Schaub Lorenz washing machine: reviews, review of models, manufacturer, advantages and disadvantages


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Schaub Lorenz washing machine: reviews, review of models, manufacturer, advantages and disadvantages
Schaub Lorenz washing machine: reviews, review of models, manufacturer, advantages and disadvantages

New names don't often appear among home appliance manufacturers. This industry has long been firmly chosen by such giants as Samsung, LG, Electrolux, Ariston and other well-known companies. It is very difficult for beginners to break through to this sparkling Olympus. Almost impossible. Therefore, the emergence of a new company is always an event. This is exactly what happened with Schaub Lorenz. What kind of company is this? Until quite recently, no one had heard of her. But her washing machines are of high quality. We will analyze the main characteristics of these washing machines, consider the reviews of the owners and try to understand whether these washing machines are so good. But first, a few words about the manufacturer.

schaub lorenz what brand

About Schaub Lorenz

Technically, the company was founded in 1889. But then it was called simply Lorenz. By the name of its creator.Receivers, communication devices and other things were produced. In the prewar years, the company moved from one syndicate to another. After World War II, the lion's share of production capacity remained in the territories of the GDR occupied by the Soviet government. The company had to restart production. In 1988, the Finnish Nokia buys the company. From this moment, the journey through various trade groups begins again.

This is the main story of Schaub Lorenz. What kind of firm, which, in fact, could never boast of independence? It's not quite right. In 2007, the company is released from the "yoke" of other manufacturers and begins its own production. However, the first model of built-in home appliances was released in 2015. The company's production facilities are located in Turkey. However, all parts are imported from Germany. Everything fell into place. However, it's time to take a closer look at the Schaub Lorenz washing machine. We will analyze reviews about it a little later. In the meantime, let's talk about the packaging of this product.

schaub lorenz washing machine manual

Package set

The Schaub Lorenz washing machine, reviewed in the following chapters, comes in a large cardboard box with foam inserts. The bottom of the machine is securely fixed on a wooden pallet. Inside is the washing machine itself, a hose for connecting to the low tide, a warranty card and an instruction manual. Standard delivery set for the Schaub Lorenz washing machine.

Instruction deservesseparate mention. This is a fairly thick brochure with the most detailed description of all the features of the washing machine in many languages. There is even Russian. And very correct. The instructions even have a fully described process for installing and connecting this washing machine. Everything is painted to the smallest detail. That is, no one will definitely have problems with installation, configuration, connection and use. And now let's move on to the appearance of the washing machine. It's definitely worth considering.

schaub lorenz washing machine manufacturer

Look & Design

In general, the manufacturer has many models, but we will focus on the SLW MW6110, as the most common. There are no questions about the appearance of the machine. The design is excellent. The machine is made of high quality metal. There is a huge selection of colors: white, red, silver, brown and even black. Type of loading - frontal. Type of construction - with a removable cover (built-in appliances). The loading hatch is quite large. It is very convenient to throw things in it. Hatch glass tinted (black). It all looks great. Schaub Lorenz has colorful washing machines. This is a kind of calling card. And now consider the main technical characteristics of the machine.

schaub lorenz washing machines review

Main Specifications

The Schaub Lorenz washing machine, reviews of which we will analyze a little later, can take on board 6 kilograms of dirty laundry. The maximum spin speed is 1000 rpm.minute. Not so much. But the machine almost does not vibrate, which is important for embedded technology. There is an option to select the spin speed (suitable for delicate fabrics). Also, the spin can be canceled completely. The machine is completely leakproof and has a unique design of the legs, which dampens vibration almost completely. There is also an option to select the washing temperature and the possibility of washing shirts. Let's continue to consider Schaub Lorenz washing machines. The review would be incomplete without analyzing the washing modes and additional options. Let's get to it now.

schaub lorenz multicolored washing machines

Washing modes and additional options

What washing modes can this machine please consumers with? There are special modes for bed linen, denim, delicate fabrics, wool and cotton, down outerwear, mixed fabrics, outerwear and other fabrics. As for the washing options, the set of them here is quite impressive. There is an economical wash option, a quick wash, an anti-crease option, child protection, an imbalance control and an option for registering the foam level. But there is no built-in drying, unfortunately. Though she wouldn't be in the way. It is worth noting that this machine has a rather delicate spin. It does not affect the fabric in any way. And this can be safely written down in the advantages of this washing machine. Let's continue to consider the Schaub Lorenz washing machine. The manufacturer claims that its washing machines are very quiet. Is it so? Let's try to figure it out.

schaub lorenz washing machine reviews

Noise level and power consumption

So, does the machine make a lot of noise during washing? Not really. In the rinse mode, the noise level does not exceed 58 dB. And if the machine is built-in, then even less. In fact, it is the quietest of all modern washing machines of the same class. When spinning, the noise level rises to 77 dB. But it can not be called critical. In general, the machine runs quite quietly in any mode. And now about energy consumption. This washing machine is rated A++ energy efficient. This means that at a very high power density, it consumes ridiculously little electricity. A conventional microwave consumes many times more.

Advantages of this washing machine

It is worth highlighting the key features of the Schaub Lorenz washing machine in a separate list. Benefits will come first. And you will notice that there are a lot of them. At least definitely more than disadvantages:

  • stylish and modern design;
  • high quality materials;
  • rich colors;
  • build quality at the highest level;
  • unique design that absorbs almost all vibrations;
  • large hatch for loading laundry;
  • leak protection;
  • electronic intelligent control of the washing process;
  • the presence of a huge number of washing modes for different fabrics;
  • decent spin speed;
  • foam level control function;
  • child lock;
  • imbalance control;
  • optionwash temperature selection;
  • low noise;
  • low power consumption;
  • Spin speed selection.

All of the above advantages clearly make it clear that the manufacturer has produced a high-quality and noteworthy product. And now let's move on to other features of this washing machine.

schaub lorenz washing machine disadvantages

Disadvantages of this washing machine

Each product has disadvantages. The Schaub Lorenz washing machine is no exception. Its disadvantages are not as pronounced as its advantages. Yes, there are not very many of them.

  • No end of wash signal (would be very useful).
  • No wash time information on screen.
  • Washing programs are very long.
  • This machine could use more revs.
  • No built-in dryer.

These are all shortcomings. You can see for yourself that there are not very many of them. However, only the reviews of the owners of this miracle of technology can give a real situation in terms of advantages and disadvantages.

Model Overview

This manufacturer has different models of washing machines, but they differ little from each other. These are all built-in appliances. And here there can be no cardinal differences. Still the same front loading, still the same vibration reduction option. The only difference between the models is the design and color. As for the color, by the way, it is very important, because the user needs a car that fits perfectly into the interior. That's why the manufacturer has a lot of washingcars of various colors. And the specifications are almost the same.

Positive feedback from owners

So what do users say about the Schaub Lorenz washing machine? Reviews are mostly positive. But there are those who, for some reason, were not satisfied with this car. However, we will first consider the comments of the satisfied ones and only then move on to the dissatisfied ones.

Happy owners note that the first thing that attracted them to this washing machine was the design. It looks like a device from the future. Therefore, it was purchased. Further, many were pleased with the instruction in Russian with a complete description of the process of installing the device and its use. Further more. The owners note that this washing machine works almost perfectly. There is no strange noise, the electricity meter does not spin like crazy. Miracle.

Also, many owners note that even at maximum spin speed, the machine manages not to damage delicate fabrics. And it's really good. Users also say that the machine washes well. All items are exceptionally clean. After pressing, they are almost dry. And this is good news.

The intelligent laundry management system also received positive comments. She knows exactly what to do with this or that fabric. Many note that the anti-vibration system of the washing machine only works if it is properly installed. No other way. In general, most are clearly satisfied with the purchase.

Negative owner reviews

Turkish washing machines Schaub Lorenz assembled anda certain number of negative reviews. It is impossible to call them non-constructive, since almost all of them are clearly argued. What did users not like about this washing machine?

Firstly, the lack of a sound signal about the end of the wash. It would be just the way, otherwise some users are uncomfortable when they are in another room. I have to go and check all the time.

Secondly, the information display does not show how much time is left until the end of the wash. It is not clear what this is connected with, but the manufacturer did not add such an option. And it's really uncomfortable.

Thirdly, all washing programs are somehow too long. While other washing machines finish washing, Schaub continues to work. Kind of weird. Many more owners were upset by the customer support service. It's easier not to call there at all, as they ask a bunch of unnecessary questions. Apparently this is how they make money. But it's still annoying. The owners also note that the machine does not remember programs. After turning them off, they must be set again. But it's not so critical anymore. Nevertheless, this washing machine has much more advantages than disadvantages. And this is good news.


So, we have considered a very interesting Schaub Lorenz washing machine. User reviews about this product make it clear that the product is quite high quality. A German company with production in Turkey produces high-quality, modern and functional washing machines. And don't be afraid to buy them.

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