LED curtains: overview, manufacturers, types and reviews


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LED curtains: overview, manufacturers, types and reviews
LED curtains: overview, manufacturers, types and reviews

Everyone at least once caught himself thinking how you want a holiday on a dull and boring winter evening. It turns out that it is not necessary to call a lot of guests - there is an easier way to cheer up. It is enough to update the interior with the right decorations. One of the ways to do this is an LED curtain, which will create a festive atmosphere in an apartment or a private house, and help you forget about the winter blues. Today we will talk about what it is.

What is play-light and how to use it

The LED garland curtain is only part of the lights that we used to hang on the Christmas tree. In fact, this is a whole system of wires with light bulbs, which can be compared to a continuous blanket. If we draw analogies, then the product looks like a line (the fishermen will understand). The main supply wire is stretched from above, from which branches strewn with LEDs hang down. Their lengthmay be the same or different - it doesn't matter.

Fringe on the eaves - it's very beautiful

LED curtains are used to decorate walls, doorways or window openings. Depending on the model, they can have different widths and lengths. The choice of size will depend on the intended application of the product.

They are also used to decorate the facades of buildings. Garlands designed for outdoor use are protected from wind, rain, snow and dust. The cost of such curtains is higher than their interior varieties. If you try and apply your imagination, you can turn an ordinary country house into a real fairy-tale palace sparkling with multi-colored precious stones.

Criteria for selecting LED curtains

The main thing to pay attention to when choosing a similar product is the protection class (special markings are affixed for the street version), width and length. This will determine where the curtain can be placed and how functional it will be. It is also important to have such a node as a controller. Its absence in the LED curtain circuit will lead to the fact that the garland will burn constantly, without changing modes and in one color. But if you need to save money - this is just the option that saves money, the cost of such products is much lower.

If you cover the garland with tulle, the lights become brighter

More expensive models may consist of many separate screens, united by a common controller. At the same time, for each of the LED curtains forstreets, you can set a specific program without leaving your home. But such garlands are bought quite rarely due to the high cost. It's easier to buy each separately with its own controller.

You can find a lot of reviews about LED curtains on the Web. Most of the buyers are satisfied with the purchase. The only exceptions are users who have purchased garlands from the category of Chinese cheap consumer goods or handicrafts.

Garland shapes offered by the manufacturer on the Russian market

Today, various curtains are produced for interior and facade decoration. In addition, any form proposed by the manufacturer can be modified, depending on the method of application. Interestingly, even the simplest LED curtain on the window can radically transform an apartment. And here, too, everything will depend on the glow mode. It can be a simple flicker or lights running down like rolling droplets. Consider the most common forms of such products.

A gazebo barely covered by an LED curtain

The most popular garland is "rain"

The simplest form, in which all the "tails" extending from the main wire have the same length. It can reach 10 m, and the number of LEDs on the "thread" is 2,500. At first glance, it seems that it will be difficult to work with such a garland, but this is not so. Each thread can be detached from the main wire. For this, special connectors are provided on such LED curtains. In addition, in a similar way it is possible to connecta few basic wires if the garland is not wide enough.

"Fringe" and its differences from "rain"

The garland device is identical to the previous version, but the length of the threads here is not the same - they differ from one another. Thus, when placed, for example, along the eaves, a pronounced uneven edge is obtained. With the right choice of mode, you can achieve an amazing result - as if blue-white drops of melt water roll down uneven icicles. Although such garlands look good in a static glow, without a controller.

If there is a spruce in the courtyard of a private house, then such a fringe will be a wonderful decoration for a green beauty. With insufficient length, such an LED curtain can be extended by attaching another to one main cord. It is noteworthy that even when switching several garlands into one, you can not be afraid for the state of the network - the power of the LEDs is minimal, which means that there will not be a large load on the connection point.

So the room can be given a festive look

Interesting shape of "melting icicles"

Here the LEDs are dressed in a transparent cone-shaped rod. The program is set in such a way that white and blue lights seem to flow down the glass, creating a complete, real impression of melting. Such a garland looks especially amazing in severe frost.

In fact, any form of such products can be applied in your own way, creating a unique facade of the building. One - a good solution seems to be the placement of a luminous decor only on the cornicesbuildings, others cover the house with garlands, like cobwebs - here it is a matter of taste. In any case, such decorations will look great, creating a festive atmosphere.

Advantages of LED Curtains

Strange as it may seem, such garlands have no drawbacks. As for the benefits, among them are:

  • Low power consumption without loss of light output.
  • Wide range of applications - the curtain can be used both indoors and outdoors.
  • Durability. On average, such garlands easily cross the line of 50,000 hours of continuous operation.
  • Electrical safety - LEDs run on 12V.
The more lights, the thicker the curtain

In conclusion

LED curtains are a really convenient and not too expensive way to decorate both interior and exterior. Thanks to such garlands, you can decorate any item without much effort. And who knows, maybe the owner will not want to remove them from the facade of the building after the New Year holidays. If a quality product is chosen, it will survive the summer without problems and will be able to please those passing by for the next winter.

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