MTS: roaming in Belarus. Tariffs, connection


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MTS: roaming in Belarus. Tariffs, connection
MTS: roaming in Belarus. Tariffs, connection

It is very convenient for Russians traveling to Belarus to use roaming from MTS. In some cases, using this service in Belarus is even beneficial, given that roaming is always much more expensive than communication in your home country. MTS also offers service packages with which you can call home and not only, use the Internet, send regular SMS.

Who can roam?

To use MTS roaming in Belarus, Russian citizens, as a rule, need to have two tariffs on their phones. These are "International and national roaming" and "International access". The requirements of MTS are not limited to this. Only Russian residents, including legal entities, can connect these packages.

mts roaming in belarus

"International access" is in addition to "International and national roaming". The fact is that if you refuse "International access", the service of calls outside the Russian Federation applies only to other regions of Russia.

What to do before leaving for Belarus?

If you don't feel like going to the officeMTS, you can connect roaming yourself. There are as many as 3 ways to do this: connecting through a special command that must be entered on a smartphone or other phone, ordering through the official MTS website in your personal account, and the contact center will also help you connect to this service.

To connect to roaming via USSD command, dial 1112192.

Using the Internet connection is made after a simple registration on the official website of MTS - To do this, select your region and use the "switch".

The MTS contact center has ample opportunities in addition to roaming. So, to connect roaming or solve any other problem, you can use several suggested methods. Firstly, you can call the short number 0890 from a cell phone, secondly, while in international and national roaming, dial the phone number +7 495 766 01 66 (be sure to start dialing from +7), and thirdly, call from your home phone or from a non-MTS operator number to 8 800 250 0890.

When roaming cannot be connected on your own?

Independent connection of MTS-roaming for Belarus and trips to other countries can be performed in two cases. The first is if the SIM card that you want to connect to roaming is valid for less than 6 months and the balance on it is less than 600 rubles. The second is a SIM card younger than 12 months, and if during this period at least 1 month was missed payment, i.e. was 0 rubles.

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Connecting roaming through a mobile phone store or MTS office

Do not despair if your MTS number does not meet the conditions for self-connection. You can activate roaming at the MTS service center. What is needed for this? To do this, you will need to personally come to the MTS office or communication salon with a passport and have at least some positive balance on your phone account. Also, the official representative of the subscriber will be able to contact the service center for help. The power of attorney in this case is issued through a notary.

But it is not always possible to connect to roaming, even if you have visited the MTS office. But don't despair.

Easy roaming and international access

You can travel to Belarus and some other countries after connecting to "Easy roaming and international access". This service includes the ability to call and receive/send SMS to MTS in Belarus. Also, thanks to this service, you can use the Internet through your smartphone. But to use the Internet, you need to connect additional services, such as: "BIT Abroad" and GPRS.

The service "Easy roaming and international access" does not require monthly fees, as well as payment for its activation or deactivation.

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Corporate numbers and VIP-tariffs with landline numbers, alas, will not be able to use this service to use MTS-roaming in Belarus.

It should be remembered that this service is not available with all tariff plans, which is desirable to clarify in the support service or at the MTS office. "Easy roamingand international access" cannot work together with "International and national roaming". They are mutually disconnected, and if it becomes necessary to switch to one of them again, then you will have to connect it again, as for the first time.

Cost of services in Belarus

MTS-tariffs for roaming to Belarus are quite affordable, especially when it comes to Belarus itself, and Russia too.

Thus, incoming calls from Russia and outgoing calls to Russia will cost 70 rubles per minute in roaming in Belarus. The same cost of calls within Belarus. If a call is made to one of the CIS countries, Georgia, South Ossetia or Abkhazia, then its cost increases to 109 rubles. To other countries via MTS roaming from Belarus, a call will cost 135 rubles per minute.

All incoming SMS-messages in roaming in Belarus are free, and outgoing ones cost 10 rubles.

Internet with the service "BIT Abroad" will cost unlimited exactly 450 rubles per day, and without special services - 10 rubles for 40 KB of incoming or outgoing information.

Roaming service

The most convenient number for solving problems with MTS communications in Belarus is 0890. The fact is that Belarus is part of the so-called group of "countries of presence". And therefore, being in the territory of this country, you can receive free advice and assistance without using the number generally accepted for most countries +7 495 766 01 66.

mts roaming tariffs in belarus

There are also problems on the territory of Belaruscan be allowed in the Belarusian salons of MTS. In addition, even roaming itself, if it has not been activated on the territory of Russia, can be activated in the Belarusian communication salon and make international calls with MTS.

All information on roaming, its tariffs and services can be obtained while in Belarus. To do this, on the phone, enter the command 11133.

Already on the territory of Belarus, the phone should automatically select the operator MTS-Belarus. If this did not happen, then you just need to contact the communication salon with the question of how to connect MTS roaming in Belarus.


It is easy to pay for MTS services outside of Russia. There are many ways. As they say, choose your taste.

You can replenish your SIM card, as well as the personal account of another person, while abroad, using a MasterCard or Visa plastic card. To do this, you just need to call +7 495 766 01 66 and use the voice menu instructions. You cannot top up less than 100 rubles when using this service.

It is possible to replenish the account from the card using the Internet in the smartphone. The link for this manipulation is

calls to belarus mts

You can temporarily receive money on your phone at the expense of the operator company. The Promised Payment service is here to help. In this case, at the expense of MTS, from 50 to 800 rubles will appear on the phone. The company will withdraw funds from the balance back after 7 days. The cost of this service is only 5 rubles. You can also borrow 1500 rubles, butthis is if in total over the past 180 days the mobile account has been replenished in the amount of at least 1500 rubles. In general, the available amount that can be borrowed by sending SMS to MTS depends on how much has been replenished recently. You can find out this available amount, as well as use the service, using the USSD command 111.

It would be wise to download the "Easy Payment" application to your smartphone before going abroad. With it, you can easily top up your phone account not only in Belarus and other countries, but also in Russia without leaving your home.

You can ask your loved ones to top up your account using the "Top up my account" request. But relatives, in order to carry out this manipulation, can use the "Direct transmission" service. Thus, you can replenish the balance from a number to an MTS number.

You can take money on a SIM card on credit from MTS. There is a special service "On full trust" for this. But it should be remembered that in this case, the “Promised Payment” cannot be taken until the loan is repaid.

Well, the most convenient way to top up your phone account for calls from MTS to Belarus, Russia and other countries is to use the "Auto payment" service. "Auto payment" allows you not to think about paying a phone bill. With this service, money will be automatically debited from the card and credited to the account of the phone number. This can also be used on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Russian MTS in Belarus


In order not to encounter communication problems while visiting Belarus and easily do it with the help ofSIM cards MTS international calls, it is better to follow some simple recommendations.

  • Put the necessary amount of money on the phone in advance.
  • Learn about the tariffs of Belarus itself, being on the territory of this country. After all, they can be used during the trip.
  • When traveling frequently to Belarus, it makes sense to find out about discounts in roaming from MTS and use MTS Without Borders roaming.
  • You need to remember that even 1 second in roaming is considered a full minute, which means that money for all time less than a minute will be written off as for a whole minute. Roaming does not provide for any per-second billing.
  • You need to top up your account on the territory of Belarus, but it is most reliable to have the "Full Trust" service on your phone. The presence of this service allows you to use communication services with a zero and negative balance.
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Thus, the use of the Russian MTS in Belarus is not so expensive. In addition, it is pleasing that it is quite possible to sort out any problem with MTS communications on the territory of this country. But still, when traveling to the Republic of Belarus, it is better to play it safe once again and activate all services and packages in advance and always stay in touch.

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