Washing machine Beko WKB 51001 M: customer reviews


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Washing machine Beko WKB 51001 M: customer reviews
Washing machine Beko WKB 51001 M: customer reviews

Choosing a good washing machine is not easy. At the moment, there are many models on the market from various manufacturers at a wide variety of prices. However, not everyone can afford cool devices with artificial intelligence on board. And it is very difficult to choose a budget option, since among these machines there are a huge number of low-quality products. So how to be? There is a great option that is inexpensive and has all the necessary options - the BEKO WKB 51001 M washing machine. Reviews about it are unexpectedly positive. Therefore, it is worth considering this washing machine in more detail. But first, a few words about the manufacturer.

beko wkb 51001m reviews

About VEKO

The BEKO brand is Turkish and has been in existence since 1997. However, the lion's share of products is produced in Russia. How is this possible? Very simple. In 2006 onthe territory of the Russian Federation, the first plant was launched. The company has always been engaged in the production of household appliances. These were refrigerators, microwaves, washing machines and more. However, over time, the brand began to produce smaller products: hair dryers, toasters, and more. It is worth noting that the company is doing well. Their products are actively sold on the Russian market. Refrigerators and washing machines are in very steady demand. Sometimes the production does not even have time to release new batches. The percentage of factory marriage is by no means low. But this does not affect the popularity in any way. Apparently, the whole point is that the products are one of the most affordable. Everything is sold at very reasonable prices. No branding fees. An example of such a product is the BEKO WKB 51001 M washing machine. Reviews and photos will be presented a little later. In the meantime, consider the appearance of technology.

washing machine beko wkb 51001 m reviews

Look & Design

So, we have a front-loading washing machine. This means that it has a porthole in front of it, giving access to the drum. It is made of thick glass. The joints with the body of the machine have high quality rubber gaskets. The device itself is made of metal covered with a thick layer of white enamel. Just above the window is the control panel. Next to it is a powder compartment. In the most prominent place is the wheel for selecting the washing program. To the right of it are the necessary buttons to control the process. There is no display showing the progress of the wash. Although he would not be hereprevented. Closer to the bottom of the machine (and again on the front side) there is a hole for draining water. If this option is needed. In general, the BEKO WKB 51001 M washing machine, which is described in the article, looks quite decent. Which is even strange, since the device belongs to the budget segment. However, let's continue. Other vehicle parameters are next.

beko wkb 51001 m description

Dimensions, weight and design features

This washing machine is very compact. Its height is 85 centimeters, width - 37 and length - 60 cm, respectively. With such dimensions, it will fit in any bathroom. Even if there is very little space. As for the weight, it is 51 kilograms. It will be problematic to drag her alone. Someone's help will be needed. Especially when installing. Many models of washing machines from other manufacturers weigh much more. And they are not that small in size either. On the other hand, this size is only a plus. Now about other design features. The top cover of the washing machine is removable. This was done specifically in the expectation that the machine will be built into the kitchen. Also, the body of the machine has a partial protection against leaks. The legs of the device have a unique design that dampens the vibrations that appear at high speeds. The drum itself is made of plastic. But there is no direct drive. Although he wouldn't mind. So, the BEKO WKB 51001 M washing machine (we will consider customer reviews in the following chapters) has a very modern design that ensures its reliability. BUThow are things with energy efficiency and other characteristics? Let's try to figure it out.

beko wkb 51001 m washing machine specifications

Consumption of energy and water. Noise level

Let's continue to disassemble this interesting washing machine. What's up with her power consumption? How economical is it? It is worth noting that this device belongs to the A + energy class. This means that with a fairly high power density, the machine is quite economical. In numbers, this will be 0.17 kWh. Now about water consumption. It only takes 41 liters per wash. This is much less than competitors. For many, such efficiency will be a decisive factor when choosing a washing machine. Now about the noise level. In the standard wash mode, the machine does not make loud noises. The noise level is only 59 dB. It is not enough. But when the spin is turned on, then the noise increases sharply. At high speeds, it is already 72 dB. And that's a lot. Even too much. Nevertheless, many potential buyers choose this particular washing machine. And now consider the main technical characteristics of the device.

beko wkb 51001 m washing machine description

Main Specifications

Let's continue talking about BEKO WKB 51001 M. The washing machine, the characteristics of which we are now considering, boasts a maximum load of 5 kilograms. Not so much, considering that most competitors are capable of more. The maximum number of revolutions during spinning is 1000. This is also not a record figure. Apparentlythis is the reason for the low vibration level during spinning. Also, the washing machine has as many as 13 programs, a child lock, an option to control the level of foam, a quick and prewash function, a special mode for wool, the ability to select temperature and adjust the spin speed. This is almost a standard set of functions. There is also a balance control and special programs for delicate fabrics, economy wash and super rinse. In general, this washing machine meets almost all modern standards. And at the same time it is not as expensive as analogues from other manufacturers.

beko wkb 51001 m photo reviews

Positive feedback from owners

What do those who have already purchased a BEKO WKB 51001 M washing machine say? User reviews are mixed. Some cannot get enough of such a successful acquisition, while others believe that they simply threw money away. Let's try to figure out which of them is right.

Start with positive comments. The first thing that buyers liked about this washing machine was the price. And indeed it is. At the moment, this is the cheapest device of this kind of all that exists on the market. The second is the abundance of programs for washing. Usually budget washers are not equipped with such an impressive set. The third is the presence of electronic control of the washing process (one of the varieties of artificial intelligence). The owners are also happy with a decent number of additional features (foam level control, child lock, and so on). Many of the users claim that the machine, when turned oncentrifuge almost does not vibrate. This also drew enthusiastic comments. In general, everyone is satisfied with the functionality and price. And why are users upset then? More on that in the next chapter.

beko wkb 51001 m washing machine

Negative owner reviews

What could not suit buyers with such an affordable and functional washing machine BEKO WKB 51001 M? Negative reviews relate to the very process of the device. So, for example, the owners are not satisfied with the fact that at the end of the wash the machine does not make any sounds. You have to guess for yourself that she has already finished. Indeed, it is quite inconvenient. Also, many were upset by the lack of a screen. It is not clear what stage of washing is currently taking place. But worst of all, when accelerating to spin, the car roars like a jet engine. And there is nowhere to go from this. Also, the owners categorically do not like the operation of the machine in economy mode. For some reason, no savings are observed. These are all negative reviews. Not so much for a product for such ridiculous money. Could be worse.


So, above we have dismantled the budget front-loading washing machine BEKO WKB 51001 M. Reviews from the owners of this device make it clear that it has more advantages than disadvantages. But the most important attraction is the price. She's really funny.

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