Basic tips on what to call

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Basic tips on what to call
Basic tips on what to call

Today, the mobile phone has become an integral part of the life of almost every socially active person. Now it is not only a way to communicate with people, but also an opportunity to “kill” time, for example, in transport through games and watching movies, listening to music, and also surfing the Internet. But what is the hallmark of each mobile device? Most likely, this is the ringtone that others hear.

what to call

For many people, the question of what to put on a call is relevant, because few people like to use standard melodies. Moreover, most mobile phones support a feature that allows you to put a separate ringtone on the phone number of any person. So already on the first call you can guess who is calling and decide whether or not to pick up the phone.

what music to play

Favorite tunes

If a person does not know what song to put on the call, you should think carefully about what you really want to hear often? It maybe either a popular or a person's favorite song or melody, listening to which can cheer you up. Do not succumb to fashion trends and put on the ringtone what everyone has. So you are unlikely to be able to emphasize your individuality.

what song to put on the call

Theme tunes

There is some great advice about what to put on a call from certain people: it can be themed ringtones. If mom calls, you can find a short song with words, for example, “Pick up the phone, mom is calling,” etc. Such melodies can be picked up on the phone numbers of all important and interesting people. Separate music can be put on all colleagues, then it will be easier to decide whether to answer a mobile phone call on your own day off.


A fun option for what to put on a call can be advice to use different sounds as a ringtone. You can put the meow of a cat, the cry of a woman, the sound of breaking glass, the explosion of firecrackers, etc. But it is worth considering that these sounds are often not very pleasant to hear and can cause anxiety or fear of people around.

General tips

Having decided on what music to put on the call, you should also consider a few simple but practical tips for using ringtones. First of all, the music on a mobile phone should please its owner and be pleasant to the ear. Otherwise, after a while, even the phone itself may become an unwanted object. It is worth considering that the music on the call should be clear, welleavesdropped so that it can always be heard. Don't change sounds too often. Also, when deciding what to put on a call, it is worth remembering that it is better not to choose aggressive, rough, hard music as a ringtone, because it excites the human brain and leads it to a nervous, unbalanced state. And even if such sounds are suitable for a certain person, it is worth thinking about those people who are often nearby and hear what is playing on a loved one's mobile phone.

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