Let's try to determine which mobile Internet is better

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Let's try to determine which mobile Internet is better
Let's try to determine which mobile Internet is better

The number of mobile Internet users is steadily growing. And each new user thinks about which operator to connect to, whose USB modem to buy. To be honest, the question is rather complicated, even in Moscow and the region. Although there are not so many options, it is difficult to make a choice. Let's try to figure out: which mobile Internet is better? First, it depends on who needs it. Secondly, on what you need. And, thirdly, from the price of the issue.

which mobile internet is better

The main mobile Internet operators are as follows: Megafon, Beeline and MTS. You also need to pay attention to Skylink and Yota. Its main consumers are those people who need to be constantly online. So, if you need to be able to check your mail, read the news or watch the weather forecast, then any of the presented operators will more or less cope with the task.

Network access via modems and mobilephones is still, to a greater extent, limited and rather slow, but it will cope with a minimum of work. And if you try to achieve something more, then various problems will begin here. Let's drop the question of the limit, let's talk about quality. If "MegaFon" in the capital copes with the load, its 3g network has the best coverage here, then MTS and "Beeline" most often do not live up to expectations. But in other cities there may be a completely different ratio, and the answer to the question of which mobile Internet is better there may be completely different.

mobile internet which is better

As everyone probably remembers, even before the Big Three USB modems, Skylink Internet appeared. At that time it was relatively expensive and therefore not very common. Now the prices have approximately leveled off, and this operator is in great demand in the region, as it gives a stable result of 3.1 Mbps and provides a wide variety of tariffs. In Moscow, the results are worse.

Considering the mobile Internet (which one is better), you should definitely take into account the growing company Yota, which was recently bought by MegaFon. It provides the very first unlimited mobile Internet, while providing maximum speed. At the current time, Yota, under certain technical conditions, can provide a fairly high network bandwidth - up to 10 Mbps. Although she still has coverage

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uncompetitive, but now, after takeovercompany "Megafon", it will increase rapidly. In Moscow and its immediate surroundings, high-quality unlimited Internet from this operator costs 900 rubles per month and is a worthy alternative to wired.

When deciding for yourself which mobile Internet is better, it is advisable to read consumer reviews by region. A lot of people criticize Beeline and MTS, but in some places near Moscow, especially in holiday villages, no one, except for these operators, even provides ordinary communications. And they are also good, at 1.5 Mbps, they give out the Internet, but without interruptions! So everything is relative. If possible, ask your neighbors, test someone's modem, and then make a decision.

When determining which mobile Internet is best, check for other technologies in your location that may come in handy - WIMAX and Wi-Fi. So test first, then decide what you need.

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