Samsung Galaxy Edge (smartphone): review, specifications, prices

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Samsung Galaxy Edge (smartphone): review, specifications, prices
Samsung Galaxy Edge (smartphone): review, specifications, prices

The era of utilitarian plastic, which was used to assemble any Galaxy S smartphone, is over. Now there are luxury phones with a glass finish, held together with aluminum alloys. So, the body of the Samsung Galaxy Edge S6 is made entirely of metal, which looks new and original.

samsung galaxy edge

With a brushed aluminum alloy frame and Gorilla glass on the front and back, the S6 is a significant departure from previous five Galaxy generations. Obviously, this is a very different device that fans have been waiting for for years.


So, the Samsung Galaxy Edge S6 has the familiar shape of Samsung tablets, with rounded tops and bottoms and straight sides. The power button and nano-SIM slot are located on its right side. On the left, the case contains connectors for MicroUSB and a headset, on the bottom there are separate buttons for adjusting the volume (as in the iPhone 6).

The central metal Home button connects twocapacitive keys to open recent apps and go back. An awesome new feature lets you double-click the Home button to launch the camera at any time, even when your phone is locked (although it will take a little longer). Samsung developers have also improved the fingerprint scanner, which can be used to securely unlock the phone. Instead of dragging numbers down the gauge, you can now just drag them to Home.

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On the back, you'll find a 16-megapixel camera and domed sensors that include an LED flash and a camera motion monitor. There is also an IR blaster on the top for those users who want to use their phones as a TV remote control.

samsung galaxy s6 edge review

However, there are also disadvantages - the camera protrudes a little on the back, and this may not be too convenient for some users. In addition, the glass surface of the phone is likely to be covered in smudges and fingerprints. However, this problem can be solved for the Samsung Galaxy Edge by a cover that covers its back surface. S6 is not waterproof.

Design Features

The S6 looks sleek and thin, especially when compared to the slightly bulkier Galaxy S5. Due to its straight edges, the smartphone does not look as organic as the iPhone 6 with rounded sides, but the design of the device is still impressive. However, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, whose priceslightly above average, making a confident attempt to match high-end "apple" devices.

The colors are quite modest - both models come with a platinum frame in addition to the black sapphire and white pearl cases. The back surface of the device is shiny and reflects light. Samsung's developers say that this effect should add depth and warmth, but users note that such relentless reflection can be annoying. The white version minimizes this effect, but it is still evident outdoors.

samsung galaxy edge specs

Comparison with the device from Apple is not accidental. The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge reviewed in this article looks too similar to it. Although it is larger and has straighter sides, its shape and placement of components such as buttons, headset jack and speaker grille are remarkably similar when the two devices are placed side by side. What's more, the white color has an almost indistinguishable shade of matte silver finish.

It is noteworthy that the basic package of the Samsung Galaxy Edge 32Gb includes drop-shaped in-ear headphones that look like Apple's new model - EarPods in the iPhone.


Although Samsung is not using the largest display size of 5.1 inches in this model, its AMOLED 2, 560x1, 440 pixel resolution at 577 pixels per inch (PPI) is currently the best on the market. Looking at streaming video, enlarged texts and HD wallpapers, it can be noted thatno interference and single points are not displayed at all.

samsung galaxy edge plus

But in normal day to day use, the S6's high screen density can be tiring on the eyes.


For years, users have complained about the rough and heavy TouchWiz interface that Samsung uses as a custom layer over Android. There will be no more of this deficiency. The use of Android version 5.0 has led to the introduction of more convenient settings in the smartphone, which rely on the basic design from Google. Samsung developers managed to create a simpler layout without losing functional software.

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The installation process is now much easier thanks to Lollipop, and the included instructions will help you avoid all possible difficulties (for example, setting up S Voice and fingerprint scanner).

Samsung specialists have also reduced the menu. Multi-window mode, designed for split-screen viewing, still allows you to open two programs at once, but instead of switching and choosing from a pop-up menu, the Recent tab has become available. You can still drag and resize these windows, even turning them into floating images.

Other useful additions include private mode and call blocking, Do Not Disturb mode, and popular gestures and SmartStay. A more comprehensive list of shortcut controls and settings is available that you cansee by pulling down the notification bar with two fingers.

Preinstalled Apps

Several folders populated by applications have a simplified look. One of them is Google Apps and Services, another one is applications from Microsoft (this folder contains Skype and OneDrive, for example). There is also a nice bonus: you can edit the color of folders.

As for pre-installed programs, many of Samsung's own services are present - for listening to music, watching videos and so on. To download more applications from Samsung Apps and affiliate programs, you need to open the shortcut and select from the list. One such service available is Fleksy, a keyboard alternative offered free of charge to all S6 phone users.

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The smartphone also features a powerful and high-quality Exynos processor (unlike the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 found in most high-end competing Android devices). The Samsung Galaxy Edge S6 is also equipped with wireless charging and support for compatibility with the new version of VR accessories. These two features are not found on the iPhone or most other gadgets.

Samsung Galaxy Edge – architecture features

The processor consists of two quad-core chips - one clocked at 2.1GHz for power-hungry tasks like gaming and video streaming, while the 1.5GHz chip takes care of simpler tasks like texting messages orsurfing the internet. All this power means that the system runs at a tremendous speed without any slowdowns.

Payment systems

The improved fingerprint reader has already been mentioned above, and this service is used not only to unlock the phone. It also sets up mobile payment settings for Samsung Pay, which has been trialled in the US and South Korea. To date, it is not known in which countries this feature will become available in the future, but its convenience has already been appreciated by users. The appearance of this payment service in the Samsung Galaxy Edge, reviews of which are only positive, is quite likely in the CIS countries in the near future.

At the same time, you can use GooglePay or various other payment applications, there are no restrictions on their installation.

Camera Features

The 16-megapixel camera protrudes slightly from the back of the Samsung Galaxy Edge. Its specifications are largely reminiscent of the camera present on the 2014 model, the Galaxy Note 4. The lens itself has updates that were included in the Galaxy S5.

The S6 and S6 are the second wave of Samsung phones to include optical image stabilization, which should help smooth out shots taken with a shaky hand. The new Auto-HDR (High Dynamic Range) feature means you no longer need to stop shooting to improve certain settings. The option will automatically adjust the balance of color and lighting.

You alsoYou can take good selfies with this 16-megapixel camera, which has optical image stabilization and allows you to get a clear picture.

On the front of the device, Samsung installs a 5-megapixel camera for wide-angle selfies and guarantees improved quality of photos taken in low light. As with the previous model, you can shoot yourself by tapping the sensor on the back of the phone, and download Samsung's separate self-portrait shooting mode, which allows you to shoot from the phone's rear camera.

The right edge of the screen, containing camera settings, includes effects and a timer, plus controls for shooting options such as AF tracking and voice control. Meanwhile, the "Mode" button on the right side offers six alternative shooting options, including panorama and slow motion. Pro mode lets you fine-tune macro settings and white balance, while virtual shooting gives you a moving GIF.

Battery performance

Immediately after the release of the Samsung Galaxy Edge plus smartphone, there were questions about whether the 2600mAh battery can really provide decent performance. Unfortunately, the battery life of the smartphone is not very long. The high-resolution display and powerful processor make it difficult for the device to last all day on a single charge. In addition, the device's battery is non-removable and cannot be removed and replaced.

Small charge savings may be that the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge consumes very littleenergy in standby mode. If your phone spends most of the day sitting on a desk, in a bag, or in a pocket, you can be sure that the device will work smoothly until the end of the day.

Good qualities

The sleek design of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge reviewed above features glass and a brushed metal frame for a luxurious look. An improved fingerprint reader and convenient camera settings will also be appreciated by any user. Android 5.0 provides convenience and high functionality.


The main disadvantages of the device are non-removable battery and the lack of expandable memory. In addition, the battery is not strong enough.

Final verdict

The $329 Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge looks great and has top-notch specs. Despite its shortcomings, this is one of the best smartphones of 2015.

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