JBL T100 Headphones: reviews, specifications


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JBL T100 Headphones: reviews, specifications
JBL T100 Headphones: reviews, specifications

Choosing inexpensive headphones for everyday use is a very difficult task. This is because the market is littered with various models at bargain prices. However, almost all of them are of dubious Chinese quality and obviously cannot provide high-quality sound. High-quality in-ear headphones should provide impressive sound. These are the JBL T100. Reviews about this product, we will certainly analyze. But a little later. In the meantime, let's say a few words about the manufacturer.

jbl t100 reviews

About JBL

This company was founded in 1946 by Mr. Lansing. He was an outstanding acoustic engineer. Already the first speaker system released under the JBL brand has become very popular. Since then, the company has been a success. And everything would be fine, but Mr. Lansing was a bad businessman. He drove a prosperous company into debt and then hanged himself. The case was taken over by the vice president. And already under him, the company turned to full. She has released several acousticsystems that have become truly popular. Then the company was sold to the well-known concern "Harman". But this did not affect the quality of the product. The JBL brand still exists and pleases users with high-quality speaker systems. Headphones deserve special mention. The manufacturer has both professional on-ear models and in-ear headphones for everyday use. A bright representative of the last class is the JBL T100 headphones. We will review their reviews later. In the meantime, let's talk about the package.

jbl t100 headphones reviews

Package set

So, let's look at the package. These headphones are sold in cardboard, opaque packaging. On the front there is an image of the headphones themselves and the company logo. On the back panel are some product specifications. Inside are JBL T100 closed-type in-ear headphones, reviews of which we will discuss a little later, and a set of interchangeable ear pads. There is nothing else in the box. Even instructions. It is understandable. Why instructions for regular headphones? The delivery set, of course, is Spartan. But do not forget about the price of the product. These are budget headphones. With all the ensuing consequences. However, we will continue to consider the JBL T100 Black. Reviews of them will be in the following chapters. In the meantime, let's turn to the design.

jbl t100 black reviews

Design and build quality

Headphones are made of high quality plastic and meet their class. There are several colors: white, black and red. Pretty wirestough. But that's a plus. They won't suffocate in the cold. The plug is gold-plated, which positively affects the sound quality. In general, the shape of these in-ear headphones is very thoughtful. They fit perfectly in the ears. And this can be written as a plus. The build quality is also at the highest level. There are no gaps anywhere, the headphones do not crack, even when compressed, they behave adequately. In general, designers and designers have done their best. And now let's move on to the technical characteristics of the JBL T100 Black headphones. Feedback on them will be considered a little later.

jbl t100 black headphones reviews

Main Specifications

These in-ear headphones are equipped with a dynamic-type emitter with a diameter of 8 millimeters. Expect something more from a product for such ridiculous money is not worth it. However, this emitter provides a fairly high sound quality. The lower bar of the reproducible frequency range starts at 20 hertz. The maximum sampling rate is 22,000 hertz. This is an excellent indicator for very budget headphones. The sensitivity of these in-ear headphones is at the level of 100 dB. This is an excellent result. Their resistance is such that almost any smartphone can shake them, not to mention specialized players. Wire length - 1, 2 meters. Plug type - 3.5 mm. The connector itself is gold-plated and straight, which makes it even more convenient to use with a smartphone. Now let's talk about the sound quality in the JBL T100. Features have already been sorted out. It's time to test them for realparameters.

jbl t100 headphone specs

Sound quality

So, what can these in-ear headphones offer the average user? They have a rather distinctive sound. The company's engineers clearly focused on low and high frequencies. As a result, the middle turned out to be a little blurry. In this case, the equalizer will help out well. It is only necessary to unscrew the middle a little and remove the high ones. And the bass can not be touched at all. That's when the headphones will play. However, due to the peculiarities of their sound, they play reliably only in some genres. Electronic music, pop and other simple styles work well. Fans of instrumental rock, metal, punk, doom and other things will have to fiddle with the equalizer for a long time. But it's worth it. If you find the optimal settings, then these headphones will sound no worse than the Sennheisers, which are quite expensive. Headphones JBL T100 (black and white - other options are not provided) play much better than it should be "gags" of this class. Now let's move on to user reviews.

jbl t100 headphones black

Positive feedback about the headphones

Any technique can behave in real conditions not at all the way the manufacturer intended. Actual specifications may differ greatly from those stated. For this, it is worth reading product reviews. Only they can give a real picture of how this or that device behaves in real conditions. And what do users say about white or black JBL T100 headphones? Reviews are for the most partpositive, but there are also negative ones. But we will start with comments with a plus sign. Almost all owners of these in-ear headphones praise the build quality. And indeed it is. Collected "plugs" soundly. A lot of positive reviews about the sound quality. Many liked the balance of frequencies. But these are those who are not picky about the sound. Also, the owners of these in-ear headphones highly appreciate their reliability. There are even comments that such "gags" easily serve 5 years or more. And this is absolutely true. Also, many people liked the high-quality wire that does not tan in the cold, and the gold-plated connector 3, 5. This is a sign of a quality product, users say. And they are absolutely right. However, not everyone shares such enthusiasm.

jbl t100 black headphones reviews

Negative feedback about headphones

There were also those who criticized the JBL T100. The negative reviews are surprisingly constructive. The headset has problems. And users notice it. For example, true connoisseurs of sound say that the headphones sound fundamentally wrong: the middle is failed, low and high are twisted to the maximum. And indeed it is. Only a high-quality equalizer can save the situation. The owners also note that although the wire is of high quality, at the slightest touch it makes noise in the headphones themselves. And this is not good. Another complaint is the 3.5mm straight connector. Most users would be happy if it was in the shape of the letter "L". It is more comfortable. Another complaint is the lackspecial wire clip. It seems to be a trifle, but it is more pleasant when the wires do not hang out anywhere. The headphones themselves (more precisely, their design) received negative comments. The location of the membranes is not round, but oval. This causes some discomfort when pressing products into the auricle. Also, the owners say that during active sports activities, these in-ear headphones fall out of their ears. However, we will not take this as a drawback, since this problem is typical for all "plugs".


So is it worth buying JBL T100? User reviews make it clear what it's worth. These in-ear headphones are made soundly, from the highest quality materials. They have a relatively good design and excellent sound for devices from their segment. Also, these "plugs" can completely replace more expensive models. For all its shortcomings, the headset is able to please users who are used to mediocre sound. She is able to open new horizons. And it is also worth considering that it is impossible to find better headphones for such money.


So, we have taken apart the JBL T100 budget in-ear headphones. User reviews about them indicate that this model has its advantages and disadvantages. However, the latter are much less common. And if we take into account the relatively low price, then there are no shortcomings at all. For poking around in the teeth of almost a gift horse is bad manners. These in-ear headphones are shown for purchase to those who wantpurchase a quality product with good sound at an adequate price. In some ways, these headphones will be preferable to more expensive models with better features. The JBL engineers clearly knew what they were doing.

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