How to track a parcel by Russian Post? Postal tracking


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How to track a parcel by Russian Post? Postal tracking
How to track a parcel by Russian Post? Postal tracking

Russian Post is a government organization, to which people often have complaints. They don't speak well of her for several reasons. Firstly, the principles of its work are far from clear to everyone, since they are complex, secondly, the service of the Russian Post leaves much to be desired, because, unfortunately, not the most friendly and sensitive employees work there, thirdly, parcels are often lost, to find they are simply unrealistic. Of course, we can’t train staff to take care of customers, but it’s quite possible to tell how to track a parcel by Russian Post.

Calculate the cost of the parcel and the time it takes to travel

The easiest way and the most commonly used in case of a problem, how to track a parcel by Russian Post, is to monitor it on the official website. On it, you can not only track the movement of the parcel, but also calculate the cost of delivery, as well as see what will be needed when sending.

how to track a parcel by mail of russia

To calculate the cost of the parcel, you must follow the link Then everything is done in the following sequence:

1. Specify the city from which you plan to send the parcel.

2. Enter the city, and, if necessary, the country to which the parcel is sent.

3. Choose a delivery method. There are 3 of them: regular, accelerated and courier. The cost of these services varies.

4. If necessary, select an additional service:

  • Notice of delivery. This means that the parcel will be personally handed over to the addressee against receipt. The signed notification will be forwarded to the sender.
  • You can indicate that the package is valuable. Then the sender will pay for the insurance. And if the parcel disappears, arrives in an improper form, if something happens to it at all, then the Russian Post will return the money in full or in part.
  • Inventory of the attachment allows you to have insurance in the form of a certified confirmation of what is in the package. The document will also indicate what the departure date is. The attachment description is checked by the postal worker, who also issues a certified confirmation.
  • Cash on delivery is a service in which the recipient will have to pay the cost of the attachment with a postal commission for transferring funds.
  • If fragile or valuable items are sent, it makes sense to add a note “caution”.

5. Now you need to specify the destination.

6. The last thing you need to specify is the weight of the package.

At the end, you need to click the "Start calculation" button. And in a few seconds, the date of arrival of the parcel at the place and the cost of delivery will be calculated, taking into account allwishes.

Now you can take the shipment to the post office and start tracking, referring to the received data.

how to track a parcel by russian post number

How to track a parcel of the Russian Post by number through a mobile application?

People like the option of tracking the parcel through the app on their smartphone, because it's convenient.

How to track a parcel by Russian Post through a mobile application? Required:

  1. Download the ePN Cashback app to your smartphone.
  2. Sign up there, and later you can simply log in by entering your login and password.
  3. Select a store to make a purchase.
  4. Checkout.

Unfortunately, this application only allows you to track online purchases, but it gives you the opportunity to have discounts in many online stores.

How to track the parcel by number?

Through the Internet, you can track packages from both online stores and regular ones. To track purchases from other countries, you can use the website or track packages on the website of AliExpress or Tmart stores.

how to track the parcel of the post of russia

There are a number of other sites:


How to track the parcel of the Russian Post by number? To do this, sites offer to enter a code. This is a 13-digit number if the parcel is sent not only within Russia, and 14-digit if it is sent only within the territory of the Russian Federation. The number is indicated on the check that was issued in the postaloffice.

The site "My parcel" can track the departure of not only the Russian Post.

Tracking a parcel of other mail

The package tracking mechanism does not change due to the mail it was sent to. For example, tracks any shipment using the alphanumeric code on the receipt. How to track the parcel of the Russian Post? It must be entered in the tracking line on the main page of the site and click on the "Track" button.

"My Parcel" has access to the bases of post offices in Russia, the USA, China and Europe. In addition to the Russian Post, the list of "clients" of the site includes: EMS, CDEK, SPSR Express, SF Express, Business Lines, etc. The departure information is updated several times daily.

Additional features for tracking packages

To find out the location of the parcel, you do not even need to register on the site. But if you want to get additional features, then you need to register. These features include:

  1. Package travel notifications by SMS and email.
  2. Keeping the alphanumeric code as long as the shipment is moving.
  3. Tracking multiple parcels at once.
  4. Statistics of passing stages.
  5. The ability to track the parcel by the recipient by entering his email address.

"My Parcel" is a very good service for tracking almost any shipment with maximum convenience for users. But even here there is no waytrack the parcel of the Russian Post by last name. This option was removed due to the high number of matches. Therefore, you need to use the number. You already know how to track a parcel of the Russian Post on a check containing the required number.

how to track a parcel of Russian mail by last name

Contact with Russian Post to solve problems

You can leave a complaint, or maybe a praise on the website or write to the email address of the Russian Post help desk (all coordinates are on the website).

You can get this or that information by calling the help desk.

It's worth contacting even when advice on how to track a parcel by Russian Post did not help.

how to track the parcel by check Russian post

To protect yourself from problems as much as possible, you need to know and follow a few rules.

For letters, use pre-purchased envelopes and stamps, send them through a mailbox at the Russian Post office.

Send parcels that are not too big things like books, magazines, etc.

Parcels are best sent first class, paying a little more than looking for them later in the vastness of their homeland. You already know how to track the parcel of the Russian Post on the track.

If you follow these recommendations, perhaps there will be a little less claims against the Russian Post.

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