Reviews on Samsung TVs, description, model selection


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Reviews on Samsung TVs, description, model selection
Reviews on Samsung TVs, description, model selection

The South Korean manufacturer occupies one of the leading positions in the television equipment market. Samsung employees maintain a high level of their technology, striving to implement all modern developments as much as possible. At the same time, in order to explain the expediency of using the latest know-how, the company uses a serious marketing potential. The same thing happened with 3D technology at one time, and today there is an active promotion of the 4K format. The review of Samsung TVs below will allow you to understand the brand's offers in more detail and, perhaps, determine the best model for your purposes.

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Reviews of HD Flat models

Once this line was very popular due to the use of high resolution screens. Today, such models form the basic fourth series in the general assortment of the manufacturer. Actually, the greatest interest in this "family" is one of the most modest-sized TVs of the brand - a modification of the H4080 by 24 inches. This is a niche option that is designed to be used as a secondary practical TV screen. In general, reviews of Samsung TVs in this seriesnote their manufacturability. Typically, small-format models adopt legacy technologies from older versions. In this case, the developers maintain a high level of functionality and multimedia tools.

The strengths of the HD Flat line include high-quality acoustics. Typically, entry-level models are practically not evaluated in terms of sound characteristics, since sophisticated music lovers immediately expect to supplement the system with separate speakers or soundbars. But in this case, the creators succeeded in this characteristic. Users also note the good color reproduction that such Samsung TVs are provided with. Prices for representatives of the 4th series are quite affordable for consumers of budget products - with a 24" display, such a model costs from 15 to 20 thousand rubles.

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Reviews of the 5 Series models

This line is also focused on offering high-quality images, but Smart TV technology should also be attributed to its features. Users appreciate this "family" for the Full HD format, which enhances the experience of the broadcast "picture". The interaction of models with other equipment is carried out through the HDMI connector, which simultaneously transmits both the audio stream and the video signal. You can enjoy the TV show through screens of different formats, and the maximum size is 58".

If high resolution today, few people cansurprisingly, Smart TV offers significantly expand the multimedia functionality of technology. Directly through the TV screen, you can broadcast a signal from the Internet, work with applications and run games. In addition, the possibilities of display settings are expanding. The menu allows you to focus on a specific area of ​​the screen, but at the same time maintain high quality. By and large, in this series of Samsung TVs there is nothing fundamentally new by the standards of the current level of development of the segment. It contains the technological minimum, which is already revealed in a more complete format by the later generations of the model range.

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Curved model reviews

From the 6th series, the introduction of TVs with an unusual curved screen into the model line begins. Opinions about such a design solution are still ambiguous. As the reviews themselves note, the feeling of a richer picture and complete immersion in the atmosphere of the show are achieved only when viewed on a large screen. Plus, high resolution must be supported, at least in UHD 4K format. This means that, for example, a 32" Samsung TV will no longer provide the desired effect.

For this reason, manufacturers are starting curved models with 40-inch versions. This approach is also practiced by Samsung, which, in addition to the curved screen, offers a lot of interesting things in the not-so-developed 6 series. For example, users of such TVs speak positively about color reproduction parameters. The fact is that models in UHD resolution format are complemented by technologyPurColour, which provides not only the optimal range of shades, but also crystal clear images.

Reviews on TVs of the 7th series

In this "family" there was a revision of existing technologies, as a result of which good models with an optimized "stuffing" appeared. For all intents and purposes, the 78" version of the JU7500 series is a prime example of the series. high definition with multimedia value.

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According to users, the JU7500 captures both the benefits of high definition UHD 4K and Smart TV technology with a huge screen. The design qualities of the modification are also noted separately, which enhance the effect of the perception of what is happening on the screen. The Samsung 40" TV from the 7th series allows you to enjoy similar properties. Of course, the diagonal size again limits the advantages of a curved screen, but otherwise the image quality causes rather positive emotions among viewers.

What are the reviews saying about the 9 Series models?

Although the prospects for curved screens are still in doubt among experts, the South Korean brand recently released a whole line of such models, forming the ninth series of them. Here you can find a Samsung 40" TV, as well as models with a diagonal of more than 80". The mainthe emphasis in this "family" is on high resolution Ultra HD. According to the developers, this format is 4 times higher than Full HD scanning. And this is confirmed by the users themselves, noting the excellent detail and increased clarity of the picture.

There is also a lot of praise about the capabilities of Auto Depth Enhancer technology, thanks to which you can increase the depth of the image. As the reviews of Samsung TVs with this feature show, the screen provides a more natural viewing experience due to optimal contrast settings.

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Reviews on widescreen models

This is the most attractive class of modern TVs. The maximum diagonal size, which models for the mass consumer have, slightly exceeds 100 inches. The most popular are 82-inch Samsung TVs, the prices for which vary from 300 to 500 thousand rubles. And it should be noted that this is not the limit, since the 88-inch model UE88JS9500T is estimated at 1.5 million rubles. Of course, the impressions of the owners are appropriate - there are many reviews that compare such TVs with the capabilities of cinemas or, at least, projectors.

How to choose the best option?

First of all, the screen size is determined. As can be seen from the review, the South Korean manufacturer produces models in a wide range of diagonals. It should be borne in mind that the best reviews about Samsung TVs still belong to the middle group. For example, if you plan to buy a curved screen,then preference should be given to 45-inch models. Next, you should decide on the resolution - the higher it is, the better the image. UHD may be the best option, but if funds are limited, then a very worthy Full HD will be the way out.

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Connecting and setting up TVs

Connection is realized through different channels. It is worth emphasizing that analog connectors are rapidly becoming a thing of the past, leaving room not only for the digital HDMI interface, but also for wireless modules. How to set up a Samsung TV according to user requirements? You must select a connection method. This is done using the appropriate cable and one of the HDMI connectors.

Wireless connection is provided by a standard Wi-Fi router with which the TV is synchronized. Using the LAN port, you can implement Internet access and use the capabilities of Smart TV. The question of how to set up a Samsung TV also involves the use of some of the "smart" functionality. In the settings menu, the user will find many modes for automatic correction of brightness, contrast, balance of different colors, etc.

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Manufacturer "Samsung" in recent years has become a true trendsetter on TVs. This is partly due to an active marketing campaign to advertise curved panels. This segment is dominated by two companies, one of which is the South Korean brand. Despite this, TV reviewsSamsung can hardly be called convinced of the advertised merits. Nevertheless, there is almost no criticism of the usual formats and technologies. Most owners of flat-screen models that do not have high resolution note the quality of the assembly, convenient functionality and good image quality.

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