3G Kyivstar: coverage, tariffs, conditions from the largest Ukrainian operator


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3G Kyivstar: coverage, tariffs, conditions from the largest Ukrainian operator
3G Kyivstar: coverage, tariffs, conditions from the largest Ukrainian operator

Recently there has been an expansion of the 3G network of one of the largest cellular operators in Ukraine - Kyivstar. 187 settlements have joined the coverage of this type of data transfer, including such cities as Mirgorod, Shostka, Yuzhnoukrainsk, Kovel, Konotop, etc. At the moment, Kyivstar's 3G coverage covers twenty-one Ukrainian regions. And the total number of settlements in which the 3G format is already available is 1,177.

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Expansion of 3G network from Kyivstar

In particular, on June 22, 2016, Borislav, Chervonograd (Lviv region), Konotop, Shostka, Romny (Sumy region) and Ananyev (Odessa region) connected to the 3G network. In addition, Mirgorod (Poltava region), Kovel (Volyn region), Dubno (Rivne region), Yuzhnoukrainsk (Mykolaiv region) and Borshchiv (Ternopil region) have joined the third-generation mobile communication technology. In addition to these cities, Kyivstar's 3G coverage is now available in 176 villages of various sizes.

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In addition, it should be noted that in about 200 other settlements, the system of already builtnetworks. They are being prepared for the subsequent launch for commercial use of Kyivstar's 3G coverage.

It will be worth emphasizing that the transition to 3G does not entail any additional financial costs for existing subscribers. The use of the new network is carried out according to the current tariff packages. Users of all tariff plans have the opportunity to use high-speed Internet access without limitation. In this case, there is no need for any special settings of the telephone set or replacement of the SIM card. The cost of 3G Internet services is similar to the cost of using EDGE technology.

For the first time, information about the imminent implementation of this technology was announced in 2015. Just a year later, Kyivstar was already able to offer its customers a special 3G Internet service, which makes it possible to connect to a wireless network at speeds up to 3.6 Mbps (UMTS) or 240 Kbps (EDGE).

Connection conditions

The company offers convenient and profitable options for connecting to Kyivstar 3G. Tariffs will also please old and new subscribers. They will be able to prepay for a certain period.

When connecting under a contract, you must visit the Customer Service Center or the operator's dealer's office. You are required to have your passport with you. To use Kyivstar's 3G service on a prepaid basis, you simply need to purchase one 3G Internet tariff package. In both cases, the user will need to pay a subscription fee for using the service.

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Cost and composition of the starter package

It will be worth mentioning that from August 14, 2016, the cost of all Kyivstar starter packages, which include a USB modem and a new SIM card, have been reduced to UAH 199. This amount is the first investment in connecting and using a new generation network. Analyzing and comparing the pricing policy of different mobile operators in Ukraine, we can state that this Kyivstar offer is the most attractive for private users from a financial point of view.

What is the starter package "Internet 3G"? It includes an EDGE/UMTS modem ZTE MF100, a SIM card from a mobile operator with an already activated service, a USB cable and a user manual. The modem software and other useful and necessary software will be automatically installed when the device is connected for the first time. All applications are in the built-in memory. That is why there is no laser disc in the starter pack.

Voice and Internet rates

Today, the modem offered as part of the starter package allows the user to connect to 2G or 3G. Kyivstar tariffs for these two options are different.

As for the third generation network, one tariff package is set for it, which includes 600 MB of traffic per month. In this case, the subscription fee will be 50 UAH. In other words, 1 GB of Internet will cost the subscriber 84 UAH. The price for each megabyte after reaching the prepaid limit will be 15 kopecks.

One feature should be taken into account when connecting to the Kyivstar 3G service. Ukraine, as you know, uses VAT in its taxation system. And this tax is indicated in the cost of tariffs. But the price of communication services also includes a mandatory 7.5 percent fee to the Pension Fund of Ukraine, which is not always indicated in price lists and offers. Therefore, each user of mobile communications who intends to connect to the network of the Kyivstar mobile operator must remember that he will have to pay an additional 7.5% to the amount indicated on the site or in advertising information. Let's take an example. When choosing the tariff plan "Internet 1000", an additional 7.5 hryvnias will be debited from the subscriber's personal account to the account of the Pension Fund.

3G in major cities of Ukraine

Kyivstar has connected one of the largest cities in Ukraine - Kharkiv - in the winter of 2016. It became the seventeenth regional center where this technology was launched. 3G Kyivstar was introduced in Kharkiv just a month after the start of testing the system.

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In another largest economic and industrial center of Ukraine, a new data transmission technology was introduced six months before Kharkiv. 3G Kyivstar was launched in Dnepropetrovsk in the summer of 2015. The high-speed data transmission network from this operator is considered the largest in this city and region.

Development of 3G technology in Ukraine

In conclusion, it would be opportune to note that 3G Internet technology for Ukraine is quite new and is currently under development.This is due to the rather long process of frequency separation and issuance of licenses to national operators, which greatly slowed down the introduction of progressive technology.

Against this background, the constant expansion of Kyivstar's 3G coverage inspires certain optimism about the future of this technology in Ukraine.

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With this in mind, for many users (especially those who travel extensively around the country) it would be wise to consider using the EDGE Internet. This option is also suitable for those people who permanently reside in an area not covered by a 3G network. At the same time, it must be emphasized that 2G capabilities are not enough for active use of the Internet in the office or at home due to the relatively low speed of data exchange. With such an Internet, you can’t play games or watch YouTube videos.

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