Which is better: "Samsung" or "iPhone"? The struggle of global brands for leadership

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Which is better: "Samsung" or "iPhone"? The struggle of global brands for leadership
Which is better: "Samsung" or "iPhone"? The struggle of global brands for leadership

In the age of information technology, the rapid development of the mobile phone market, it is sometimes difficult to make a choice in favor of any particular phone. Most users of mobile communication networks faced this problem. We will conduct a small analysis of the giants of the industry and try to find out which is better: Samsung or iPhone.

which is better samsung or iphone

Difficult choice

The last few years, the mobile devices market has been actively captured by smartphones, which allow their owners to carry in their pocket almost a real computer, only in a smaller version. If you conduct a little analysis, you can identify the simplest difference between all gadgets. These are the prices. According to their level, all mobile devices can be divided into three groups. The first includes devices without a number of additional functions, with simplified technical characteristics, rather low-quality displays, cameras and other specifications. The price for them is low - in the range of 5-6 thousand rubles. For a child, the most suitable option. The next sector is the average price category. Smartphones of this class have, likeas a rule, a decent technical base, high-quality screen and other indicators are also at a fairly high level. Price - 10-20 thousand rubles. Premium-class devices have high technical and hardware characteristics. The price for them starts from 20 thousand rubles.

iphone 5 or samsung 4

How to decide to buy

Which is better: "Samsung" or "iPhone"? The question is rhetorical and has no definite answer. Both brands have their apologists and antagonists. But it is important when choosing a gadget to start from the functionality and the options you need. If we compare the "iPhone-5" and "Samsung-4", then we can identify a number of differences that are quite serious for the user. Both devices belong to the top class, so they have excellent technical performance. The first significant discrepancy in the two gadgets is their size. "Samsung" is much superior to the product of the company from Cupertino, its parameters are excellent for Internet surfing, watching videos, movies, photos. However, ergonomic performance leaves much to be desired. The huge size of the phone creates certain inconveniences for the owner. "iPhone" with a screen size of 4 inches is very comfortable in the hand, you can navigate with one hand without fear of dropping your smartphone. What to choose: "iPhone-5" or "Samsung-4" is entirely a personal decision. In addition, the body of the "apple" device is made of a single piece of aluminum, which gives it a certain noble status. Samsung is made of plasticsomewhat simplifies it in the eyes of users.

compare iphone 5 and samsung

Which OS to choose

For many potential buyers, the issue of the operating system that controls the smartphone is significant. Here, there are also significant differences between the models of Korean and American manufacturers. Which is better: Samsung or iPhone? One - on the basis of "Android", the second - on the basis of IOS, respectively. "Android" has a lot of complaints, but the same number of positive reviews. It is safe to say that this operating system is simple, relatively reliable, has many applications, but often freezes when processing a large amount of information, incorrectly displays data loading options. The IOS installed in Apple products works smoothly, behaves confidently when processing large files, and the speed in the phone is high. However, there are a number of limitations that reduce the popularity of the system among smartphone users. The sound, picture quality, cameras and hardware components in both devices are of high quality and do not have significant discrepancies in the parameters for the average person. Therefore, which is better: "Samsung" or "iPhone" - it's up to you and only you.

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