Trying to determine which is better: iPhone-4S or iPhone-5

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Trying to determine which is better: iPhone-4S or iPhone-5
Trying to determine which is better: iPhone-4S or iPhone-5

A notable progress in the production of smartphones by Apple was the release of the iPhone-4S. When the 5th came out, it was a further breakthrough for the brainchild of Steve Jobs. Immediately after its presentation, many fans and enthusiasts began to compare these two phones. Their goal was to determine which is better: iPhone 4S or iPhone 5. We will also conduct a small comparative analysis.

Visual differences between devices

which is better iphone 4s or iphone 5

The difference is already visible at first glance, even visually: the new gadget is thinner and longer, the dimensions are respectively 123.8 x 58.6 x 7.6 mm and 115.2 x 58.6 x 9.3 mm. The width, as we can see, is the same. The case is more elongated in order to accommodate a four-inch display. The designs, as you can also immediately see, are very similar.

Let's continue to consider the iPhone-4S and 5. The difference lies in the fact that the second model is noticeably lighter than the first, its weight is 112 grams, unlike 140 for the "four". The four-inch screen providesthe resolution is already 1136 x 640 pixels, which should be appreciated by representatives of the female half of humanity. The new smartphone has an aluminum body instead of glass, making it more robust against accidental drops.

A little about the filling

iPhone 4s and 5 differences

When deciding which is better: iPhone-4S or iPhone-5 - you need to pay attention to a more convenient and compact Lightning dock connector. By the way, if you want to use old accessories, you can use the supplied adapter. Devices differ in color. If the "four" is monophonic, black or white, then the "five" is two-color. The new phone is equipped with a faster and more powerful Apple-A6 processor and has a fresher and better iOS 6 operating system, supports LTE, although not universally.

Cons of the new phone

The disadvantages include the SIM card used in the new Apple device. For many buyers, an unpleasant surprise may be the use of a nano-SIM, which cannot be cut with scissors, like the previous model. Fortunately, the main mobile operators in Russia have already purchased such cards in sufficient quantities. You can get it for free at the office of your operator. Many of those who choose which phone to buy, which is better: iPhone 4S or iPhone 5, are disappointed that the two models in question have different chargers. And in the event that you decide to become the owner of a novelty, you will have to buy another charge.

iPhone 4s and 5 reviews

But the camera is very pleasedowners of new items, as evidenced by their reviews. iPhone-4S, and even more so 5 - both can take good pictures, but thanks to its eight megapixels, the second device can fully replace an amateur camera. Many non-professional photographers regretted that they bought good appapats. After all, using an iPhone is much more convenient and easier to take high-quality pictures, the quality is excellent. In addition, there is a rather interesting feature: the ability to take pictures while shooting a video.

Still, which is better: iPhone-4S or iPhone-5?

The choice, if you are going to make a purchase, is very difficult. Therefore, think carefully about what and why you need. The phones do not differ in filling, technical characteristics to such an extent as to say: this is a real super-thing, and this is already an outdated, ancient model. So if you want to save money, then get an iPhone-4S, if it is important for you to feel like the owner of almost the latest (there are already 5S and 5C) new items, then take the "five". Either way, you won't be disappointed. Indeed, unlike other manufacturers, Apple does not need to advertise its products. So it's just a matter of taste.

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