Best big screen phone: review of models and reviews of manufacturers

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Best big screen phone: review of models and reviews of manufacturers
Best big screen phone: review of models and reviews of manufacturers

Despite the widespread dominance of touch gadgets in the mobile technology market, push-button phones continue to hold their positions. The popularity of the latter is noticeably lower than brand new smartphones, but push-button devices have their undeniable advantages.

Among the obvious advantages are the low cost of devices, long battery life and ease of management. It is also worth noting the distinctive operational features of gadgets in the cold. If, for example, a mobile phone with buttons and a large screen is outside at minus 40 degrees, then you can still call it. While touch devices will completely refuse to work in such a cold.

Of course, push-button devices lack the capabilities that smartphones have. But a considerable part of consumers prefers them. A push-button telephone with a large screen for the elderly is becoming almost the best source of communication. Information is clearly visible on it, and mechanical keys are more understandable and convenient for the older generation. In addition, many business people make a choice in favor of cell phones with buttons andbig screen. They do not need extra bells and whistles at all - only a stable connection and reliable operation. This is exactly what most push-button gadgets can please.

But even despite the reduction in this segment, it is quite easy to get confused in the variety of models in stores, especially for an inexperienced user. We will try to understand this issue and identify the best push-button phones with a large screen (diagonal > 2.0”), which are distinguished by their quality component and positive consumer reviews. Let's start with manufacturers and continue with specific models.


Leadership in this segment is held by four venerable brands - Samsung, Noika, Philips and LG. Judging by user reviews, phones with buttons and a large screen from these manufacturers are distinguished by extremely high-quality assembly, modern “stuffing” and are well balanced in terms of price / return.

You should also pay attention to second-tier brands. Judging by the same consumer reviews, phones with buttons and a large screen from the manufacturers Alcatel, Fly and Micromax are enviably popular. Feedback from users about the products of these brands is mixed, so the series must be chosen wisely, because mediocre models often slip through here.

It is better not to rely on third-tier manufacturers. More than half of all models produced end up in the trash within a week or two. Yes, they cost a penny, but as such there is no practical benefit when buying. Much more interesting to take somean average cell phone with a large screen, for example, from Nokia for three thousand rubles and use it until you get bored, and not change every month an ultra-budget and crumbling model for a thousand. But despite the abundance of frank hack-work in the segment, sometimes adequate gadgets come across, albeit with rare exceptions.

Next, let's look at specific mobile phones with a large screen on a push-button control.

Fly TS113

One of the most remarkable features of the gadget is the presence of three slots for SIM cards at once. Therefore, this large screen phone will be an excellent choice for business people and other users who carefully choose services from different operators.

fly phone

As for the display, on a diagonal of 2.8 inches, all information is clearly visible, and if desired, the visualization can be significantly improved by increasing the font and icon size. So this is a great big screen phone for the elderly.

The body of the gadget is made of matte plastic and comes in two versions - in white or black colors. The interface of the device works quite quickly, users do not notice any slowdowns or lags in their reviews. Some owners complain about the creaking of the case, but there are no critical flaws here.

In addition, the gadget received support for wireless Bluetooth protocol, FM radio and an MP3 player. A modest battery capacity of 1000 mAh acts as a fly in the ointment here. If you actively use all the functionality, then the device will start askingto the outlet in a couple of days, which is not the best indicator for a push-button phone with a large screen. But if you use the device only as a "dialer", then the battery life increases significantly.

Estimated cost is about 1500 rubles.

Nokia 3310 Dual SIM (2017)

The original device from the venerable brand was introduced back in 2000. Its remarkable "tenacious" features are still legendary. The new big-screen phone has received the same properties: it will survive serious falls, bumps and other abuse from the user.

new nokia

The manufacturer has brought the exterior of the new model as close as possible to the design of the old one. Despite this, the gadget looks fresh and eye-catching. Fans of something rainbow will surely appreciate the variety of colors of the device. The phone with a large screen received a diagonal of 2.1 inches, which is quite enough for normal data visualization. Separately, it should be noted that in the settings you can increase the font and icon size. Therefore, it can also be said that this is a great big-screen phone for the elderly.

The interface of the gadget works quite fast and does not slow down. The set contains everything you need for calls and SMS, as well as the legendary "snake". As for the battery life, everything is also good here. The device received a capacious 1200 mAh battery. As such, it has no expense items, except for calls and SMS, so the battery life varies within a week.

Estimated price –about 4000 rubles.

LG G360

This is a very good big screen clamshell phone from a famous brand. One of the main distinguishing features of the gadget is precisely the diagonal. From the three-inch display, all information is perfectly readable. Also in the settings there is a mode for the elderly, which significantly increases the font and icon size.

clamshell lg

The device got a quite adequate matrix with natural color reproduction and high brightness and contrast. So you can see the information on the display even in direct sunlight. The model is perfect for both lovers of high-quality rare clamshells and elderly users with low vision.

As for the battery life, the battery capacity of 950 mAh is enough for 13 hours of continuous talk or 3-4 days of use in mixed mode. Some users complain about the high cost of the clamshell, but the quality build, excellent connectivity and good display more than justify the price.

Estimated cost is about 4500 rubles.

Alcatel One Touch 2012D

Another clamshell, but from a brand of the second echelon. Despite its modest cost, this is a very good push-button phone with a large screen and a good camera. The latter received a high-quality 3-megapixel matrix, which allows you to take decent photos in good light. Of course, you won’t get a high-resolution picture, but for posts on social networks, the detail is enough.

Folding bed Alcatel

Separately, it is worth mentioning the dimensions of the device. The device turned out to be surprisingly compact: 107 mm high, 64 mm wide, and the body thickness is only 14 mm, which is very good for this form factor. In the pros, you can also write down the weight - 98 grams. It does not burden the pocket of a shirt or blouse in any way and does not "get heavier" even after an hour of use on weight.

All information is clearly visible on the large 2.8-inch display. For elderly and visually impaired users, a special mode with large fonts and icons is provided. There is also an MP3 player, a wireless Bluetooth protocol (version 3.0 is not supported) and a radio. The device supports two SIM cards, and there are no questions about the communication side. The 750 mAh battery is enough for a couple of days in mixed mode.

Estimated price is about 1500 rubles.

Fly FF245

Fly's push-button phone is not distinguished by its exquisite design or good stuffing, but boasts of its practicality. Here we have a good screen with a diagonal of 2.4 inches, a couple of slots for SIM cards, a minijack for a headset, and the cost is quite adequate for the existing characteristics.

button fly

One of the main highlights of the device is the battery life. On board the device is a 3700 mAh rechargeable battery, which is more than enough for a “button player”. As a "dialer" it can work for weeks without recharging. And in the active load lasts up to four days.

Information ondisplay is easy to read. There are no special modes for visually impaired users, but you can increase the font by putting one of the themes with slightly enlarged letters and icons. The model is entirely worth the money, and you can take it at least as a “dialer” due to the long battery life.

Estimated cost is about 2000 rubles.

Philips Xenium E570

Models from the venerable Philips brand have long been a rarity in the budget segment. A good half of users probably already know from their own experience that almost all the company's devices are burdened with a quality component and deserve close attention. The Xenium E570 series is no exception.

philips phone

For relatively little money you get a great gadget. The push-button phone has a large 2.8-inch display on a good matrix with normal color reproduction, as well as high brightness and contrast. Judging by the reviews, users have no questions about the build quality: nothing creaks, crunches or backlash. The appearance of the device also inspires respect, so to call such a visual style budget just does not turn the tongue.

Another distinguishing feature of a push-button phone is a capacious 3160 mAh rechargeable battery. Synthetic tests have shown that it is enough for almost two days of continuous conversations. In mixed mode, the device can easily work for a couple of weeks. It charges, of course, for a very long time, but nothing happens with the power supply left overnight.happen.

It is also worth noting that the phone has wireless Bluetooth protocols, FM radio and an MP3 player. There are also no questions about the communication part: the connection is stable and is limited only by the capabilities of the mobile operator.

Estimated price is about 4500 rubles.

BQ-3201 Option

The model is positioned by the manufacturer primarily as a device with a large screen. A diagonal of 3.2 inches is more than enough for a feature phone. The device got an intelligent matrix: natural color reproduction, high brightness and contrast ratios, and all information is easy to read from the display even on a bright sunny day. There is also a mode for visually impaired users with larger fonts and icons.

big screen phone

The body of the phone is relatively thin and fits well in the palm of your hand. The build quality is at an acceptable level: creaks sometimes occur, but nothing critical. The appearance of the device also inspires respect: contrasting areas and an attractive keyboard, along with minimalism and rigor, do not allow calling the device a budget one. On sale you can find three color options: white, black and gold.

As for the battery life, the device did not let us down here. The battery capacity of 1750 mAh is enough for several days of use. If you use the gadget only as a “dialer”, then a week of work is guaranteed. Communication capabilities are also at a high level: the connection is stable plus there is support for wireless Bluetooth-protocol.

Estimated cost is about 2200 rubles.

Vkworld Stone V3

This model is just the case when a little-known manufacturer releases a noteworthy series. Naturally, it does not reach the best of the above-mentioned devices, but it has a lot to offer its owner.

protected phone

One of the distinguishing features of the phone is its high protection class. The word "stone" (Stone) in the name is present for a reason. It can be dropped, hit and even drowned (but without fanaticism). Protecting your phone with IP54 rating will be very useful for active users and travelers.

Another significant trump card of the gadget is the battery. The battery capacity of 5200 mAh is more than enough for any need. On one charge, the phone can work for more than a month. If you properly load the device, then the battery life will be reduced to three weeks. But this is also an excellent indicator for a push-button gadget.

Distinguishing features of the phone

In the pluses of the model, you can also record a large screen. A diagonal of 2.1 inches is enough for normal data visualization. The matrix does not shine with good color reproduction and high brightness with contrast, but the information from the display is normally readable on a sunny day somewhere in the shade. There are no questions about the operation of the interface: applications open smoothly and work without brakes and lags.

Communication capabilities of the device are also at an acceptable level: the connection is stable, the wireless Bluetooth protocol works as it should. ATAs a bonus, there is an adequate FM receiver, an MP3 player and the ability to connect external SD cards.

Some users in their reviews complain about a slightly confusing menu and the same incomprehensible controls. If you switch to a model from other, more "noble" gadgets, then at first you will have to get used to branches and transitions, because the latter are mostly in unusual places. Otherwise, this is quite a smart model with an adequate cost.

Estimated price is about 3,000 rubles.

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