megaphone

You can refuse to receive information not only by sending SMS. Any subscriber can create a USSD command and describe himself from any of the mailing lists. If you are tired of the 5051 subscription, you can disable it only if you managed to find out the special identifier, just like when sending messages. But keep in mind that these codes for SMS and for USSD commands can be either the same or slightly different. Therefore, if you have learned the code for sending an SMS message to unsubscribe, then send a USSD command with the samenot worth the cipher.

If you know the desired identifier, then you can unsubscribe as follows: dial the following on the digital display of the phone: 5050ХХ. At the same time, XX is the number of the mailing that you want to unsubscribe from. If you want to unsubscribe from multiple packages, you will need to repeat the procedure for each of them.

How to find out the unique code

You can find out which number you need to send in a message or USSD command simply on the website of the Megafon operator at There you can find the ciphers for each of the mailings. To make your work easier, it is advisable to remember which category your subscription belongs to. This will make it much easier to find her. The site provides information about several hundred different subscriptions and the packages in which they are combined.

It makes sense to send a message or a USSD command only after you find out the exact number that was assigned by the operator. This is a prerequisite for the subscription to be completed from number 5051. How to disable selected mailings on Megafon is easy to find out if you know this data.

Please note that on the same site you can find out how much the incoming messages cost you, and what exactly you need to dial on your phone in order to subscribe or, conversely, unsubscribe. The code for each mailing consists of 4-5 digits.

Don't worry if you can't find the ID you need. Every week the operator sends information about how you can unsubscribe from the selected mailing list. With the information obtained, you canit is easy to disable the 5051 subscription on Megafon.

Savings on the account

5051 subscription on megaphone

If you do not want the amount of money on your balance to decrease, then you should stop all mailing lists. There are situations when a subscriber likes to receive information on several subscriptions, but the amounts of daily debited funds make him refuse such pleasure. In this case, the operator suggests not just figuring out how to disable the 5051 subscription on Megafon, but replacing several with one package.

You can save a lot of money by connecting to unified newsletters. After all, each of them includes several subscriptions. At the same time, the average cost of a package is about 5 rubles. And if you calculate the cost of all mailings included in it, then the amount will be 1.5-2 times higher.

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